January 28: Outstanding Achiever

January 28 Outstanding Achiever

House position: Aquarius 7th-9th degree

Constellation: Aquarius, fixed wind sign

Most people born on January 28 have the ability to achieve outstanding achievements; however, most of them are physical or physical achievements, and they must have total courage and determination to achieve an absolute chance of winning. Even so, their spiritual power cannot be ignored, because if there is no extraordinary willpower to provide the strength and determination required for action, or lack of clever thinking ability to guide, these physical achievements are absolutely impossible to achieve.

People born on this day are very personal in their choices of challenges and interests. Those who are more fully developed among them will have a very practical understanding of their own abilities. Therefore, even if they sometimes feel too bold or even reckless, they are still able to control themselves. But if the development is not so complete, it may be impossible to succeed because of unrealistic assessment of one’s own abilities, or even self-control.

Many people born on this day like to watch thrillers and horror films at home, and occasionally participate in some exciting sports, art or entertainment performances. In this way, they can experience all kinds of thrills without having to take any risks.

People born on January 28 who are bolder often have the desire to perform great behaviors, but it does not mean that they are impatient or superficial people. On the contrary, this type of person is usually very practical, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. They will learn the conditions required to complete a job through detailed research, and then proceed to do it. They rarely get involved in a certain time impulsively before making solid preparations in advance. But in any case, to achieve such an outstanding achievement, it does require a considerable degree of fearlessness and courage.

For most people born on this day, what interests them most is breaking various records and doing things that no one has done. Therefore, it is their happiest moment when they start a new era, become a pioneer and overcome all difficulties. The achievements, honors, and differences in the whole process of overcoming obstacles made them deeply fascinated. Of course, if they are out of touch with reality for this reason, see daily life as a boring thing, or have too high expectations of themselves, it would be very bad.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 28 are affected by the number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1) and the sun. People affected by number 1 have clear goals and perspectives, and are eager to rise to subversion. For people born on this day, the combination of the sun and Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius) means a high degree of tension, neuroticism, or weird tendencies. In particular, it should be noted that the sun symbolizes powerful creativity and flame. This strong energy is best released steadily, otherwise it will suddenly burst out of control. Unfortunately, most people born on January 28 will erupt from time to time because of Uranus’s unstable influence on the sun.


People born on January 28 may experience various neurological problems. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for them to develop their own willpower and self-control in order to moderately control their excitable and agitated nature. In order to achieve this goal, yoga, psychological or religious training courses, and judgment training may be helpful or even necessary.

In addition, people born on this day may also agree to something other than what happened, especially when venting their emotions. Therefore, having a down-to-earth and calm partner or friend is of great benefit to them, and it can also complement their unrealistic nature. People born on this day will also be interested in special delicacies and try diversified and balanced nutrition, which will also be good for their health. In terms of exercise, it is best to do regular soothing exercises, not too intense, but It cannot be completely inactive.


Take control of your temper. Understand your own abilities, and cultivate calmness and patience. Don’t be easily distracted by other opinions and novelties. Think twice before taking action.


Arthur   Rubinstein, a Polish pianist, has a gorgeous playing style, magnificent momentum and extremely high artistic temperament. He is a contemporary piano master and one of the best interpreters of Chopin’s works. He continued to play until his 90s.

Japanese actor Yuka Miura, masterpiece “Dancer of Izu”.

French actress and novelist Colette (Colette), she is famous for her unique techniques and feminine perspectives in handling emotions in her works, and is the author of “A Family of Gold Fans”.

Russian ballet dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov (Mikhail Baryshnikov),  He is an outstanding contemporary male classical dancer, but in addition to ballet, his performances in movies and stage plays are equally outstanding.

British astronomer and writer David Stanley Evans,  The author of “Under Capricorn”.

The Swiss physicist Piccard (Auguste Piccard), he once took a hot air balloon to an altitude of 16,165 meters to do research, and entered a submarine deep into the seabed to observe the deep sea at a depth of 3,050 meters.

The 19th century Arctic navigator Captain MacLure (Captain MacLure).

Sir Henry Morton Stanley, a British African explorer, who went deep into the inland of Africa to find the unseen British missionary and explorer Livingston.


The first card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Magician”, as if it is wisdom, communication and consultation. There is a symbol on the magician’s head that represents infinity, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes as a halo. This card has many important explanations, one of which is that the magician understands the nature of the endless cycle of life and possesses power because of this realization. Therefore, the card face is upright, rich in diplomacy, shrewd and capable; handstand means that there is no care and speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

Although daily life is trivial, there are miracles from time to time.


Bold, determined, and motivated.


Prone to overexcitement, sensualism, and impulsivity.

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