February 10: Applause

February 10 Applause

House: Aquarius 20°-23°

Constellation: Aquarius III, fixed wind sign

People born on February 10th generally seek the broadest approval, and they also like to be appreciated by those experts. Many people born today hope that their achievements will be highly appreciated by higher cultures or fully. People with higher levels of accomplishment can successfully win recognition without too much deliberate effort or self-compromise. They follow personal intuition closely or imaginatively, while confidently surpassing others.

However, it is quite unusual for people born on this day to change their behavior in order to be more popular. Their attitude towards people is basically “Want it, accept it, or don’t let it down”. But this does not mean that they are aggressive or conflict-like people. There will be this way of decision, purely because they only know how to do things in their own way in order to reassure themselves. Unfortunately, others will mistake this attitude for stubbornness or inflexibility. Therefore, people born on this day must find a very understanding partner, or someone who loves them because of their weirdness and shortcomings.

People born on this day can directly touch the emotions of those around them, but they personally don’t like their feelings to be too rich. They seem to pour their energy into eager effort, while also retaining a certain degree of detachment. In fact, such objectivity is the basis of their success. As a performer on the stage of life, when facing an audience of family, relatives, friends, and social relations, people born on February 10th believe that they must be responsible for these audiences, just like a pilot flying an airplane, knowing You can’t be distracted, so as not to accidentally cause a crash.

However, people born today still have to learn to get out of the focus of attention. Providing others with an opportunity to pass on experience and knowledge like a model or teacher is a very important part of their personality development. The word “responsibility” is a very interesting question for people born on this day. Many people have a very broad sense of mission for their work and life, but they cannot let others understand their innermost beings. It is important to pay attention not to let family members feel left out, take friends for granted and ignore them, or ignore colleagues. While pursuing objective goals, we should also keep in mind life issues such as care, sharing, and sacrifice.

People born on this day will be mistaken for some autocratic and lonely tendencies. However, if they can heed this warning at the early stage of their isolation and make changes, they can avoid this fate. It is never too late to step out of the bridge between self and repair. Their affection for others is not lacking, which is mainly a problem of self-regulation and awareness.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 10 are affected by the number 1 (1 + 0 = 1) and the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 like to take the lead no matter what they do. People born on this day have a strong desire to control the surrounding environment. The sun gives them a warm and well-developed self, and the ability to adapt to life positively and humanely. The Aquarius ruled by Uranus will have wisdom and neuroticism in the light emitted by the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 are usually bright and sharp, and sometimes they cannot compromise their views on things. In fact, most people born on this day are extremely stubborn.


People born today must try to calm their nervous system, because they are sometimes very neurotic and extremely vulnerable to stress. Because their brains are always in an active state, they may suffer from insomnia and cannot get adequate rest. They can apply their abundant energy to the home, arrange the home as a truly relaxing place, completely cut off from the demanding world outside, and make the home a stable private sanctuary. In terms of diet, as long as it is within a specific health range, you can eat whatever you want. It is okay to have a wide range of interest in food and an unfettered attitude. It is advocating that a comfortable and relaxing meal time must be arranged. As for exercise, it is best to only perform light and soothing physical activities.


Don’t ignore the subtleties. Simple work is very helpful to your deep nature. Avoid being obsessed with the focus of your efforts. Remember not to ignore the things in front of you.


Leontyne Price concert and opera treble.

Taiwanese newsman Yan Wenzha.

Hong Kong movie star Du Dewei, who is known for his black music style, is his representative work “The Wind”.

Berthold Brecht (Berthold Brecht) German poet and playwright, his plays are called “epic drama” and “dialectical drama”. He co-wrote the musical “Threepence Opera” with Coltwell.

Movie actress Laura Dern (Laura Dern).

British critic Charles Lamb (Charles Lamb), he is one of Britain’s greatest prose masters, the author of “Shakespeare’s Story” and “Elia’s Essays”.


The tenth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Destiny”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for change itself, there is no real constant truth in the world. This card shows a tendency to like gambling, and it will make life fluctuate. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life will not be permanently fixed.

Inspirational quote

The recognition of others and general values ​​are very important, and washing dishes and mopping the floor are equally important.


Independence, self-confidence, and empathy.


Tension, self-indulgence, alienation.

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