February 19: Explorer

February 19th Explorer

House position: Aquarius 29 degrees-Pisces 1 degree

Constellation: Aquarius Pisces, fixed wind sign

People born on this day are very strong and determined. They will explore their surroundings without fear. Finally, they will advance to the distant world because of their nature to investigate the bottom line. Most people born on this day have overcome their childhood sensitivity at an early age and quickly developed a personality that can handle the stress of daily life. Although they will show off in the mysterious world, they will still be very down-to-earth and just look on the sidelines. Their more romantic side will be strengthened in their love of travel, adventure and romance. They will face various challenges in the pursuit of goals, which are usually remote and difficult to achieve.

People born today like to work hard to open up new opportunities. They like to leave a personal mark on the ideas and activities that attract them. And the motivation that drives them towards success is often quite healthy and abundant. However, they must be careful not to cause numbness or ruthlessness due to long-term overcoming resistance or removing obstacles. It is important and possible to retain their inner sensitivity, but they must let this sensitivity be incorporated into their work and become part of what they say and do. People who were born on this day believe that work and life are unrelated and distinct fields, and they will never confuse the two.

Although people born on this day can perform best when acting alone, they can also be excellent team members. The main reason for their success lies in their ability to insight into the people they work with, especially good at assessing the strengths, weaknesses and potential of these people. They usually have excellent leadership skills, although they rarely want to dominate the overall situation.

Ordinary people usually respect their talents and think that they are stable and reliable people. However, when they feel the urge to act or make major changes, they must follow their nature without restriction. Those who follow them must be mentally prepared to face all possible situations.

People born on this day are usually less likely to take care of others. If you want to develop this ability, spend more time with your children, even if they are not your own children. In addition, various types of social activities can also enable them to get in touch with other people’s problems and needs at any time.

Nevertheless, they still need to be alone and do their own thing. Their goals usually have nothing to do with the country and society, but about self-development and self-honor. When these impulsive and autonomous consciousness are awakened, they will involuntarily dance with them. Precisely because they often run rampant desperately, they have to avoid self-destructive activities. Although, each of us occasionally becomes a big enemy, but people born on this day are more likely to do so.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 19 are affected by the number 1 (1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1) and the sun. People dominated by the number 1 like to be number one, have ambitions and tend not to be restrained. Because February 19 is between Aquarius and Pisces, people born today will be dominated by Uranus and Neptune at the same time; therefore, they are usually interested in special inductions, mysterious or religious phenomena.


People born on February 19 are more prone to accidents. You must be especially careful of your legs, feet and toes to avoid injury; they will also have various circulatory problems. Sufficient water intake is the key to their health, and it is best to drink at least 1000C.C of boiled water every day. Because they have a strong interest in physical activity, they usually do a lot of exercise. As long as they make proper arrangements, they can ensure full vitality and good health.


Cultivate patience and learn to sit on the sidelines. Trying hard is not necessarily the best way. Sometimes you might as well let things happen to you naturally instead of actively pursuing them. Be open to various life experiences.


Copernicus 9Nicholas Copernicus) A Polish astronomer from the 15th to 16th centuries. He published a revolutionary theory, claiming that the earth revolves around the sun like other things.

American film actor Lee Marvin (Lee Marvin).

French surrealist poet and writer Andre Breton (Andre Breton), author of “Surrealism Manifesto”. Advocating “unconscious action” art, that art should be free from the influence of reason, aesthetics or morality.

Amy TAN, American novelist and author of “The Joy Luck Club.”

The American novelist Carson McCullers, whose works are mostly set in the southern United States, is good at describing love and the loneliness of the human heart. He is the author of “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.”

The Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, a well-known Central Asian explorer and writer in the 19th and 20th centuries, has authored 30 books such as “Silk Road”. The pace of exploration covers Iran, Turkey, China and Mongolia.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Secret Tarot is the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, and it also represents respect and reward. An upright card represents a reputation for clarity, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and a beautiful reputation; an upright card represents pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

Inspirational quote

As the saying goes: “Prudence is the most mathematical part of bravery.”


Bold, imaginative, strong and powerful.


Reckless, stubborn, and unable to control himself.

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