January 11: Judging expert

January 11 Judging expert

House position: Capricorn 20 degrees -22 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn third, the standard earth sign

People born on January 11 are not only strong-willed, very capable, but also strong in personality, able to accurately assess various experiences in life and people they meet. They usually feel that they have no prejudice against anyone or anything. In fact, when they judge, they often have some deviations because of what they originally believed, so their objectivity is not 100%. People born on this day, if they can put their personal beliefs aside, they can evaluate people and things around them more fairly.

They who have a strong sense of morality will severely condemn things that violate the beliefs of individual people. This attitude will cause problems in facing the child’s upbringing, because condemnation will make the child feel guilty and make the child lack the ability to be confident and independent. Therefore, parents who were born on this day should try to avoid playing a high-level critical role, because such a role will create hostility and resistance in the most coverage.

When it comes to the value of books, things, methods, and various systems that they are familiar with, they do have insights and can even rival experts. Because of this skill, they are often asked to express their opinions. Perhaps it is the value of investment in goods, or the quality of products, or the authenticity of works, artworks, and artworks, and so on. In all aspects, they can show excellent analytical skills, can judge skillfully, and calm down. People born on this day are usually able to immediately find the missing, so they can make a great contribution to removing waste or corruption in the work process; it is almost impossible to deceive them.

Unfortunately, people born on this day are sometimes rigid, stubborn, and unaware of flexibility. Once a decision is made, there is no room for discussion. Therefore, when they are talking about things that they actually know little or nothing, they still feel confident that they will not make mistakes. This is very unbearable for others, but they often just repeat what they have said calmly. , Stand firm and unwavering. Unless what they say is really proven wrong, they may be obeyed like a bible.

For them, the most urgent need is “flexibility.” In fact, their character retains the characteristics of generosity, kindness, and concentration, but their decisive attitude makes them unable to accept others more openly. Prejudice and strict opinions will only hinder them from exerting their power, that is, they will not have a clear understanding of life experience, nor will they have any insights. Although persistence and patience are also necessary, it is imperative to open one’s mind and use one’s judgmental intelligence and analytical ability under an open attitude.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 11 are affected by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. People dominated by the number 2 are good work partners, but not the best leaders. Influenced by Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn), people born on January 11 are usually lonely; and the influence of the moon may give them unique insights into how society works and how to define the role of individuals in society . People born on this day are often very good and loyal partners. The number 11 also often shows their interest in “doubles”, such as coincidence, balance, twins, mirrored images, or other things that are in pairs.


People born on January 11 are often exhausted by paying too much attention to taking care of others. They must learn to relax and leave work for a vacation. In addition, they must have enough confidence to let go occasionally and allow things to develop automatically. Excessive nervousness will make the body stiff, and the effect on the skeletal system is particularly obvious when you are old. Therefore, they must relax their eating habits, accept more new foods, and try various cooking methods. Generally speaking, the ever-changing but balanced diet is best for them. In sports, they should strive to maintain a fixed exercise habit, not too intense, the most suitable exercise is walking and swimming.


Maintain flexibility, open your mind and accept all possibilities. Don’t blame others before giving them a chance. Acknowledge your mistakes and don’t hesitate to give compliments when appropriate.


Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton) American patriot. He was an assistant to General Washington and a political and economic theorist. He served as the Treasury Secretary and assisted in drafting the constitution. Died due to a duel.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Huang Shujun has become famous for “The Non-stop Sorrow”, “Love Syndrome” and “Weiyang Song”.

Taiwanese writer Wang Qijiang, known for his military literature and art, is the founder of the “Great Ocean” poetry society.

Xia Zhiqing, a well-known Chinese literary critic in the United States, is his masterpiece “History of Modern Chinese Novels.”

American sculptor Eva Hesse.

Eva Le Galliene (Eva Le Galliene), an American actress, is also a Broadway director and producer, founded the American Theatre of Theatre, allowing the same performing group to perform continuously in the same theatre with different codes.

American philanthropist Ezra Cornell, also a businessman, invented the telegraph system and founded Cornell University.

American swimmer Tracey Caulkins (Tracey Caulkins), won three Olympic gold medals and set a world record five times.

Roger Guillemin, an American psychiatrist, won the Nobel Prize for co-discovering enzymes (peptide) hormones with Swary.


The eleventh card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Justice”. Sitting on the surface of the card is a serene woman, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminded us to follow the laws of the entire universe, as long as we stick to the right way, life can maintain balance and harmony. This card stands for integrity, fairness, honesty, and discipline when standing upright; when standing upside down, it implies negativity, alienation, fear of innovation, and dissatisfaction.

Inspirational quote

Try not to be prejudiced and give yourself a chance to breathe fresh air.


The direction is clear, certain, and diligent.


Stubborn and annoying.

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