February 11: Improve your life

February 11 Improve your life

House: 21-23 Aquarius

Constellation: Aquarius 3, fixed air sign

Many people born on February 11 will work to improve the quality of life around them. The nature of improvements like this may just be creative concepts, or typically colorful hedonism. In either case, they not only take care of the material needs of their friends and relatives around them, but also further improve their condition. The main idea of ​​people born on this day is to improve everything, because they believe that what can be enjoyed can never reach the point of true comfort or full sufficiency.

Although comfort items and luxuries may be what they earn with effort, most people born on this day are not hedonists themselves. Only those who are not so high in self-cultivation will allow themselves to devote themselves to the never-ending pursuit of pleasure. In fact, this kind of ecstasy orgy only works for a short time, and disappointment, jealousy, possession and pain are inevitable sequelae. For the more disciplined, improving the well-being of others is a creative endeavor to which they are invested with fiery passion.

When working to improve the quality of life of others, such as living standards, food and entertainment, those born today want not just to make life easier and more compassionate, but more importantly, to make life more meaningful. And the improvement on the actual material level is just one of the means. This is to be able to find more time and energy for more intellectual, creative or spiritual activities. In fact, one of the most amazing things about them is that they can enjoy life to the fullest without letting themselves get stuck in life or leaving the most important things in life behind.

For those born on this day, freedom is the central theme in life, especially when it comes to pushing boundaries. Going beyond their physical limits, whether it’s overcoming congenital or acquired disabilities, or just making up for deficiencies, can be immensely challenging and rewarding for them. In fact, people born on this day hate to see themselves or others crushed by any kind of weakness, be it physical, mental or financial. However, it is a pity that when they wanted to improve the fate of their family members and relatives and friends, although they did everything from good intentions, they ended up being cast aside by everyone. This is because they ignore the most important fact that most people like to live their lives in their own way without interference, even if they make a lot of mistakes or do it poorly. Of course, it’s painful to watch stupid or stubborn people continue to make the same mistakes, or fail to take good chances; but that’s exactly what those born on February 11 have to deal with the point.

People born on this day who are in high positions in society are mostly seen as independent, and they are also hostile to conservatives who are eager to maintain the status quo because they advocate change and progress. Therefore, in order to maintain a successful situation, those born today must develop tact and diplomacy, and be able to understand that some situations are best handled by maintaining the status quo.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on February 11 are influenced by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. People influenced by number 2 can often be better partners and collaborators than leaders. Such traits allow people born on this day to adapt to team life. The number 11 also gives them a sense of the physical, and possibly a special interest in twins, chance coincidences, symmetry, or other things of the same. The conjunction between the Moon and the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, gives those born on February 11 an idiosyncratic and eccentric quality, as well as a tendency to be highly idealistic.


People born on this day will experience more emotional distress than one person. Often they want to do things their own way, wanting everything to go their way, and can be naive in meeting their needs, sometimes even sacrificing others for their own. In order to help people born on this day understand why they are often caught in the emotional waves, psychological counseling or psychotherapy may be helpful. Some people born on this day may have problems with overeating and overindulgence, but generally the problem of mental indulgence is relatively small. They have to be in control of their diet, but don’t need to be subject to too many health regimens. As for physical exercise, many people who are inactive will not take exercise to heart, but they should try their best to combine some light and stress-free outdoor activities in their daily life.


Try to put a little more thought into seeing what other people want, not just what they need. Leave more privacy for others. Observe your ideals and principles, but don’t force your own ideas on family members or friends.


Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor, invented the electric light, the phonograph, the wax column recorder, the moving movie projector, the predecessor of the moving movie, and founded the Edison Gas and Electric Company.

Qin Xiaoyi, an expert on ancient cultural relics from Taiwan, is currently the curator of the Palace Museum.

Xiaomin, a Taiwanese essayist, is known for his works of family affection, and his masterpiece “The World of Duoer”.

Virginia Johnson (Virginia E. Johnson) sex researcher, author of “Master and Johnson”.

French culinary master and restaurateur Paul Bocuse, a pioneer of new cooking, famous for pioneering and promoting light cooking, author of “Paul Bocuse”.

Henry F. Talbot, British botanist, physicist and pioneer of photography.


The 11th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Justice”. On the face of the card sits a serene woman with a balance in one hand and a sword in the heavenly hand. She reminds us to follow the laws of the entire universe and that life can be balanced and harmonious as long as we stay on the right track. When the card is upright, it represents integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline, while the inverted card is negativity, alienation, fear of innovation, and fullness.

Inspirational quote

The pursuit of pleasure is ultimately linked to pain.


Helpful, creative and appreciative.


Too extreme, too addicted, insensitive.

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