December 8: Fall

December 8 Fall

House: Sagittarius 15°-17°

Constellation: Sagittarius II, changing fire signs

Those born on December 8 act fully engaged, not only at work but also in personal life. Whether it is a friend or a lover, they will give all their hearts to each other without reservation. As long as they make up their minds, they will be fully committed.

But the experimentation they put in, and the sense of responsibility that comes with it, often leads to problems. For example, if they were forced to leave home or work, they would feel guilty and sad about leaving someone close to them, even though this kind of good is out of their control. So, if you can be objective and reserve a little for yourself, it won’t be the case, but they rarely do that. However, after years of disappointment and frustration, they may learn not to hold back every time (hopefully without affecting their generous nature).

People born on December 8 have too much energy, but sometimes they don’t use it well. Some plans clearly know they will fail, but they don’t see it and do it right. Especially when it comes to love and sex, they always have a tendency to get involved in destructive relationships and it takes years to get out.

People born today are not satisfied with “normal” friends, on the contrary, they are always looking for the most exciting, fun, and someone who needs their full attention and energy. However, it will take some time for them to realize that no matter how much they put in, they are not enough, and in fact, they are getting very little in return. In this respect, they are actually addictive personalities. For those born on this day, only the fall will make them forget their predicament, such as fear, anxiety, personality and other issues.

People born on December 8 with better self-cultivation can make good use of their energy at work. In the same way, impulsive and even wild people can also use their energy to produce, and can also guide them to establish a more stable and socially acceptable way of life. Such people are indeed enviable, because they not only “have cake”, but also eat it. However, they must be very careful at all times if they want to maintain this height balance forever.

Therefore, the cultivation of prudence and awareness is very important for those born on December 8. If they are lucky enough to meet someone early on who deserves their attention and dedication, they will be very happy. But they always have to understand that friends, lovers, and co-workers are unlikely to return the same whole-hearted attention and commitment. So, in various relationships, they must have realistic expectations and be as objective as possible in order to protect themselves from harm.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 8 will be influenced by the number 8 and Saturn. Because Saturn has a strong sense of responsibility, coupled with a cautious and restrained personality, while Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius) is the opposite, optimistic and outgoing, so the two form a huge conflict for those born on December 8. So they feel that sometimes they want this, sometimes that; sometimes they want to be responsible, caring, and involved, and sometimes they want to be completely free and liberated. People affected by the number 8 are very careful, cautious, and slow in building their careers and lives, but as said before, sometimes this is not the case. They tend to be warm to people on the outside, but they are actually quite cold and distant inside.


People born today must be careful not to develop various physical and psychological addictions that can damage their health. It may be because of the release of endorphins in the brain, most people will be addicted to certain things, experiences, and even people, but people born on December 8 are more likely to be addicted than most other people. Sex is greater. Therefore, they must develop the ability to be self-controlled, to think carefully, to perceive things, and to look at their own experiences calmly.


You can tame yourself without losing your enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid of being responsible, the rewards will be great. Allow yourself to seize the opportunity to be happy.


Jim Morrison, American singer known as “The Lizard King”, songwriter and poet, who was part of The Doors, died of a drug overdose.

Hong Kong TV actress Carina Lau, whose representative works are the TV series “The History of New Teachers”, the movies “Self Combing” and “Flowers on the Sea”.

Mary Queen of Xcots, forced to abdicate the Scottish throne to her son James VI (later King James I of England), Queen Mary was imprisoned for 16 years, and later faced the execution calmly and bravely.

Sinead O’Connor is an Irish singer and songwriter.

Mexican painter Diego Rivera, also a muralist and revolutionary, whose art combines folk art and revolutionary propaganda with Byzantine and Aztec symbolism.

The 20th century Finnish symphony composer Jean Sibelius, whose music runs through two themes: love of nature and northern landscapes, and devotion to the depiction of mythology, especially the myth of the Finnish national epic “Kalevala” .


The 8th card of the Great Ritual Tarot card represents “power”, and the picture shows a graceful queen taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician who can harness uncontrollable energies and represents moral and physical superiority. When the card is upright, it represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; when the card is upside down, it is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

No matter how high the cost, the soul must be liberated.


Fun, friendly and energetic.


There are many obstacles, indecision, and inconsistency.

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