January 31: Song of Poetry

January 31 Song of Poetry

House: 10 degrees -12 degrees Aquarius

Constellation: Aquarius II, fixed wind sign

People born on January 31 long for others to listen to their voices and hope to get attention from others. If they are left out for a long time, they will become very unhappy. In fact, if they can be appreciated and understood by relatives, friends and close friends, it is very important for their self-confidence and self-esteem. People born on this day communicate extensively, and if they are forced to hide themselves, they will become very depressed and unhappy. However, if they have been emotionally hurt, or their self-image has been destroyed, they need to pass a painful period of isolation. Fortunately, they can usually heal themselves quickly, and soon they can share their pleasant personalities with the world again.

Because of the happy side of nature, many people will find that even when they are really serious, others still do not take things seriously. People born on this day usually want others to care about not only their superficial qualities, but also the meaning behind them. Their secret wish is to be seen as someone with depth, while maintaining the qualities of a poet that others dream of, or having a beautiful appearance worthy of appreciation. Many people born on this day will make extreme efforts to change their image, hoping to become strong, critical, witty, or savvy, but it does not help at all. They may even behave excessively and appear to be ridiculed or humiliating, but others still like them the same, and they will always be deep in their behavior.

One of the reasons why their superficial qualities will become the focus of attention is that they are really exciting. At the beginning, other people’s attention to them may be flattering, but in some more extreme situations, it may become a little contemptuous, and they treat people born on this day as vases. It’s nothing more than a heart-pounding item. In fact, for many people born on this day, what attracts others is not only their appearance, attitude or style, but also their creative beauty, including children, commercial products, carefully cultivated talents, or Creative works. Even so, they often feel that what others really appreciate is not themselves, or what they cherish the most.

Among them, those who don’t fully like this kind of attention may not find an easy way to solve this problem. Perhaps when they are deeply frustrated, they will leave behind their best job and try something that can get the response from the victim. In fact, the solution is to try not to rely too much on other people’s views of yourself, and to muster the courage to express the thoughts and feelings deep in your heart firmly and continuously (occasionally sporadic expressions are not counted). Decide with your heart and insist on refusing to comply with other people’s own expectations in a wise and prudent manner, so that they can fully dominate everything they want.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 31 are affected by the number 4 (3+1=4) and Uranus. Because there are only 7 months in the 31-day month of the year, this is a unique birthday number, and people born on this day are usually elusive. People who are affected by the number 4 are more difficult to get along with, and sometimes it is easier to argue with others. Coupled with the influence of Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius is also Uranus), the emotional changes are very rapid and explosive.


People born on this day usually encounter setbacks in their love lives, which affect their physical and psychological health, and inevitably suffer from anxiety and depression emotional distress; at the same time, due to unconscious insecurity, low self-evaluation, Or for hidden psychological reasons, they should avoid recalling the sad past. In terms of diet, if you over diet, you may lose your appetite and suffer from anorexia, or bulimia and meet the compulsive needs of the oral cavity. If you can live with your family, your diet can be better controlled, which is as important as preparing a delicious and healthy limited diet. In the absence of severe punishment of health obstacles, regular and intense exercise modes, such as aerobic exercise, jogging, and competitive exercise, are all good considerations.


Insist that others treat you the way you want. Let the inner self shine. Cultivate true friendship and get rid of all false admirers. Look for friends who can truly share your inner life.


Franz Peter Schubert (Franz Peter Schubert) Austrian composer, wrote more than 5000 songs, 9 symphonies, died young at the age of 31.

Taiwanese actor Wang Yixian, who became popular in Hong Kong and Japan, is his representative work “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

Japanese idol actor Shingo Katori, his representative works “Minor” and “The Most Important Person”.

The poet Thomas Merton (Thomas Merton), he is also a monk of Trabish Abbey, his work is “Seven Heavens”. He has participated in contemporary movements for justice, peace, and church unity among various races.

Singer, lyrics and drummer Phil Collins (Phil Collins), works “Genesis”.

Anna Pavlova (Anna Pavlova) Soviet Russian ballet dancer is one of the famous contemporary dancers and has made great contributions to popularizing ballet art.

Movie actress Jean Simmons (Jean Simmons), once starred in “A Thousand Families”.

Baseball player Jackie Robinson (Jackie Robinson), he is the first African-American major league baseball player, once won Brooke Dodgers’ annual baseball star and the most valuable player.

Football defender Don Hutson (Don Hutson), has been elected 9 times all-around player.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Emperor”, whose main source of power is wisdom, and uses it to rule all things in the world. The status of the emperor is supreme. His authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and solid energy; when the card is upside down, it represents willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

The beauty of a song is not only in its melody, but also in the meaning contained in the lyrics.


Charming, admiring, admiring


Dependent, misunderstood, frustrated

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