January 26: Strong driver

January 26 Strong driver

House position: Aquarius 6-7 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius, fixed wind sign

Most people born on January 26 are brave, radical, and very controversial. They have unlimited confidence in themselves, and they always seem to have endless perseverance to reach their goals, and never worry about encountering obstacles from anyone or anything. They are “assault” experts, and they will often launch attacks at the right moment with all their strength; however, as strategists, they usually plan carefully before going into battle and rarely attack blindly.

For people born on this day, there is no word “morality” in their dictionary, and this will of course cause them to get into trouble. When they do things according to their own free will without considering the opinions of all parties in advance, they will often deviate from the usual practice, because some powerful people or the whole society will be attacked. On the contrary, if they can be more sympathetic, warm, human and calm, they will not encounter such hostility.

Their words and deeds are always so strong, swift, decisive and courageous to move forward, which surprises others, and makes their loved ones feel uneasy or uncomfortable with this kind of “out of sight”. Therefore, whether it is psychologically or physically, people born on January 26 must be careful not to hurt others. Unless they can express their inner intentions and expectations more clearly, relatives, friends and lovers will find it difficult to get close or close to them.

The explosive situation seems to be particularly attractive to people born on this day. They have the intuition that events are about to break out, and they rarely let the opportunity to participate in it slip away. Because they are very outgoing, their responsibility at certain stages of their lives is to find ways to understand themselves and me more deeply, such as increasing philosophical thinking and deciding where to put “impulsiveness” in their principles of action. Kind of the order. Unless they begin to pay attention to their inner motives and needs when certain stages come, otherwise, their personality development may face a state of stagnation.

If a person born on this day is a parent, it will be quite inspiring to the child; the publicity team publicity team gets along with the children and enjoys it. However, it may be too authoritative or even authoritarian. Having said that, they are usually very rebellious towards their parents, and they may even unconsciously inspire their children to make similar actions. A stable family life, as well as the affectionate, body towel and firm companionship of the spouse, usually have a wonderful stabilizing effect on their strong driving force. Therefore, learning how to share and compromise in daily life and participating in group activities will greatly help their personality development.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 26 are affected by the number 8 (2+6=8) and the star. Because Saturn has a strong sense of responsibility, people born today will be cautious, restricted, and fatalistic in their conservative and authoritarian side. The combination of Saturn and Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius) brings inspiration and strength to their efforts. People dominated by the number 8 usually build up their lives and careers cautiously and slowly, but this is not necessarily the case for people born on this day. There is no other reason, just because they are more impulsive. Although they may have a warm heart, under the influence of Saturn, people affected by the number 8 are quite indifferent in appearance.


People born on January 26 must be very careful about the violent and violent tendencies of their nature. They may be prone to accidents and have a tendency to attract violent energy. Physically, these people are particularly vulnerable to injuries to their legs and ankles. Such injuries may cause blood clots in old age and even risk of stroke. Psychologically, people who were born on this day need some medical or spiritual training to do effective guidance to maintain their vitality. In terms of diet, they should reduce their intake of meat and sugar, and try to focus on cereals and vegetables. Gentle activities are more suitable for them, and be especially careful when engaging in competitive or more intense sports. Intimate sex is usually very important to them, and loyal close friends are even more indispensable.


Cultivate your own humanistic qualities. Learn to relax and enjoy yourself. Acknowledging your weaknesses can sometimes reduce the burden. Keep calm and feel the emotions and feelings of others at any time.


Douglas MacArthue (Douglas MacArthue) American general and chief of staff, participated in the Mexican War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War.

Taiwanese newsman Huang Zhaoheng.

Liang Qichao, a university student in the late Qing Dynasty, actively advocated modern education and vernacular Chinese.

Decent film actor Paul Newman (Paul Newman), starring in many business cards such as “Excitement”, “Tiger Leopard King”, “Money Empire” and so on. He loves racing; in the 60s and 70s he devoted himself to the human rights and anti-war movement in the United States.

Eartha Kitt (Eartha Kitt) singer and TV actor, she was born in poverty, and after years of hard work, she came to the fore.

Hollywood lyricist and composer Jimmy Van Heusen (Jimmy Van Heusen), works “Tin Pot Alley”.

Czech film director Elmar Klos, guided “The Shop on the Street”.

French film director, actor and producer Roger Badim (Roger Badim), famous wounds include films such as “The Grand Canal”, “Blood and Rose”, and “A Heroine in the Sky”. His debut novel “God Creates a Woman” became popular with Brigitte Bardot, and then married her; in addition, he also married Jane Fonda, lived with Katharine Danif and had children.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power.” In the picture, an elegant yaon is drawn, taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can drive the energy that is difficult to control, and represents the superior power of the first virtue and physical strength. This card stands upright to express personal charm and determination to pursue success; handstand is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

Sometimes reconciliation is a prerequisite for survival


Active, full of playful tension, and self-confidence.


Destructive, authoritarian, and passive.

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