July 10: Movement and stillness

July 10th movement and stillness

House position: Cancer 17°-19°

Constellation: Cancer II, the standard water sign

People born on July 10 have an eerie, detached, indifferent attitude toward life, and even when they are at their brightest and most glorious in their lives, they still have a cool look of what to do with me. People born today are receptive, protective, introspective, and extremely sensitive, even if they are quite extroverted and active. So they are mostly freaks in people’s eyes. In fact, if they are willing, they actually have a good chance of making great achievements, but they are always anticlimactic, and finally retreat to their own fortresses.

People born on this day are often discerning, they will digest and absorb the various gains from observing the external world, and at the same time reflect these fresh feelings in their work. They are super sensitive about what’s going on around them, so they prefer to keep things fairly low profile so they don’t become the center of attention. But when the work requires taking the initiative to come forward, they will also go forward with a battle of one husband and one invincible.

People born on this day always observe the world with a cold eye, so they will develop a set of their own philosophy of life, that is, a strong moral opinion should not be a necessity of human life, so their political philosophy is basically against all current system, and in the end they were seen as either saints or devils.

People born on this day are clumsy in words. They are mostly quiet and like to hide in their corners and peek at the world. Their Moon (ruler of Cancer) qualities may make them seem unusually attractive, but others find their appearance rather odd, and those around them are either attracted to them or run away.

The more conservative of them lead a very modest, no-name life. Their way of escaping the world is to keep others from seeing them. But there are special stages in their lives—teenage years, mid-thirties, and especially mid-fifties—where they can terrify their family and friends with dramatic personality reversals, as they move from passive florets The cat turned into a big active tiger. In fact, this is not surprising to them, because they have been thinking about this change for a long time, and finally found an excuse for themselves to change.

People born on July 10 are not afraid to express their feelings, but generally speaking, they prefer to express it more skillfully. Sometimes they are more aware of other people’s feelings, so they simply give up their needs, delay their decisions or reduce their desires, so as not to cause others’ suffering. The spirit of sacrificing the ego and fulfilling the larger self like they do, always ends up being miserable. So they have to be careful, if they keep waiting, precious opportunities won’t be waiting for them forever.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on July 10 are influenced by the number 1 (1+0=1) and the sun. The attributes bestowed by the sun are warmth and a fully developed sense of self. So most of them are doing pretty well and living a pretty positive life, but if their parents are overly protective or controlling, they can make those positive traits irretrievable, so while they seem docile, But don’t be fooled by their appearance. In fact, they are so stubborn that it is difficult to force them to do anything. While the number 1 usually implies ambition, those born today tend to express this in a calm or secretive way, due to relationships influenced by the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer.


People born on July 10 should be careful not to take it lightly or indifferently when they are ill, especially when they are chronically ill. Therefore, regular health check-ups should be done, or continuous massage, private consultations, and other means of preventing diseases can also have the same effect. People born on this day are mostly open to the food offered by others, but they had better learn to cook by themselves, so that they will be forced to take the initiative to control their diet. As for exercise, only moderate ones, such as walking and swimming, are more suitable for them.


Trying to take on some more active roles in life, shyness is a barrier to self-expression. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong or look like a fool. Throw away the illusion of safety in judging things from a distance.


J.M.Whistler was an American painter who participated in the Impressionist, Expressionist and Art Nouveau movements, best known for his paintings of night scenes and portraits of his mother.

Taiwanese actor Qin Han, a well-known niche in the 1970s literary and artistic films, and then continued to become popular in Qiongyao TV series, his masterpiece “Several Sunsets Red”.

Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, one of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, has the reputation of “God of Songs”, with the “Kiss Goodbye” album, which sold one million for the first time, and starred in the Cantonese musical “Snow Wolf Lake”.

Taiwanese novelist Guo Lianghui, whose masterpiece “Heart Lock” challenged taboos was a sensation.

Camille Pissaro, a French Impressionist painter, whose painting style was deeply influenced by Corot, also tried pointillism techniques. His main works include “Montmartre Avenue” and so on.

French Protestant reformer John Calvin, author of “Principles of Christianity”, once preached in Geneva.


The 10th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Wheel of Fortune”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for the change itself, there is no real and constant truth in the world. This card shows a penchant for gambling, which makes life up and down. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life is not permanent.

Inspirational quote

The path to enlightenment begins with understanding, not the end.


Patient, kind, and observant.


Procrastination, difficult to communicate, isolated.

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