December 6: The person who extracts the essence

December 6 The person who extracts the essence

House: Sagittarius 13°-15°

Constellation: Sagittarius II, the changing fire sign

People born on December 6 have a precise eye, can see through the hidden diamonds at a glance from a pile of rocks, and can always find the best opportunity in various situations. For example, they can gain insight into business opportunities in the market, or perceive the potential advantages of a company, a person or an idea, and if they can make good use of these advantages, they can achieve great things. Often when they feel the first light, they lock onto their target and move forward.

People born on this day are usually not pioneers, but they are very capable of management, layout and coordination and communication, and are especially good at developing and improving projects; they cannot escape their keen eyes on what kind of replacement or adjustment is needed under any circumstances. As long as a thing or an item loses its usefulness, they will discard it without hesitation. Although this attitude is helpful for career advancement, it is a great harm to interpersonal relationships. In the same way, when friendship or love hits the rocks, they want to stop the relationship immediately before it turns into a worse situation; but for their friend or lover, the relationship is still very important, and maybe it can be saved , but the end result is always heart-wrenching.

People born on December 6th are very pragmatic, they are only interested in useful things, and all theories must have practical value to convince them. When faced with the challenges of life, they believe that only victory is the ultimate goal of life. Because of this winning mentality, people born today should pay special attention not to fall victim to exuberant ambition, superficial values ​​or excessive desire for manipulation.

People born on this day are usually very direct in the expression of their feelings, and there will be strong physical movements from time to time, so they always bring the impact of their loved ones as if their internal organs are torn apart. In addition, if you want to associate with people born on December 6, you must first understand that they are very competitive people. Even if you are talented, they still want your ability to rival them, or at least have your own. set. If people born on this day are with someone who is super passive or self-pity, it will definitely end in tragedy.

People born on December 6 also like to pick the best things and associate with the most outstanding people. If their friend or colleague has a strong will and can get some results from the various stimulations and challenges, they can complement and complement those born on this day. However, if they found that they were out of tune with the current environment, or their partners did not seek growth at all, they would rather withdraw from this circle and no longer have any contact.

Undeniably, people born on this day should cultivate a mind of tolerance and learn to accept the shortcomings of others. Also, they’d better be able to do it alone, because if they fail, they can only blame themselves, not others. In fact, if people born on this day put less effort into changing others, they can unleash more of their creative talents and become cutting-edge pioneers.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 6 will be influenced by the number 6 and Venus. People who are influenced by the number 6 are usually very empathetic and appreciated by others. Due to the simultaneous influence of Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius), this power of attracting attention is not only enhanced, but also makes people born on this day display an ebullient and energetic quality. Furthermore, for those who are influenced by the number 6, the role that love plays in life can be very meaningful.


People born on December 6 are always worried about their careers and push themselves too much. If possible, try to avoid alcohol and tobacco to relieve stress, because this will only further damage the circulatory system, lungs and stomach function. Most of those born on this day will suffer from joint problems in the future due to excessive exercise during their teenage years, and men will have the phenomenon of muscle turning into fat. Therefore, mild exercise is more suitable for people born on this day. After the age of 40, you have to be more careful to control the amount of exercise.


To love someone is to accept their values. Instead of working all day, find time to rest to increase your energy. Adhere to the proper moral and ethical concepts.


Hall (Charles Martin Hall) American chemist who discovered the extraction of aluminum.

Hong Kong actor Zhou Haimei, TV series as “Rogue Tycoon” and so on.

American jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, who has played a leading role in the evolution of jazz, has been noted for his innovative creative methods, his style combines the characteristics of free improvisation and harmony.

Don King is an American boxing promoter.

Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal won the 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics for his economic theories that fit the economic conditions of third world countries.

The Polish composer Mikolaj Forecki, whose music was initially influenced by Wei Ben, developed a unique personal style after gathering the culmination of many families. His representative works include “Blessed One” for baritone, chorus and orchestra.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes the “love” that unites all human beings through the union of the two sexes. When the card is upright, the card represents higher moral, aesthetic, and physical feelings and desires; when the card is upside down, it represents desire, dissatisfaction, sentimentality, and indecision.

Inspirational quote

What we see and touch is just a drop in the ocean.


Pragmatism, comprehension, and versatility.


Excessive interference, insensitivity, domineering and authoritarian.

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