December 9: The arias

December 9: The arias

House: Sagittarius 16°-18°

Constellation: Sagittarius II, the changing fire sign

People born on December 9 are active, imaginative, and like to live under the mercury lamp. For them, life is a romantic adventure, full of bravery and thrilling. Most of the time, they often think they are the stars of the whole play. Life is like a play, and they are the protagonists in the play.

As children, they are always quiet and sensitive, and are very fanciful. Play provocative heroic characters in your imagination who become their role models for introverts. Although they have grown up to live a peaceful life, in fact, their inner world has been fantasizing about bold and heroic achievements. If they want to be truly happy, they have to be bold enough to admit that they like to express their qualities externally. Therefore, the task for those born on December 9 is to overcome shyness and taboos.

Most people born today live in their own subjective world, and their perception of external situations is often far from that of friends, colleagues, and family members. For example, others may be satisfied with the current situation, but they feel that the status quo urgently needs to be changed. This may be due to what we call heroism, which gives them an uncompromising personality.

Those born on this day are brave guardians to their children or lovers. They fought against the strange dragons of this world, and they killed without mercy. However, such a role is not easy to play, because the environment changes rapidly, and the needs of the other party will change, and the matters of concern will be different. Therefore, if someone born on December 9 insists on playing this role, their meaning of “caring for those who depend on me” needs to be flexibly adjusted. Moreover, this adjustment entails some responsibilities that are not glamorous and not immediately satisfying.

If the aggressive character of people born on December 9 is fully displayed, they must be careful not to be reckless, otherwise close relatives, friends, and colleagues will walk away because of fear and will not dare to get close. In addition, they must also learn to restrain their bad temper, otherwise, once they erupt, they will do irreparable damage.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for those born today is to mature and act calmly and consistently. Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles is part of their character, but learning to give and take freely, and to accept the status quo of the environment without exaggerating, will go a long way in their progress. As the teeth grow and grow into wise people, they must also abandon the active, enthusiastic, childish attitude of their youth. If you can think more about life and be more objective with yourself, you will be more efficient and more beneficial to others.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 9 will be influenced by the number 9 and Mars. The number 9 has strong power and has an influence on other numbers (any number added with 9 will produce the original number, for example: 5+9=14, 4+1=5. Any number multiplied by 9 will also produce 9. Numbers, such as: 5*9=45, 4+5=9), so people born on December 9 have a strong influence on others. The planet Mars is strong and represents the energy of men. And those born on December 9, under the influence of Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius), will strengthen their uniqueness even more.


Those born on December 9 must orgasm to slow down and channel their aggressive impulses. Those born on December 9th should avoid hiding in the romantic dream world in order to suppress their aggression. This is my own system, and sometimes I do not know why it will invite physical violence, intrusion and injury from two people. Self-discovery, aided by counseling, has been very helpful to them. Intense sports like gymnastics, aerobics, running, etc. are good for them, but learning martial arts requires care.


To be brave and willing to be ordinary. You don’t need to be the center of attention all the time. Pursuing the joy of inner peace, people and I coexist. Instead of letting anger flare up, seek positive, positive ways to moderate your anger. Keep your feet on the ground.


Kirk Douglas is a well-known American actor and successful producer. In 1949, he became famous for playing the role of a ruthless boxer in “Champion”. He has a strong physique and unique voice. He has played “The Desire of Life”, “Road to Glory” and so on.

American stage and movie star John Malkovich is also a director and producer, represented as “Dangerous Relations.”

John Milton, the blind British poet of the century, is an outstanding writer of poetry and literature. He is one of the three great British literary heroes along with Shakespeare and Chaucer, and his masterpiece epic “Paradise Lost”.

Fairbanks (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) is an American film star, producer, and writer. In 1919, he organized the “United American Studios” with Chaplin, Pickford and Griffith.

Dalton Trumbo, Hollywood’s highest-paid and most talented playwright, was blacklisted and imprisoned during Hollywood’s anti-communist years; during which time he wrote the Oscars in the name of a friend The award work “Roman Holiday”, the best screenplay award was really delivered to him more than ten years later.


The ninth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Hermit”. He is carrying a lamp and leaning on a cane, which represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. A hermit is a stern teacher who uses his conscience to lead people on the right path. When the card is upright, it means perseverance, purpose, deep and focused; when the card is upside down, it means arbitrary, difficult to forgive others, suspicious and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

The true heroic temperament is manifested in having the courage to face one’s own moral and psychological shortcomings.


Romantic, warm and energetic.


Arbitrary, love fantasy.

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