January 3 : Fully Dedicated

January 3 : Fully Dedicated

House Position: Capricorn 11th-14th Degree

Constellation: Capricorn II, Standard Earth Sign

People born on January 3 are naturally persuasive, but also very stubborn. Therefore, if the people working with them want to withdraw halfway, they may find it difficult or even impossible to get out. This kind of person not only puts pressure on others, but also knows how to “induce” others to do their best. The trick is that they can understand what others want, and try to use secret methods as much as possible, including secretly applying pressure, kidnapping in a humorous way, or even directly seducing. Nevertheless, at work, there are many people who accuse them of using others for personal gain, because these people are not to blame for their loyalty to the organization or ideals.

People born on this day don’t mind standing on the “line of fire”; even once they face challenges, they will become more proactive. However, under normal circumstances, we will try to avoid sexual conflicts and maintain politeness and education. And this kind of sophistication is what makes them attractive. They have knowledge, depth, and a good grasp of common things. They are very talkative, love all the good things in life, and show a strong down-to-earth nature. In behavior, they will give others the opportunity to choose. Others can decide whether to do the job well or work unwillingly, but no matter what, they think that what should be done is to be done.

Because of their strong persuasive power and willpower, they sometimes appear too arrogant; even in some situations, they can become difficult to cope with. When working with them, they often feel frustrated because of their personality, which makes the relationship between the two parties out of balance and even resentful. However, usually the other party surrenders in the end. Because they are very self-controlled, they can hold on to the end and win in most conflicts. Their usual trick is to show an attitude of giving up on the surface, but secretly arrange chess, waiting for a comeback when the time is right. In real life, they never give up what they care about very much.

People born on this day must pay attention to whether they give up too many individuals when they work for the group? Therefore, when choosing a career, you should choose a job that does not suppress your personality traits, and at the same time achieve a balance between freedom and responsibility. They shouldn’t give up their spiritual pursuits, let alone sacrifice themselves for work.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Everyone born on January 3 is affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. People dominated by the number 3 usually have a tendency to excel in the professional field, but when they sit in high positions, they may become very authoritarian. Since Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, people born on this day will usually know where their limitations are, and will be less likely to have unrealistic optimism due to Jupiter’s influence. Although the interaction between Jupiter and Saturn can produce ambition, it can also bring serious work and trustworthiness to people born on this day. The number 3 makes people value independence and can develop a good career; but unfortunately, they may also be buried in their work because they are too loyal to the organization they belong to.


People born on January 3 will pay attention to regular dental checkups and physical examinations. However, they are often prepared to sacrifice their health and interests for work. Therefore, they must slowly cultivate good eating habits, personal hygiene and regular sleep from a young age. Intense sports, including competitive group activities or individual sports, are helpful to them. Particular attention should be paid to skin diseases and various sensitive diseases.


You don’t always have to be on the winning side, being without weakness will not make you popular. Don’t expect everyone to be as dedicated as you, recognize and respect everyone’s differences.


Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson) Australian film actor. He has filmed the “Deadly Weapon” series of movies, and his recent works include “Knock Hunting Order” and self-directed and self-acted “The True Colors of Heroes”.

Taiwanese politician and current President of the Executive Yuan Hsiao Wanchang.

Japanese idol movie and singer Yoshida Eisaku, masterpiece “Station Story”.

American film director John Sturges (John Sturges), has directed “The Heroic Seven Dragons”, “The Third Concentration Camp” and other films, and is also a well-known film producer.

Cheryl Miller (Cheryl Miller) American basketball star, has won the college basketball star player three times, and has led the US team to an Olympic gold medal.

British arranger and pianist George Martin (George Martin), is the producer of the Beatles and the president of A&R recording company.

Italian film director Sergio Leone (Sergio Leone), specializes in directing the stories of American western cowboys, such as “Good People”, “Bad Men and Ugly Girls”, “Once Upon a Time in the West”.


The third card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Queen”, symbolizing creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman who has reached the limit, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and desires. When the card is upright, this card represents charm, elegance and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it means arrogance, hypocrisy and intolerance of defects.

Inspirational quote

Paying for nothing is a supreme goal.


Expressive, persuasive, and witty.


Domineering and forgetful.

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