February 13: Vigorous

February 13 Vigorous

House position: Aquarius 23-25 ​​degrees

Constellation: Aquarius three, fixed wind sign

People born on February 13th are full of vigor, and they are usually excited about anything that is exciting. People born on this day will look around for exciting events, and they themselves like to enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight. In fact, many people born on this day are born with the qualities of public figures. People who don’t like to seek public attention may still attract most of the attention in their family or practical circle. People born on this day are more frank in expressing emotions. Whether it is happy or sad, they hope to share their inner feelings with others. Their personalities are capricious, and it is very difficult for them to keep secrets for a long time or keep their thoughts in their hearts. In fact, they often get into trouble with emotional impulses, especially in love.

People born on February 13th usually believe that everything should be exposed to the sun, but this frankness sometimes only targets one or two aspects of life. In these places, it is almost impossible to stop or allow them to proceed step by step and step by step. In fact, they are quite sensible, but the hectic is quite simple. Sometimes their brain and body, brain and mind, there is a tendency to split obviously. So there are often “short-circuit” situations, sometimes it is unable to step on the brake emotionally, and the result is out of control, or unable to bring some emotions into the indifferent and alienated thinking.

Passionate, unrestrained behavior is quite common for many people born on this day, which is their healthy and expressive side. However, those with poor self-cultivation may tend to be violent or self-destructive, or have both characteristics. For all people born on this day, in their growth process, what they should learn is to cultivate calm while not becoming too indifferent; and when learning to converge their impulse, do not deliberately over-repress, and at the same time remember Not everyone can tolerate their harsh demands and criticisms. They must also understand that their enthusiasm is unrestrained, and that they may suppress those around them who are more free and do not like being restrained.

If people born on this day want to develop their own personality growth in depth, they must always locate their central ideas, and they may also need to delve into their intricate personalities. They must work harder to understand other people’s thought processes, and respond more sensitively to other people’s fears and expectations. People who are good at intimate contact between people, people born on this day often make a mistake, that is, expecting an immediate recognition. They will think that others are as easy as themselves to put their heart in others, when in fact it is very likely that this is not the case at all. They hope that the people they talk to or interact with can have the same frequency. This is understandable, but when there is a barrier to understanding each other or others cannot understand what they think is too obvious, they were born on February 13th. One should not appear too impatient or irritable.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 13th are dominated by the number 4 (1+3=4) and Uranus, so their personalities are fickle and explosive. The number 4 traditionally represents rebellion, special beliefs, and the desire to change existing rules. People born on this day are more obvious in their personalities, because the explosive Uranus is also the ruler of Aquarius. Therefore, they must control their tempers, suppress violent impulses, and direct their excess energy to useful things. Although many people think the number 13 is unlucky. However, it is a figure with considerable dominating influence, and its characteristics will either make them wisely use the power of responsibility or bear the risk of self-destruction.


People born on this day are more prone to accidents, so it is necessary to suppress the destructive impulse in the heart and avoid engaging in activities that endanger the safety of the body. The part of their body that is particularly vulnerable to injury is the lower body. So learning how to stay calm in a restless environment and avoid impulsive reflex actions can avoid a lot of unnecessary harm. Some activities that emphasize concentration, such as yoga, meditation and Tai Chi, are all activities that are quite suitable for them. People born on this day usually have the tendency of excessive waste. In terms of diet, if they can limit their intake of sugar, stimulating food, milk and excessive meat, it will greatly help their health. People born on this day usually have strong sexual desires. They should remember that the ups and downs of their sexual life are directly proportional to the role they play in intimate relationships, and this is not the only focus and center of gravity. As for sports, it is best for them to only engage in light activities.


Observe your own life. Keep in touch with other people’s emotions and opinions. Cultivate stronger willpower and self-control. Natural behavior is generally appreciated, but not pleasing or appropriate in all situations.


Georges Simenon (Georges Simenon) French mystery novelist, he is one of the most prolific and circulating authors of the 20th century.

Taiwanese novelist Huang Chunming is famous for his local short stories, and his representative work is “The Son’s Big Doll”.

Physicist William Shockley (William Shockley), he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on semiconductor and transistor phenomena. In addition, he invented the transistor and ushered in the era of microelectronics.

Fyodor Chaliapin (Fyodor Chaliapin) Soviet Russian self-taught musical opera bass.

The Greek-French film director Kostantin Costa-Gavras has works including “Z” and “Missing”.

British singer, guitarist and composer Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel).


The most misunderstood of the Great Secret Tarot card is the 13th card, which is “Reaper”. We seldom interpret it literally, because its positive meaning is to put aside the past, transcend limitations, and continue to grow. Therefore, this card hopes that people will avoid depression, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

The quietest place is in the depths of Pinggu’s soul.


Spontaneous, outgoing and energetic.


Impulsive, reckless, and inattentive.

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