February 24: Philanthropist

February 24 Philanthropist

House position: 4 degrees -6 degrees Pisces

Constellation: Pisces one, changing water sign

People born on this day often sacrifice their own thoughts for the expectations of their parents and the hopes of their partners or family members. Likewise, they will demand sacrifices from others, especially their partners. Over time, sacrifice will become a certain meaning of life, that is to say, the belief of “sacrificing the ego” becomes their outlook on life. If you use this outlook on life to engage in public welfare undertakings, it would be more appropriate.

People born on February 24th are willing to sacrifice the ego to achieve the greater ego. Such sacrifice may be voluntary, or it may be due to their hopeless sense of responsibility. If it is because of the former, it must be sacrificed for the value they agree with, where the happiness of others will be their greatest comfort. If the sacrifice is only for a sense of responsibility, they will gradually become dissatisfied with themselves because the actual situation does not conform to their inner thoughts. After such a sense of frustration has accumulated for a period of time, one day, all emotions will burst out, and all responsibilities and restraints will be abandoned.

Many people born on February 24th will deliberately lower their self-awareness or even completely abandon themselves when pursuing a purer lifestyle. In this way, they may lose themselves completely. Many people born on February 24 understand this trap in life, so sometimes they will be more active in dealing with external things, learning to change themselves by objective standards, instead of giving up on themselves. However, some others will fully accept everything that fate brings to them. They believe that all misfortunes are destined and are the test given to them by the creator, and they can only bear it silently.

People born on February 24 are obviously suitable for public welfare, but they should actually explore their inner thoughts instead of blindly going against their own wishes or beliefs. If their growth always has to constantly compromise with reality, or they always have a feeling of inferiority towards themselves, then they will be easier to look at the future with a pessimistic and fatalistic attitude, which will affect their future development. One day, if they want to regain control of their lives, they will definitely be frustrated, because they must overcome those deep-rooted habits and self-expectations.

Composure, willpower, determination, determination, and courage are all qualities that people born on February 24 must possess before making major sacrifices. At the same time, from a long-term perspective, sharing love with each other is definitely far better than the feelings required by weak compromise.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 24 are affected by the number 6 (2 + 4 = 6) and Venus. People who are affected by the number 6 can quite attract the affection of others, and because Venus interacts very frequently with society, people born on February 24 are likely to be enthusiastic about the fun of chasing and become the center of admiration for everyone. Due to the influence of Venus and Neptune (the ruling planet in the constellation), people born on February 24 have a very romantic charm and attraction, but it will also weaken their ability to recognize reality. For people affected by the number 6, their lives are usually dominated by love.


Many friends who were born on February 24th have a better life than work. Therefore, they must be vigilant, because dislike of exercise can easily cause adverse effects on the feet, circulatory system or lymphatic system. In addition, because of their self-sacrificing nature, they often try to meet the expectations of others, so they are prone to feelings of dissatisfaction or anger in their hearts, which must also be paid attention to. For some people born on this day, love is the most important thing for them, so you must pay attention to your dependence and avoid indulging in the game of love between men and women. Delicacy and joy and passion are the main reasons that make them happy, but they have to carefully control their diet, not to overdo it, and not to be too rich. It is better for them to pursue a healthier and more meaningful spiritual life.


Stick to your truest self, and don’t always cater to the expectations or requirements of others. Strengthen one’s talents and will. Don’t let vanity be the tribute.


Winslow Homer (Winslow Homer) genre painter, illustrator and printmaker, is an outstanding figure of naturalism at the end of the 19th century.

Taiwanese novelist Xiao Lihong, her masterpiece “A Thousand Rivers Have Water Thousands of Rivers and Moons”.

Japanese singer Aska Ryo (Aska) is a member of the second group “Chuck and Asuka”.

Michel Legrand French songwriter, arranger, pianist and singer. He has scored many films, such as “Men and Women Love” and “42 Years of Summer”.

German fairy tale writer Wilhelm Grimm is also a linguist and folklore scholar. He researched linguistics together with his younger brother, Gubler Green, and thus invented the “Green’s Law”, that is, the “Indo-European Consonant Transformation Law”.

French organist Charles Maria Widor (Charles Maria Widor), famous for his outstanding pipe organ works, is also the chief author of Bach’s organ works.


The sixth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “Lovers”, symbolizing that the “love” through the union of the sexes can unite all mankind. When the card is upright, it expresses moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; the upside down of the card represents dissatisfaction, sentimentality, and hesitation.

Inspirational quote

Many tragedies are caused by love.


Know how to give, be open and tolerant.


Stubborn opinion, excessive demands, and low mobility.

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