December 7: Special ethnic group

December 7 Special ethnic group

House: Sagittarius 14°-16°

Constellation: Sagittarius II, changing fire signs

People born on December 7 are a special group. Whether they are studying, working or getting along with their families, they always feel that they are out of tune with others, because they always think that they are different from ordinary people, and can even be said to be very ” weird”. Whether or not this is the case, they just believe that they are different from others and live in their own minds all the time.

Aliens born on this day prefer to get along with other equally weird people. Basically, they admire people from all walks of life who are brave enough to go out of their way. Privately, people born on this day hope that they do not interact too much with other people, and that they will feel more comfortable when they occasionally blend in with the crowd. Of course, they can also force themselves to adapt to group life, but they may become neurotic or nervous because of it.

People born on this day are mostly undecided about what career or ideal they want to pursue in their adolescence or even at the beginning of adulthood. They usually try many different jobs before finding a career that really suits them. But once they find their way, they’re likely to stick with it for the rest of their lives, whether they really like the job or not. This is also one of the reasons why they are always unable to play the role of a social person, because they have a love-hate relationship with the society itself; whatever they want to do most, or think that they are the best at work, is usually not something that can make The industry in which they make money. Although they can endure a lot of suffering and setbacks in the process of work, in the end they will find that they are actually in the wrong profession.

People born on this day should take more time to rest and not be too demanding of themselves. In childhood, their amazing talents and talents are likely to arouse high expectations from their families and teachers, but later development is not satisfactory, so they will become very rebellious, occluded, neurotic, and even build a team for themselves. Build walls to avoid disappointment in the eyes of others and the painful experience of rejection from hurting their sensitive hearts again. Some lucky people may find it easier to find their own way because of their parents’ care and care. If they are lucky enough to meet Bole who appreciates them and allows them to develop their talents, their uniqueness may be transformed into important assets. In fact, it is really not difficult for people born on this day to win recognition or stand out.

However, as people grow older, people born on this day should be careful not to make themselves too special or cut off from the outside world. Because these natural dreamers are likely to spend their entire lives stuck in their own unique state of mind, rarely relevant to the lives of most others. Therefore, these special ethnic groups should participate in some social activities or family life as much as possible, contact with friends, make phone calls, and write letters, so as not to lose the opportunity to communicate. In addition, taking some time to examine yourself is a good way to communicate with yourself. Remember, tires have to rattle to get a chance to refuel, and self-pity and narcissism is the poison in life.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 7 will be influenced by the number 7 and Neptune. Neptune is the water sign of the starry night. It rules dreams, visions and psychology and various phenomena. People born on this day have these unstable characteristics. The combination of Neptune and Jupiter (the rulers of Sagittarius) makes them more idealistic and informal, but at the same time they may be dangerous because they are too innocent, idealistic, and variable. Basically, people affected by the number 7 love change and travel.


People born on December 7 are particularly sensitive, so stress should be minimized to prevent anxiety, but never narcotics or psychedelics to help escape. Going for a walk in the countryside and pastoral fields to enjoy the natural beauty is very helpful for health. Moreover, it is rare to have time to exercise in urban life, but in the countryside, the fresh air of nature can stimulate the interest of the body to move. In addition, spending more time with children will bring a lot of joy, whether it is your own child or not, it is very helpful to your health. As for diet, people born on this day should consume a variety of foods and pay attention to a pleasant dining atmosphere. Unless you have allergies, you don’t need to have too many dietary restrictions. People born on this day are prone to allergies, such as allergies to dust, animal hair, soap or food, but most of these phenomena are caused by psychological effects. Another very important point is that you should never secretly worry about your illness if you are born or lost on this day. Whether it is a real illness or a fantasy disorder, you should seek medical examination.


Participate in more social activities. Don’t expect too much from yourself and take it easy. Don’t trap yourself in a cage.


Bird (Larry Bird) American basketball star “Big Bird” Bird, a forward for the Boston Celtics, nine-time all-around star team, three-time Most Valuable Player, and a gold medalist for the U.S. Olympic “Fantasy Basketball Team” . In 1998, when he became the coach of the Pacers, he was named Coach of the Year.

Yu Dafu, a modern Chinese writer, is a master of the “May 4th” New Literature Movement, and the representative of Wei Yanqing’s “Sinking”.

Italian Baroque architect Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, also a sculptor and painter, was responsible for part of the design of St. Peter’s Basilica and the grand stairwell for the Vatican.

Tom Waits 9 Tom Waits) American singer, songwriter, good at a variety of instruments, is also a film actor.

American mail orderer Sears (Richard W.Sears) developed a mail order jewelry wholesaler into a huge retail company.

Pietro Mascagni, the Italian opera composer, wrote the one-act opera “The Country Rider” in 1890, which was a great success.


The 7th moderator “chariot” of the Great Secret Tarot, the winner on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a powerful gesture. This card can be interpreted as: How difficult is the wrong way, you have to keep going. Upside-down cards represent success, talent, and efficiency; upside-down cards suggest an authoritarian attitude and poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Whatever you do, you can do it.


Imaginative, sensitive, independent.


Weird, easily nervous, flinching and fleeing.

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