January 29: Warrior of Mercy

January 29th Warrior of Mercy

House position: Aquarius 8-10 degrees

Constellation: Aquarius one, fixed wind sign

People born on January 29 will fight for their beliefs, but only if they are absolutely necessary. They are convinced that most of the time, rational and humanistic thinking can work, so they will do their best to get things done. Generally speaking, people born on this day are very good at provoking others, because only in this way, other people will recognize the immediate problems and make appropriate decisions after in-depth inspection and discussion. They are not easy to be autocratic, and they don’t like to impose ideas on others; on the contrary, being a member of a group and living and working harmoniously with other members is their greatest satisfaction.

Although they are usually very active and productive, there is still a very passive side hidden in their nature. The advantage of this is that they are easier to open-minded and accept other people’s opinions; the disadvantage is that they often stagnate, delay important decisions, and lose their way and hesitate. They will also work in jobs that they do not like. In fact, people born on this day really need a sense of security. Even though their words and deeds may seem radical, security is still the most important thing in their lives.

The emotional life of people born on January 29 is very complicated and changeable, probably because they are rarely satisfied with the status quo. For example, if they find a sense of security in a love, they will quickly feel bored and want freedom; once they are truly free and start living independently, they will yearn for the personal happiness and family life that others have . Creative people born on this day, on the one hand, are eager to be recognized by others, but on the other hand, they feel that commercialism is like a “kiss of death” to their unique works, which will only suffocate their dreams and imagination.

As mentioned earlier, people born on January 29 can usually accept a variety of different opinions. However, because they rarely deny the opinions of others without being tested, it is also difficult to make a final decision. Profound humanistic thinking is one of their outstanding talents, but they are often ambiguous when analyzing affairs, and eventually become an obstacle to success.

Nevertheless, they will bravely move on and use the same efforts to fight against their inner doubts and social obstacles. It can be seen that the key to their success is usually whether they can establish a stable self. Once this self can strongly protect them, it can fully and practically help them to practice their ideals.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 29 are affected by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 are usually good colleagues and partners, but they cannot be good leaders. Although this trait helps them to integrate into the life of the team, it may also hinder individual initiative and action; the moon’s strong reaction and passive tendencies are more strongly combined, giving people born on January 29 independence and idealism. , But it will also cause them emotional instability, so that it is difficult to settle in ordinary family life.


People born on January 29 are prone to become unaccustomed to the surrounding environment, the most common being allergies. It will help them to eliminate foods that produce mucus, such as milk. They are also more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids and varicose veins in the legs. Once there are signs, they should be treated as soon as possible, and the changes in eating habits should be understood to improve them, such as reducing the intake of fat and reducing the amount of standing or sitting for a long time. Time and so on. In addition, regular and moderate exercise is of great help to the circulatory system, so good exercise habits should be maintained as much as possible until old age. As for diet, people born on this day should avoid excessive fat intake and any food that can cause allergies.


Be strong. The simplest way is not necessarily the best. Express your needs and don’t hesitate. After all, if you don’t say it, how can anyone know what you need?


Anton Chekhov (Anton Chekhov) Russian physician, short story writer, and playwright. His analysis of human absurdity is extremely deep. He often reveals deep sympathy and understanding of human nature, and has a profound impact on British and American literature. He is the author of “Cherry Garden”. “, “The Seagull” and “Ward No. 6” etc.

Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng has become popular in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Mainland China successively. The best-selling songs are countless, and the most popular song is “When the Lord Comes Back”.

American diving expert Greg Louganis (Greg Louganis), once won the Olympic platform and springboard diving 4 gold medals.

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) American TV and radio talk show host and film actress.

German director Ernst Lubitsch (Ernst Lubitsch), who directed the play with a relaxed and humorous approach, received a lot of response and became the representative director of the German film industry. Later, he was hired by Hollywood to go to the United States, creating a new era of American movie genre comedy. His works include “The Eye of the Curse”, “The Merry Widow” and so on.

African explorer and photographer Mary Lee Jobe Akeley.

Film and TV actor Tom Selleck (Tom Selleck), once performed “Three Dads and One Baby”.


The second card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Priestess”. Sitting on the throne, she looked calm and unpredictable. She possesses spirituality, allowing hidden powers and secrets to be revealed, and then giving people this knowledge. So when the card is upright, it shows tranquility, intuition, subtlety and caution; when the card is upside down, it shows secretiveness, suspicion, indifference and sluggishness.

Inspirational quote

Life itself does not need to be compromised.


Reasonable, good at making friends, know how to have fun


Uncertain, ambiguous, and passive.

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