January 24: Indifferent idol

January 24 Indifferent idol

House position: Aquarius 3 degrees -5 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius, fixed wind sign

People born on January 24 will receive excessive admiration and loyalty from their surroundings. Their lively personality has special charming qualities, which will attract many people around them like honey attracts flies. Of course, this has also produced some incidental problems. Because the people around them put so much attention on them, the most extreme situation in terms of psychological projection is the phenomenon of idolatry, so the burden on them is really heavy. This situation does not just happen between their “migrant brothers and sisters”. When facing their family and relatives and friends, they must also make themselves the “idols” that others expect. Therefore, it is normal for those who covet their charm or feel that they are not comparable to them, it is normal to be jealous of them.

Many people born on this day will appear to be very self-respectful or energetic. This is natural, because they are highly praised by everyone from their teenage years and into adulthood, and even arrogant. They may show an indifferent attitude, which is mainly a defensive method used to protect their privacy. Another reason may be that they work very seriously, so they don’t want to unnecessarily distract attention from others’ violations. Because people born on this day often constantly wonder whether they are really as great as others praised, so they don’t want to be scrutinized too closely. However, as long as they respond to the expectations of others or satisfy their desires, they can usually maintain a superior position. The problem is that they may lose what they want in real life because they are too high to be reachable.

People born on this day must have the courage to break their established false image when they reach a certain high point in order to become a real flesh and blood person. The way to see the rules and precepts is to make yourself more transparent, or more vulnerable, so that others can see through their thoughts and emotions. This must shorten the distance with others, participate in the general dealings with people in daily life, and share happiness and sorrow with others equally. To be more frank, people born on this day must step off their podium and go deep into the crowd. If they don’t do this, they will continue to be treated as purified people, although they can provide some intoxicating self-satisfaction, but it will not help their personality, personal growth or spiritual development at all.

When they begin to understand that the admiration of others can in fact be a clever manipulation, and they have been controlled by this admiration, they have actually taken the first correct step towards changing themselves. In the process of their return to self-transformation, it is absolutely necessary to give up certain activities and social partners. After they reach this level, they can radiate freely again, and at this time, what they have is the inner real light, not the imaginary reflection that others want to see.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 24 are affected by the number 6 (2+4=6) and Venus. People dominated by digital posts have the magnetism to attract love and admiration, and because Venus strongly combines social interactions, people born on this day become the eternal temptation to indulge in indulgence and become the target of admiration. The combination of Venus and Uranus, the ruling planet in the constellation of water, gives people born on this day a weird and powerful force. In their love and social relationships, they sometimes exude indifference and alienation. For people affected by the number 6, it is usually love that controls their lives.


People born on January 24 may have alternate attitudes towards appearances of over-care and indifference. Therefore, it is very important for them to treat their skin, hair and facial features with a stable and not addictive attitude. Joining a sports team, or exercising in a health club, participating in a treatment group or yoga class, etc., are beneficial to their physical and mental health and allow them to be more able to contact the crowd. It is better for them to work harder in cooking, or have a meal with family and friends. As for diet, people born on this day must pay special attention not to let themselves be on the verge of hunger, or indulge in those questionable weight loss food therapies. It is best to choose diverse and delicious foods. People born on this day usually feel that feelings and friendship are as important as intimate sexual relations; if they strike a balance between the two, they will live happily.


Synchronize yourself with the life around you and blend in with the crowd. You are a special person, but it is not because others say you are special. Don’t be the prey of other people’s expectations, and fight for your true self.


Hadrian (Hadrian) Roman emperor, he may be called the greatest Roman emperor, during his 21-year reign extended the territory of the empire to the east, so that the power of the Roman Empire reached its peak.

Taiwanese singer Weng Qianyu has also become popular in Taiwan with the movie “Priceless Treasure” and the song “Prayer”.

Taiwanese entrepreneur Luo Guangnan is known internationally for his own brand “Kenneth” tennis racket marketing.

Japanese singer-songwriter Mayumi Gowa, whose masterpiece is “Shio Sao”.

Natassja Kinski (Nastassja Kinski), a film actress who became popular with “Lady Daisy”.

Edith Wharton (Edith Wharton) American novelist, she was born in a wealthy and prestigious family in New York. She won the Pulitzer Prize for “The Age of Innocence” and is the author of “Etanfrom”.

German short story writer E.T.A. Hoffman (E.T.A. Hoffman), his excellent way of describing the grotesque, mysterious and mysterious world, made him a German romantic writer. In addition, he is also a critic, artist and composer.

The 18th-century French playwright Pierre A. Caron de Beaumarchais, whose works include “The Barber of Seville” and “The Wedding of Figaro”, in addition to writing and composing.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes “love” through the union of the sexes, which can unite all mankind. When this card stands upright, it represents morality, aesthetics, and higher levels of feelings and desires in the flesh; but when it stands upright, it represents dissatisfaction, sentimentality and hesitation.

Inspirational quote

There is no need to hide a house without a curtain.


Admired, attractive, and active.


Self-centered, unconsciously arrogant.

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