January 16: Self-satisfaction

January 16 Self-satisfaction

House position: Capricorn 24 degrees -27 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn third, standard earth sign

For people born on January 16, the ultimate goal of life is to reach perfection, whether it is personal, social, or all levels of the world. And what they ultimately pursue is a feeling of satisfaction and completeness. This feeling means that all their efforts have finally been rewarded, and that everything is complete. In fact, this feeling of “self-satisfaction” also contains another meaning, that is, they feel that they have done their best, and all their hopes and desires can be realized. To a certain extent, this kind of subjective emotion (which may not last long, and the next goal will be produced again) is an indicator of whether things are going well.

They need this feeling of “things going smoothly” to affirm themselves and satisfy their need for security. Therefore, the most suitable job for people born on this day is to have a clear goal to complete within a certain period of time, not a job full of variables and fluctuations. In fact, if the needs of work are beyond the scope of personal ability and energy, even the greatest satisfaction will disappear over time. This is a universal principle.

When a person is happy at work, their commitment to work is naturally deeper, which means that they are at greater risk of failure. Otherwise, people born on this day (they may not be able to handle stress well) must learn to deal with more unexpected situations, otherwise the frustration caused by incompleteness will arise spontaneously. To make matters worse, they may think that uncertainty is a normal situation, and in the end they are no longer satisfied with anything or want to be fulfilled.

Therefore, for people born on January 16, they must be able to recognize when challenges will bring about self-destruction, and adjust their efforts appropriately according to the actual situation in order to succeed. In other words, they must know and accept For yourself, understand your limitations. It is very important for them to be able to find their own working mode or to recognize their most suitable position in society5. In fact, among them, those who can accomplish many different work goals, but not necessarily those who are more and more valued, are more likely to find continuous happiness. However, this stable state is often threatened, because there are always some attractive new goals in life. Of course, sometimes it is because I am unwilling to leave the workplace.

They need to be self-satisfied from time to time, unless they can accept a daily fixed lifestyle, otherwise they will destroy themselves and the people around them. Even if the interpersonal relationship is very good, they will face the same problems. People born on this day should probably learn to find satisfaction in their daily life, even every minute and every second. Because their personal success is really related to whether they can pay attention to the present and find satisfaction from the things at hand.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 16 are affected by the number 7 (1+6=7) and the water sign Neptune. People dominated by the number 7 are often unable to practice their ideas and easily get out of touch with reality. This is even more obvious for people born on January 16, especially when they do things outside of their abilities. Neptune rules dreams, visions, and religious sentiments. If people born on this day can control themselves, the influence of Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn) will bring them a rich material life.


People born on January 16 can live a long and healthy life as long as they don’t put too much pressure on themselves. If they are lucky enough to find a way of life that makes them feel satisfied, they must always remind themselves not to be too satisfied, otherwise the body will be overweight, lazy, mentally bored, etc. For them, all kinds of competitive activities and personal sports are good. As for diet, reducing the intake of milk fat, meat, sugar, and increasing fresh fruits and vegetables and cereals can help them reduce body fat and maintain balanced nutrition. A fixed sleep pattern is also necessary, however, too much sleep is inconsistent with their active lifestyle.


Actually assess your own abilities. Work hard, but don’t do things beyond your ability. On the other hand, stay positive and avoid getting too comfortable with the status quo. Pay attention to your personal relationships.


Ethel Merman (Ethel Merman) American Broadway singer, is also a stage and film actor. Performed on stage for the first time in the musical “Crazy Girl”, and later successfully performed “Annie, Take Your Gun”, “Gypsy” and so on.

Hong Kong director Chen Jiashang, his representative work “Flying Tiger Ambition”.

American zoologist and botanist Dian Fossey (Dian Fossey) is committed to protecting the deep mountain orangutans in Rwanda. She is also a writer and author of “Eighteen Years of the Misty Forest”, and was later murdered to death.

American journalist William Kennedy (William Kennedy), winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, is also a playwright. He is the author of “Terracea”.

Foyt (A. J. Foyt) is one of America’s greatest racing drivers. He has won the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race four times and won the American Auto League Championship seven times.

American opera actress Marilyn Horne (Marilyn Horne).

Cuban dictator Batista (Fulgencio Batista) is also a coup general.

American designer Gordon Craig is the lover of Isadora Duncan.

American baseball pitcher Dizzie Dean (Dizzie Dean), has four times won the National League strikeouts and the number of completed field championship. He is the most recent pitcher who won 30 games in the National League and was elected the most valuable player.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Tower”. On the screen, the king fell from the tower struck by lightning, and the builder of the tower was hit in the head by a punch and died. The tower is not only a symbol of the temporality of reality. , Also represents the variability of interpersonal relationships and occupations; and these changes are often sudden and rapid. When this card stands upright, it shows that it can accept setbacks and bravely overcome protracted battles; when it stands upright, it represents self-consciousness, self-comfort and indulging in unrealistic imaginations.

Inspirational quote

How long can you stretch your hand? With a ladder, you can extend yourself a little bit more.


Smart, patient and successful.


Self-satisfaction, lack of decision.

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