Guanyu – Saint of war and god of wealth

Guan Yu was a Chinese military general with superb martial arts and was worshipped as a god after his death. In modern times, he is respected for his bravery and loyalty. He has also become a hit in historical novels, movies, and video games. In ancient eastern culture, few historical figures are as respected as Guan Yu, who has a series of official titles such as Master Guan, Guan Gong, and Emperor Guan (Emperor Guan).

To those familiar with the history of China’s Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD), these honors may seem confusing. Although Guan Yu was a competent general and a tenacious warrior, he was also very arrogant at the same time. A man of great courage, he once had a severe arm surgery, and even though the blood was flowing and the wound had exposed the bone, he refused to be anesthetized and was reading a book as nothing happened.

Taoyuan Oath

The story of the Taoyuan Oath in Romance of the Three Kingdoms is well known. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei held a brotherhood ceremony in Taoyuan. Guan Yu recognized Liu Bei as his elder brother and Zhang Fei as his younger brother. From then on, they fought side by side, supported each other, and were loyal to each other. Although the novel is fictional, the Taoyuan Oath has become a symbol of brotherly loyalty.


In ancient China, the biggest reason people worshiped Guan Yu was because of the qualities he represented. This trait is also in line with the most basic need of business society – honesty. People will build sculptures for Guan Yu and hold worship ceremonies. Such ceremonies have a tremendous effect, leading all those involved in business to believe in the principles of loyalty and integrity. People will think that as long as you believe in Guan Yu as I do, you will act according to the values that Guan Yu represents, and you will gain our trust.

Statue of Guanyu

Not only in China but also in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Guanyu has a tremendous influence, and his statue is commonly seen on people’s desks. People regard Guan Yu as the God of Wealth who can attract wealth and protect their business.

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