February 17: Warrior

February 17th Warrior

House: Aquarius 27-29 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius Pisces, fixed wind sign

People born on February 17th are sensitive by nature, so they wear hard armor to fight against the outside world from an early age. They rarely develop unique expressions because of this growing background, so when they speak, they often fight for themselves. Some people born on this day belong to the privileged class, and some are disadvantaged groups, but no matter what class they are from, they are convinced that they are capable and able to overcome obstacles in order to prove the value of their existence. However, before they fight the world, they have to face a war with themselves, because they must first mold themselves into the ideal form.

Because of the criticism, expectations, or neglect of others, people born on this day have already learned from a young age that if they do not strengthen their protection, their sensitivity and accuracy will make it difficult for them to survive. For those born on this day who are not well developed, this kind of protection is likely to develop into taciturn, suspicious, and physical defensiveness. The better-developed people may therefore develop a wealth of talents, broad knowledge, and natural display of the body. Unfortunately, they will isolate themselves from any good or bad influence. Their strong appearance conceals their extremely sensitive inner nature, and unless it is in some very special circumstances, this sensitivity is impossible to disappear.

People born on this day will be moved by the arrow of love and will melt into affection, but the arrow of love must be able to hit the red heart, and the affection must be sincere and direct.

They don’t want their desire for self-practice to be blocked, so they often neglect the necessary interpersonal contact to avoid getting stuck in the mud and unable to extricate themselves. People who develop better will show their inner thoughts and sensitivities in their attitudes and work. At this time their selves seem to be more distinct, this is because their armor is hidden. But in fact, this armor is still intact.

People born on this day are willing to fight for themselves, their family and friends, and even strangers who need help. They are very practical, and they can see into the existing social order and see all the inequalities and injustices in society. Although they are full of fighting spirit when provoking, they are not too aggressive, and they will not get angry or annoyed at every turn. Their impressive simplicity, calmness, and external posture often have a warning effect that makes people who are hostile to them dare not ignore it. Those who mistake this calmness as passive and cowardly will be surprised in the end.

People born today, no matter what they believe, are very firm believers. Most of them are “spiritual fighters”, and the goals they set are mostly personal. Because self-development and personal performance are their most important values. Although in an objective situation, their development is subject to self-limitation, and may often be so, they are quite inspiring and encouraging to those around them.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 17 are affected by the number 8 (1+7=8) and Saturn. Saturn has a tendency to limit and restrain, and to be decisive. This substance combines the influence of Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, and Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, to make their personalities more distinctive. However, such a combination can also produce reticent, suspicious, and quirky characters. The number 8 represents the conflict between the material world and the spiritual world; people dominated by the number 8 will therefore be lonely and tend to be overly addicted.


People born on this day often get hurt, especially when they are young, which will be a life-long trouble for them. Particularly vulnerable parts are the lower limbs, abdominal organs, arm bones, wrists and hands, and venous circulatory system problems, such as thrombosis. They must pay great attention to and control the intake of milk, animal fat and sugar in their diet to avoid the risk of circulatory problems. People born today are more suitable for non-competitive and self-development sports, such as heavy training, swimming, running, hiking or more relaxed rock climbing activities.


Let yourself be open to the outside world. Even if the entrance is to be blocked, at least it must be possible for others to see the inside. Use your sensitive qualities to guide yourself towards the level of spiritual life. Be careful not to be too taciturn or suspicious.


Marian Anderson (Marian Anderson), an American female singer, was the first black man to sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Her singing voice is restrained and full, and is hailed as the most beautiful voice of the time.

Taiwan historian Lian Yatang, masterpiece “Taiwan General History”.

The novelist Chaim Potok is the author of My Name is Asher Lev.

Michael Jordan, the American professional basketball player of the Chicago Bulls, has been the NBA scoring champion for 7 consecutive years, won the NBA championship for the sixth time, and was elected the most valuable player for the third time as a member of the American Olympic fantasy basketball team.

Stage and film director Hal Holbrook, works including “Mark Twain, It’s Tonight!” “.

Novelist Ruth Rendell, a former journalist and a local newspaper, is good at writing crime novels and is the author of “The Best Candidate for Death.”


The seventeenth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “Stars”. On the screen is a naked girl who is pouring fresh pool water on Jiaoshi’s land under the starry sky, and at the same time using another durian to revive the stagnant water. She represents the glory of life in the world, but also represents the enslavement of matter and senses. Therefore, the stars in the sky always remind her: don’t forget that there is a higher level of spiritual world.

Inspirational quote

Not resisting is the most difficult thing to do.


Indomitable, refined and sensitive.


Defensive, lonely, and stubborn.

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