February 8: Predictive Ability

February 8 Predictive Ability

House position: Aquarius 18-20 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius three, fixed wind sign

People born on February 8th usually have a deeply developed soul or projection ability. Sometimes they can conceive the development of a situation in their minds, and then turn the situation they thought into a real situation, but they do not actually create such a situation, but use the power of suggestion or suggestion to achieve them Hopes and guide others in the direction they want. In addition, people born on this day are able to accurately grasp the various signals around them and know when is the best time to propose a topic or take action. Grasp the sensitivity of timing in the financial advancement, so you know when to invest or divest, and the appropriate time to start or end your business relationship. Some people may think that people born on this day can predict the future. In fact, this may be just a broad-mindedness, giving them a particularly keen sense of the turbulent undercurrents between people and things. In fact, some people born on this day are real psychics. Even at a distance, they can perceive the thoughts of others, and can radiate their messages like a messenger. Even the most ordinary people born on this day have a very strong sixth sense.

People born on this day are usually very strong conceptualists. Their way of doing things is not to plunge into something, and then Mom achieves goals from depth and mistakes; instead, they look on the sidelines, examine them objectively and visualize how things should be done. . People born on this day usually give others the impression that they seem to be living in another world. Their existence does not seem to come from living things, but is formed by concepts. They may be intellectuals or planners, architects or astrologers, musicians, scientists, computer experts, but they can never be lazy dreamers. Many people mistakenly believe that people born on this day are shallow-minded or fanciful, but they are usually surprised when they know the truth. In fact, people born on this day have a very deep understanding of high-tech things.

Although talented, the emotional life of people born on February 8 is unstable and even chaotic. If they have never promoted or developed the super-consciousness in their own nature, and spent most of their energy on interpersonal relationships, they will be panicked for wasting a lot of time. Not only will they lose the opportunity to master the right person, but also The miserable thing is that “the inhumane encountered” is still desperately attached and unable to leave. The mistakes people born on this day often make are unsuitable illusions of responsibility on their shoulders. There is a very tame part of their nature. On the one hand, they can pay without me without asking for anything in return. On the other hand, they allow their self to indulge in the warm current of attention and pampering. Regrettably, their spiritual abilities seem to be of little help in the choice of a partner. Although I hope things can proceed easily and smoothly, but in the case of inhumanity. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make everything go as you wish. Finding a healthy balance of mutual compromise in a reciprocal relationship is the goal that people born on this day should strive for.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on February 8th are influenced by the number 8 and Saturn, have a strong sense of responsibility, and tend to be cautious and self-limiting. Saturn’s influence on Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, brings conservative and unique personality traits to people born on this day, as well as some communication barriers. Although they are full of enthusiasm in their hearts, under the dominion of Saturn, their appearances may appear cold or alienated.


People born on February 8th may suffer from a recessive illness, which is something they are afraid of or unwilling to discuss with others. If possible, they should choose their own doctors whom they can trust and respect, and do regular health check-ups. People born on this day may suffer long-term disturbances from the lymphatic system, endocrine system or circulatory system. In their later years, they should pay attention to the possibility of varicose veins. In terms of diet, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fat, reduce the frequency of smoking or quit smoking altogether, and limit the drinking of alcohol. It is best for them to only engage in fairly gentle exercises, with adequate rest. And try to keep yourself out of the horns to avoid self-destructive tendencies in your nature.


Be practical in your personal life. Try to develop better judgment skills. Face to solve your own difficulties. Not everything is easy. Beware of self-destructive tendencies.


Jules Verne (Jules Verne) French novelist, creator of novelty and science fiction, author of “A Thousand Miles of Miles Under the Sea”, some of the phenomena described in the novel have now become facts.

Taiwan TV host Sheng Zhuru, currently the manager of the TV program department, is the representative of “Taiwan Chameleon”.

Film composer and conductor John Williams (John Williams), he has collaborated with director Steven Spielberg in films, works include “Jaws”, “The Third Kind of Contact”, “Star Wars” and so on.

James Dean, a screen idol in the 1950s, was a symbol of rebellious teenagers at the time. He died young in a car accident at the age of 24 and starred in “The Adopted Son Doesn’t Teach Who’s Fault”.

Film actor Nick Nolte (Nick Nolte), works such as “Lorenzo’s No”, “Two Big One and One Little Three Captives”.

Film actress Lana Turner (Lana Turner), she has experienced 8 marriages, works include “These Charming Girls” and “We Young People”.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power”. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior moral and physical power. The positive meaning of this card includes personal charm and determination to pursue success; the negative is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

Although talents may be born, they still need to be cultivated.


Strong concept, intuitive and technical.


Strong dependence, emotional confusion, and passiveness.

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