January 17: Smart and has goals

January 17: Smart and has goals

House position: Capricorn 26-29 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn Aquarius, standard earth sign

People born on January 17 are the most powerful and direct. The main reason is that they often have very clear goals, they know what they want to achieve at each stage of their life, and they can also effectively evaluate their chances of success based on past experience and immediate difficulties.

It is not difficult to imagine that this kind of person knows what can stimulate people’s potential when they are very young, and they also fully understand the importance of “motivation”. They know that people only take action when they “need”, and this “need” created by the seven emotions and six desires also determines the person’s response to certain kindness. At the same time, they learned early on that only those who can master and manage themselves can achieve ultimate success.

Among those born on this day, some will assess their desires and motives at any time, and constantly stimulate themselves to face challenges; on the contrary, some will only notice the control of the surrounding environment, but do not know enough about themselves, so they are likely to change. Become a master of controlling others (not secretly manipulating, but blatantly controlling others).

In fact, no matter whether it is aggressive on the surface or not, it seems from the enthusiasm of these people to embrace control. They are usually the people who control the entire Ministry of Transportation. As mentioned earlier, because the goal is so clear, they feel more or less incredible about their control, so people who want to resist them face-to-face are usually a little bit shy. Not only that, these people often do whatever they want, regardless of other people’s views, “blocking” does not exist in their dictionary. Indeed, people born on January 17 care more about personal achievements and also value individual rights. Therefore, they are not suitable for working in a team. Instead, acting alone can show their strengths and perform better.

Obviously, the biggest danger for people born on this day is that they tend to ignore other people’s feelings and thoughts. Coupled with an uncompromising personality, they often make friends or people who work with them insist on the opposite opinion. In addition, they are also likely to let those who are less courageous and feel unable to fight against them in public, hiding in the dark, angry and hateful, waiting for opportunities to move. Therefore, those born on January 17 must keep in mind to build a solid foundation in social relationships and strengthen relationships with friends and relatives at the same time. The most important thing is not to isolate yourself or approach others around you to play a solemn role.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Everyone born on January 17 is affected by the number 8 (1+7=8) and Saturn. Saturn symbolizes a strong sense of restriction and restraint, and tends to be judged. This personality is even stronger in people born on January 17, because Saturn is also the ruling planet of Eunuchs. Therefore, people born on January 17 should avoid overemphasizing the tangible, or being overly dictatorial because of too much ambition. In addition, the number 8 is also prone to conflicts between the spiritual world and the material world.


People born on January 17, in addition to paying special attention to avoid being overly active, they should also be careful not to suppress themselves. If you can control your emotions and pay attention to the impact you have on the people around you, their energetic nature will be loved more and their mental state will remain stable. Any irritants, such as caffeine, nicotine, sugar, amphetamines, etc., must be carefully controlled. Eat a balanced diet, eat less spicy food and eat more cereals. Too much meat is also bad for health. It is recommended that people born on this day do more exercises with a large amount of activity, such as judo, aerobics, endurance jogging, swimming, etc., which are all suitable exercises that can help them balance overactive emotions. However, be especially careful when exercising to avoid injury to the bone tissue. Adequate sleep, stable indoor environment, and intimate sexual partners all contribute to their physical and mental health.


Letting go of a little responsibility will liberate yourself, and at the same time give others a little more opportunity to perform. Make yourself more humane and don’t get out of touch with the current situation around you.


Boxing champion Joe Frazier (Joe Frazier), he defeated boxing champion Ali won the world heavyweight boxing champion, and won the Olympic boxing gold medal, and then entered the show business.

Taiwanese singer Coco Lee, who has become popular with his passionate and splendid style and singing style, is his masterpiece “Di Da Di”.

Japanese composer and actor Ryuichi Sakamoto, the masterpiece of the movie “Captive”.

Muhammad Ali, world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic boxing gold medalist.

American politician Benjamin Franklin (Benjamin Franklin), also a scientist, inventor, writer and printer, founded the US National Banknote Printing Office and Post Office.

Stannislavsky, a Russian stage director and acting theorist, argues that realism must be based on the inner reality of the character.

Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon (Vidal Sassoon), he started with hair styling and established a shampoo merchant country.

American film and television actor Betty White.

American actor James Earl Jones, who has performed on stage, film and TV, won the Tony Award for Best Actor for playing the role of Jefferson in “White Hope”.


The seventeenth card of the Myriad Tarot card is “Stars”. On the screen is a naked girl who is pouring fresh pool water on the coke-dried ground under the starry sky, while making stagnant water with another grenadine. recovery. She represents the glory of life in the world, but also represents the enslavement of matter and senses. Therefore, the stars in the sky always remind her: don’t forget that there is a higher level of spiritual world.

Inspirational quote

There can be hundreds of millions of stars in heaven.


Independent, expressive, and powerful.


Autocratic, withdrawn, unable to cooperate with others.

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