February 12: Natural Peacemaker

February 12th Natural Peacemaker

House: Aquarius 22-24 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius three, fixed wind sign

People born on February 12th have shown an amazing ability to integrate various things in the surrounding environment. Whether it is to persuade a split family, ease the disparity between friends, or mediate disputes within the organization, they often play the role of building a bridge of communication between people.

Does this quality make them particularly suitable for group action? The answer is not entirely true. People born today usually start from their own standpoint and analyze a given situation. If they have control over, they will set a set of rules for an organization to follow. However, there is a lack of consistency among people born on February 12th, but this does not mean that they will ignore or underestimate other people’s ideas. They just feel that they have digested most of their opinions before they come to the conclusion of the best mode of action. Because of this decisive determination, he has a strong influence in persuading others to accept their leadership.

People born on this day have a variety of talents, so one of the challenges they have to face is to integrate the different faces of their personalities. Rich and diversified, they often oppose themselves, destroying their goals of organizational career and personal affairs. In addition, they are very stubborn. Once they have made up their minds, they will flatly reject any suggestions for midway changes, and such arbitrariness may cause many problems. When facing problems, people born on this day may just work hard to move forward and run wild, without thinking of seeking a compromise.

Because people born on February 12th often think in a very absolute way, it is quite difficult to ask them to adopt various opinions; and if they want to understand the truth of a given situation, the integration of opinions is what they should do. of. Although people born today hope to be loyal to their own moral principles, they must also understand the importance of flexibility in order to adapt to the new environment and carefully listen to the suggestions and observations of colleagues or friends. People born on this day are often very accustomed to an established point of view. Then let this point of view gradually become the framework that controls the way you think or the philosophy of work. If you can check your vision regularly and calmly to see if your views can stand the test of time, people born on this day can use this to strengthen their ideas and pass on many unrealistic fantasy and wrong concepts. . This kind of self-examination can allow those who have a deeper understanding to finally discard those unworkable theories.

There is no doubt that the ability of people born today to match others is very helpful to others. However, sometimes letting things change, grow, or even fall apart, may be a more appropriate approach. It is against their nature to leave quietly or leave their hands alone, but they may finally understand that sometimes the greatest courage is shown in the way of inaction.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 12 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and the noble Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 usually climb to the highest position in their field. They will also be quite exclusive and should try to reduce this overbearing tendency. People who are affected by the number 3 like to be free and independent; for those born on this day, this may mean giving up a stable position in order to be free and do whatever they want. The Jupiter trait of the number 3 will encourage people born on this day to enthusiastically feed their inner voices, and the influence of Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, will give them the aggressiveness, strength, and luck needed to complete their plans.


People born on February 12th usually have a fairly complete concept of health. As long as they are basically in good physical condition, they will ignore minor problems and are unwilling to seek help. Their idea is “As long as something is not broken, there is no need to deal with it”…an extension of the argument, this attitude is generally healthy, but a bit too self-confident, so it must be noted that many latent problems may be brewing. The problem of becoming a university student is not just a matter of feeling unwell. Their eating habits are also, if they feel good (after all, they are still alive), then they will eat and drink as they please, without considering the consequences. In the correction of life attitude, people born on this day should try to limit the intake of harmful substances and pay attention to the choice of diversified and nutritious food. In terms of sports, it is best to be able to engage in more intense activities, such as gymnastics, aerobics, competitive sports and other endurance activities.


Be objective and open-minded. Examine your belief system and be prepared to discard unsuitable concepts. Elasticity is strength. Control your critical nature.


Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, succeeded in self-education. After he was elected, he devoted himself to the liberation of slaves, which led to the American Civil War. During the war, he led the coalition forces to defeat the Confederacy and successfully liberated the slaves but was later assassinated.

Hong Kong actor Ye Yuqing, who became popular with a sexy image in the early days, is her masterpiece “Moonlight on the Roof”.

American basketball player Bill Russell (Bill Russell), he is the center of the Boston Celtics, has 5 times the NBA’s most valuable athlete, won 11 championships for the Boston Celtics, and is also the first major league African-American general in the United States. coach.

Franco Zeffirelli (Franco Zeffirelli) Italian opera and film director, works include “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”, “The Taming of the Shrew”.

New England Puritan and theologian Cotton Mather (Cotton Mather), he founded Yale University and worked hard to promote vaccination to prevent smallpox.

British naturalist Charles Darwin (Charles Darwin), he put forward a revolutionary theory of evolution, which greatly changed the view of human beings about the world and themselves, and author of “The Origin of Species”.


The twelfth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Upside Down Man”, who hangs upside down from a tree with one foot. Although he seems a little helpless, in fact, he is in charge of the power of contemplation and spirituality; therefore, when the card is standing upright, it means that he recognizes the limits, solves the problem and possesses the humanistic material; the negative meaning is spiritually limited. And lack of foresight.

Inspirational quote

Without destruction and corruption, there would be no chance for rebirth.


Multiple personality, strong protection, clear concept.


Impatient, reluctant to admit defeat, and closed.

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