February 20: An eager beaver

February 20, An eager beaver

House position: 0 degrees -2 degrees Pisces

Constellation: Aquarius Pisces, changing water sign

Things like being moved and being moved are always particularly attractive to people born on February 20th, and because of their strong sensibility, no matter how long things have passed, they can always talk about those things with amazing memory and accuracy. The people, things, and things that have touched them. People born on this day like the feeling of being valued, so as long as they are within the scope of their ability, whether it is official business, creative efforts, or family responsibilities, they will definitely go all out.

Perhaps people would think that people born on February 20th belong to that kind of fanatical and active type. Yes, they are indeed desperate, but they are rarely good warriors or argumentatives. The reason why they give people an arguable impression is usually because they are always strong and engaged when expressing their own ideas and empathy with certain things. They just use their unreserved commitment to prove that they care about what they do. They are usually rare and outstanding members of the group. Not only do they contribute their abilities to the common interests of the group, but at the same time they are not interested in dictatorship.

They are indeed worthy of such praise. However, they will also require others to do their loyalty due to their strong ambitions. Once others do not seem to be doing their best, they will quickly lose patience. People born on this day must remind themselves to avoid making such mistakes, and don’t just insist that they are not doing their best just because friends or colleagues look lazy or don’t care too much.

People born on February 20th tend to show their aggressiveness, so it is necessary to avoid hurting others by being overly complacent. Moreover, although people born on this day have rich emotions, they are often very fragile and care about other people’s criticisms. Therefore, learning to build their own confidence can make them have a more stable character. In addition, because their unwillingness to admit defeat in their hearts is often overexpressed and unconsciously, it is easy to make others feel uncomfortable. Therefore, as long as they can realize this and make some changes, over time, they will often become more thoughtful, more mature, and better understand the troubles they bring to others, and become a very caring person. friend.

Although it is the absolute advantage of those born on February 20 that it is very easy to open their hearts and touch with others, if their confession and enthusiasm are not specifically responded to by others, they will feel that they have been greatly hurt, so sometimes it is inevitable that they will be lost. Sentimental. In addition, it is important to note that people born on February 20th will wrong themselves because they want to please others too much, so they must learn not to submit to the opinions of others so much, and be loyal to their beliefs even if there is any difficulty.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Friends born on February 20 are affected by the number 2 (2 + 0 = 2) and the moon. People with the number 2 are mostly gentle, imaginative, and easily injured by criticism or neglect. They are easily stimulated by the surrounding environment, so they appear sensitive and irritable. People who are affected by the moon have a sensitive and emotional nature, especially those born on the 20th. In addition, under the influence of Neptune (the ruling planet in Pisces) and Uranus (the ruling planet in Aquarius), friends born today often have keen and supernatural, and even have a super sixth sense.


Most of the friends born on February 20 have sensitive nervous systems and are prone to periodic emotional out-of-control. At the same time, they will also have skin allergies. Particular attention must be paid to their extremities, not only to avoid muscle or bone injuries, but also to pay attention to the possibility of blood circulation complications in the future. If you have allergies, you need to avoid certain foods. However, it is comforting that for most friends born on February 20th, there is absolutely no problem in enjoying a hearty meal. As for sports, there can be a large number of exercises two to three times a week, such as team sports, aerobic dancing or martial arts, weightlifting and so on. Due to sensitive physique, friends born on February 20th usually need a lot of sleep.


Stick to your beliefs and don’t be easily shaken by others. Love life is just a part of life. Focus more on your spiritual power. Pay attention to your tendency to control others.


Ansel Adams, a conservationist and photographer, specializes in photographing wilderness sceneries, and has the nickname “Naturalist Photography Poet”.

The building was built by Louis I. Kahn, who is not only an outstanding architect, but also contributed a lot to urban planning. He is known as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century.

NBA basketball star Barkley (“Sir” Charles Barkley), he is a forward of the Houston Rockets. His chubby body is like “a bouncing hill”. He was elected the NBA Most Valuable Player and a member of the American Olympic Fantasy Basketball Team. one.

Sidney Poitier (Sidney Poitier) American actor, he was the first black actor to star in serious films on the screen, and won the Oscar for “The Tramp”.

French-American bacteriologist Rene Dubos (Rene Dubos), he invented kumulomycin is the first mass-produced and marketed antibiotic, which has a significant effect on the treatment of certain bacterial infections. In addition, he has made important contributions to the study of bacterial diseases and the impact of the environment on health and disease.

Canadian singer and composer Buffy St.-Marie.


The 20th card of the Great Secret Tarot is “Trial”. This card encourages the parties involved to put aside material constraints and seek a higher level of spiritual life. The pattern on the face of the card is an angel blowing the horn, symbolizing a new day with a heavy responsibility. When the card face is upright, it means surpassing oneself and discovering infinite potential; when the card face is upside down, it means that the trumpet is mostly to report the good and not the worry, easy to indulge in the joy of chasing, and lack the ability to face sadness.

Inspirational quote

The images we receive determine the messages we send out.


Feel keen, help each other, and have a strong memory.


Sensitive, withdrawn, emotional.

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