January 2: Self-requirement

January 2 Self-requirement

House position: Capricorn 11-13 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn one, standard earth sign

People born on January 2 are serious about life and have high demands on themselves. They always have super high standards for the value of their own existence, and their often insecurities become a motivation for them to work hard to prove themselves. God is, they can accept tasks again and again, or force themselves to climb to seemingly impossible heights within a short period of time. However, even under such tremendous pressure, they disagree and even quote Take pleasure. Even if the outside world does not demand much from them, they refuse to make their lives easy. In other words, they have a workaholic and stubborn personalities. People born on January 2nd, even those who can relax their emotions, often shoulder heavy responsibilities, such as raising a family, carrying a house loan, or undertaking an ambitious long-term plan.

Fortunately, those born on January 2 do not need to fight alone. They can become a member of Youyou’s work team and perform their tasks faithfully until the end, year after year. Living a leisurely life after retirement is not suitable for their personality. People born on this day are suitable for creative work or as their own workers. As long as they make their own schedules and plans, they will usually do quite satisfactorily. They have the spirit of innovation, and they are perfectionist craftsmen, always doing their best to make the best works and the best service. Although they are very imaginative, the job that allows them to perform best is a practical, scope-limited, and well-targeted task. People born on this day seldom try things they know can’t do, and they don’t deliberately exaggerate their work performance. Only because of the high standards of self-requirements, it is difficult for them to get the satisfaction of their own achievements.

People who were born on January 2 should take more vacations, let go of tension and seriousness, and add more fun to life. They can usually achieve this goal by getting along with family and friends. If you isolate yourself from your relatives and friends, you will become more and more isolated as you age. Reducing contact with the external society or being disconnected from the real world will threaten normal life. Although sometimes their tendency to hate socialism turns out to be right, this can easily become one of the reasons why they rationalize their selfish or anti-social behavior. Therefore, for people born on January 2, the most important thing is to maintain a social and human aspect, and live and act according to this instinct.

People born on this day must be careful not to run forward blindly when they feel that they are powerful. Might as well learn to think about the self in the macro perspective of the world and the universe.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 2 are affected by the number 2 and the moon. The number 2 person is a good work partner, but not the best leader. This feature helps them deal with work and interpersonal relationships. However, the influence of the moon also limits their personal creativity and performance, and frustration is inevitable. When the influence of the moon is combined with the characteristics of Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn), it produces a seemingly successful but lonely individual with deep and complex emotions. If the number 2 happens to be the second child, they may be protected by their family members, but some may be ignored. Parents should give them a little care from their attention to the boss.


People born on January 2 often have their fears and worries in their hearts, and their concern for health is no exception. As a result of long-term hard work, people tend to suffer from chronic diseases. Therefore, they should take special care of the functions of the body, especially teeth, hair, muscles, and bones. Due to the tendency of workaholics, they must plan regular vacations to give themselves a complete rest. Eating habits and physical activity must also emphasize the more interesting side. Fixing some fun in your life is a great help to people born on January 2nd, which will make them emotionally up and avoid falling into a tenacious or indifferent state.


Most importantly, don’t isolate yourself from the outside world. Throw away sorrow and burden. Don’t worry about the trouble, return their electronic watches to the person who brought them, insisting that others should treat you equally and reasonably. Don’t refuse to provide you with the best and most enjoyable experience.


Isaac Asimov (Isaac Asimov) is a Russian-American scientist who has written more than 500 science books and science fiction in his lifetime, such as “The Basics of the Trilogy.” One year before his death, he could write a book every week.

Hong Kong comedian Wu Mengda, his masterpiece “Fighting Back to School”.

Japanese idol actor Takenouchi Toyoshi, his representative works “Ideal Marriage” and “Long Holiday”.

American music producer Leon Leonidoff (Leon Leonidoff), producer of the famous Radio City Music Hall.

The inventor of the spiral plane (Louis C. Breguet), he is also the founder of Air France.

Renata Tebaldi (Renata Tebaldi) Italian opera soprano, her voice is vigorous, powerful and beautiful, especially good at singing operas by Verdi and Puccini.

British Army Commander James Wolfe, he was a hero in the Battle of Quebec in Britain and France, but also died in this battle at the age of 33.

Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaibe.

Yuriy Grigorovich, a master of Russian ballet dance, is known for his choreography and directing. Early successful works such as “The Jewel Flower” and “Sleeping Beauty”, and later directed the ballet for the two major Russian theaters of Kirov and Boshova .


The second card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Priestess”. Sitting on the throne, she looked calm and unpredictable. She possesses spirituality, allowing hidden powers and secrets to be revealed, and then giving people this knowledge. So when the cards face upright, it shows tranquility, intuition, subtlety, and caution. When the card is upside down, it means surreptitiousness, suspicion, indifference, and sluggishness.

Inspirational quote

The difficulty we see is as great as it is.


Have a sense of responsibility, deep and dedicated.


Workaholic, self-inhibition, and demanding.

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