January 21: Pioneer

January 21 Pioneer

House position: Aquarius 0°-2°

Constellation: Capricorn Aquarius, fixed wind sign

People born on January 21 always aim to reach the peak. Once they reach the goal, they will know how to stay at the peak. However, before they truly understand their ambitions, they may have endured many unexplainable setbacks. These people can be said to be determined individuals with great drive, but when they lose their way, the playful side of their nature will emerge, and they will take care of their time and energy. People born on this day, if they can integrate their inner dual personality, they will become the best among them. However, many people born on this day, like a pendulum, oscillate between relaxed and tense states. It seems that it is difficult to strike a balance between the two.

People born today, whether men or women, will have the desire for leadership sooner or later. Once they have successfully reached the peak in their chosen field, it will be very difficult to ask them to give up. Even when they are in conflict with their own interests, their health is deteriorating, they are getting old, and even the work itself is not fun, they still cannot let them give up their existing status. If they really get down from the high branches on which they depend, it is usually due to their inner nature that loves to play, which eases the aggressive nature of competition.

Most people born on this day are not suitable for long-term leaders because they lack the coldness and internal authority necessary for leaders. Such people are also not suitable for highly politicized or authoritarian occupations. What really suits them is those careers that can continuously refine their talents and skills to reach the best condition.

People born on January 21 have a strong celebrity temperament and always attract others to approach. Not only do they lead the trend in their work, they also lead the way in their social life. At the same time, because they are very clever in dealing with people and things, as long as they put forward opinions or suggestions, they are usually highly persuasive.

People who were born on this day and occupy a high position in society usually have the common characteristics of being approachable, so they can be integrated into every class of all walks of life. Their exciting, colorful and passionate nature has formed an irresistible sexy charm. However, this kind of material often makes them bear the charge of “heartlessness”. In some situations where it is best to just wave their sleeves to bid farewell, they hurt the caring people because they acted too caring. However, even if the meeting time is short, most friends and lovers will have no regrets about such encounters, because their charm has enriched the time spent with each other.

For their public life, people born on this day are a little secretive, and they seldom mix their public life with their private life. Whether it’s a warm home or a quiet haven, it usually opens its doors to only a few licensed people. Their greatest possibility is always to consider what they really want from life. Before the goal of life is determined, they are like fireflies, coming and going, wandering around.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Everyone born on January 21 is affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and the noble Jupiter. Those affected by the number 3 are usually ambitious and sometimes quite authoritarian. However, for those born on this day, their true traits are the former. The number 21 shows physical beauty, especially for women; and men born on this day are naturally handsome. The influence of Jupiter forms their noble attitude towards the outside world, and the additional power and vitality of Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, gives them the power and insight necessary to lead major projects.


People born on January 21 can generally accept suggestions for improving their health, especially sensory activities like massage, which are even more attractive to them. If exercise does not cause too much physical discomfort, their bodies will naturally like to move their muscles and bones. In terms of food, people born on this day are also more likely to accept healthy diet recommendations. They attach great importance to regular expression of sexual desire and whether their physiological characteristics are appreciated. Their ambitions, as well as the relationship between their love for seclusion and the importance of the senses, directly affect their health. The partner they are looking for must share their lifestyle as much as possible. The assistance from your beloved partner can make them move more smoothly in their life journey.


Always look forward to the best self. Be alert to the tendency of the river within yourself to be uncertain; move towards the established goal. Don’t spend a lot of time waiting for you, and don’t give up your freedom.


Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo) is a well-known Spanish tenor. He is known internationally for his lyrical and heroic roles in Italian operas. He is now one of the three most famous tenors.

Luo Zhicheng, a Taiwanese poet, became famous as “The Book of Light”.

French clothing designer Christian Dior (Christian Dior), he created a “new look” fashion trend after the Second World Tiger, changing the dull monotony of women’s clothing during the war. Since then, his new clothes have been released to show his talents and have a great influence on the trend of popular clothing.

Geena Davis (Geena Davis) American actress, she became popular with “End of the Road”, and then even more sleepy “Unexpected Traveler” won the Oscar for Best Actress Award.

Norwegian impressionist painter Harriet Backer (Harriet Backer).

British director Clive Donner (Clive Donner), active in stage plays and large and small screens, is the producer of “The Merry Gentleman”.

Jazz composer, record producer and announcer Rudi Blesh (Rudi Blesh)

American film and television actor Telly Savalis (Telly Savalis).


The 21st card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The World”. There is a goddess running on the card holding a scepter. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card indicates that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When the card is standing upright, the explanation is that it is well paid and the personality is upright; when the card is upside down, it points out huge obstacles, mental slack, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

Concentrate your strength on the inside in the present, and through continuous practice, prepare for the ability to move forward when necessary.


Attractive, colorful and cheerful.


Hesitating, indulging in pleasure, easy to hurt people.

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