January 14: Harmonious Life

January 14 Harmonious Life

House position: Capricorn 22-25 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn third, standard earth sign

People born on January 14 are very hard-working and are always busy integrating and coordinating everything in life and work. They can see the complete picture of a thing with their amazing organizational skills, which is completely different from those who can only pay attention to trivial details. And they can use all their power to organize the clues and subtle phenomena in their lives into concrete and meaningful ways. Once they miss the right path they are taking, they never hesitate, even if this path violates the social rules of the game. Of course, they are very aware of the repercussions and backlashes that their actions may bring.

Danger is particularly attractive to them, however, they rarely pursue excitement purely to invigorate themselves, usually these are by-products after they invest in an ideal. For those born on this day, numerous difficulties just provide an opportunity to overcome emergencies. Most of them are very aware of their strengths, but they will still test themselves over and over again, against resistance, obstacles, and anything or people that will frustrate them. They have a taste of dictatorship, but they don’t like being a rule-making person. And special leadership talents will also be hidden because of fear of taking on the responsibilities of those in high positions.

Usually after they make a decision, there will be almost no change, especially in feelings or emotions, which can even be described as hard-hearted. In order to fulfill their responsibilities, they will never compromise easily. However, even if they are pursuing the ideal of benefiting others, they usually retain the right to act alone, because they attach great importance to personal freedom. When necessary, they will desperately ask for what they want, and will never yield to themselves for some reason.

But inevitably, they will still have some connections with the whole society or the whole world. Therefore, their personal lives are usually full of twists and turns. Therefore, whether it is a spouse, family member, or friend, they must be 100% of their supporters, and they must also understand that choosing to be with them is destined to share joys and sorrows. To make matters worse, when people born on this day are thrown into the battlefield of life, people close to them are always the easiest to be ignored.

Usually when they lose out in competition or gambling and have to ask others for help, they will find that they are alone and there is no one to ask for. If they want someone to support them forever, they should spend more energy in life and socializing. It is very important to learn to share many things in life with others, to learn to give and receive, and to consider from a practical level rather than an altruistic point of view.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 14 are affected by the number 5 (1+4=5) and Mercury. Mercury brings great spiritual potential to people born on January 14, coupled with the strengthening effect of Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn), their power will be more concentrated and more targeted. When people born on January 14 lose their balance, fortunately, the flexibility brought by the number 5 allows them to quickly recover from major setbacks in life.


People born on January 14 often experience headaches, urinary system problems, sleep disorders, and other stress-related symptoms. This is because they put too much pressure on themselves. In addition, they often put themselves at a disadvantage, which also makes them vulnerable to injury or accidents. If you want to stay healthy, you must learn to control your aggressive and conflict-loving nature. Of course, for people born on January 14th. The mental damage may be just another obstacle that must be overcome. People born on this day should learn to relax completely while eating, enjoy it, and try a variety of different foods. Also, they should look for a sex life that is both exciting, passionate and emotional. Moderate exercise habits can maintain health, and social activities are best.


Who is good and who is bad is not in your personal jurisdiction. More attention should be paid to the value of society and the feelings of others. No harm or unfairness is big enough to make you heartless. May wish to allow yourself to have shortcomings and weaknesses.


Albert Schweitzer (Albert Schweitzer) German Nobel Peace Prize winner, is also a physicist, philosopher, organ player, music theory expert, doctor, writer and theologian. He insisted on his determination, lived for science and art before the age of 30, and then dedicated his life to serve mankind and began to study medicine. At the age of 38, he took his newlyweds and went to Africa to build a hospital, fighting to overcome local leprosy and narcolepsy, and serving there for the rest of his life.

Taiwanese rock singer Wu Bai, first made a record under the name of Wu Junlin, and later became popular with an explosive live concert. His representative work “Summer Night Wind Concert Record”.

Mishima Yukio (Mishima Yukio) is a Japanese novelist and playwright who is good at writing short stories. He is the author of “Kinkakuji Temple”, “Tide Sao”, and “The Confession of a Mask”. He was also a militant nationalist, and finally committed suicide by amputating his stomach.

Taiwanese writer Ye Qingbing, famous for classical literature and prose, his representative essay collection “Who keeps long hair for?”.

Martin Niemoller, the commander of the U-ship of the First World War in Germany, was also appointed to the priesthood. He was the president of the World Church Organization. He was sent to a concentration camp in southern Germany for advocating anti-Nazism. Survived. Author of “From U Ship to Shrine”.


The 14th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who can protect us and stabilize us. When the card face is upright, it represents temperance, which can adjust our enthusiasm, avoid excessive deviance, and help us gain new knowledge and integrate into our daily life. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolousness and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

When playing chess, every small step is to pave the way for a bigger next step.


Successful, bold, ambitious


Excessive pressure, lack of patience, and domineering.

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