January 15: Heroism

January 15 Heroism

House position: Capricorn 22-25 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn third, standard earth sign

Heroism is an inevitable and haunting theme in life for people born on January 15th. Sooner or later, they will find that there is a fearless spirit hidden inside, and then face the various crises and difficulties in their lives with this fearless spirit. But people born on this day often don’t know their heroic qualities, and they often wait until the god of fate has written a challenge book before letting their heroic qualities shine. Before that, they may just live a okay, even ordinary life. And this event that will trigger their self-discovery will happen approximately when they are nearly 30 years old.

In their childhood, they often have a hero worship or romantic love complex with a person or an imaginary object. This object may even be a parent, and what happens more often is someone who is very close to them and takes care of them like a parent. For people born on this day, accepting oneself as a hero is like a kind of enlightenment, a ritual leading to another journey, but the time has not yet appeared, and it is difficult for them to play a big role. Many people born on this day have to wait until they become parents and become heroes in the children’s minds before they can truly show this destined role.

They may be social people, or they may not. But when they are in their early 30s, they will meet some important people who will promote them and help them discover themselves. These people or teachers and predecessors who guide them have a great influence on their harmony. And they may develop love or deep friendship with each other.

They have grown from childhood and adolescence to maturity, and the most important sign is to show their rebellion. Therefore, they are particularly sensitive to any feelings of unfairness, and are always ready to fight against any oppression or intolerable things. Many people born on this day look a little naive and talkative. If someone thinks that they are weak, ignorant, and easy to deceive because of this, and want to take advantage of them, then they will be kicked. People born on this day often learn quickly from experience. They believe: “It is shameful for others to lie to me once, but if I let others lie to me a second time, it is my own shame.”

They must pay special attention to the fact that those who will hurt them are usually easy to settle in their hearts. However, even so, it does not mean that after they have been betrayed or humiliated, they should be surrounded by copper walls and iron walls. How to learn to find a balance between openness and self-defense is a big challenge.

Finally, there is a weakness that must be noted, that is, they will let themselves pursue the pleasure of the senses. Sometimes they will focus on things that are not worthy of concern. They should adjust slightly to their desire to control the environment. Maintain an open attitude and accept revolutionary growth and changes.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 15 are affected by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. People dominated by the number 6 have charisma, and sometimes they will even be respected by others. However, the dual influence of Venus and Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn) has created complicated feelings for people born on January 15 and may have emotional problems and setbacks. Usually, they will have a deep conflict with one of their parents. This conflict must be resolved before other growth is possible.


For people born on January 15, health is mostly related to their senses. For example, they will suddenly love a certain food or sex for a certain period of time, and suddenly have no interest at all after a period of time. This is actually a sign of the ups and downs of their inner mood. The reason why they have such problems is mostly because they had a tense relationship with one of their parents in childhood. People born on January 15 should pay special attention not to use emotion as a weapon or as a tool to control people, especially for their own children. Learning to cook may help them develop healthy eating habits. Various sports and activities are helpful to their health, especially team activities, which allow them to learn social skills while exercising.


You are destined to play the role of a hero, but be sure to work hard for a reason that is worthwhile. There must be a choice, and of course there must be room to accept the possibility of change. Find the job that suits you best. Learn to wait patiently, but when you need to act, find the right time and method.


Dr. Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King, Jr.), the leader of the black civil rights movement in the United States, won the Jobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was also a pastor, and his greatest achievement was to prompt the abolition of the apartheid law in the American South, and was later stabbed to death.

Taiwan’s first democratically elected president, Lee Teng-hui, is also the current chairman of the Kuomintang Party, and he was once listed as the Man of the Year in Time magazine.

Taiwanese actor Ke Junxiong, who became popular in Taiwanese films in the 1950s to Mandarin films in the 1980s, is his masterpiece “A Heroine”.

Aristotle Onassis, the world’s richest man and Greek shipping giant.

Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc), a French patriot and martyr, was born in a peasant family. It is said that when he was 13 years old, he was called by God to see miracles. She was also a military leader. She led the French army out of British rule, but was finally betrayed and burned to death on the charge of a heretic witch.

Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, once launched a bloodless coup with 89 Free Forces, overthrew the monarchy and established the Republic of Egypt.

The French playwright Moliere uses the traditional form of comedy to create new styles of comedy. His works include “Finding a Disease Without a Disease” and “Wife’s School”.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Demon”. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for safety and goldfish, through the contradiction of human nature, to make people his slaves. The positive side of this card represents the charm of the senses and the expression of enthusiasm, but it also reminds us that even if we are physically restrained, we can still fly freely mentally.

Inspirational quote

On the battlefield of life, the most advantageous weapons are usually wisdom and understanding.


Charismatic, sensual, and smart.


Manipulative, too outgoing.

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