July 13: Shrewd speculators

July 13 shrewd speculators

House: Cancer 20 degrees – 22 degrees

Constellation: Cancer three, the standard water sign

Those born on July 13 spend their entire lives chasing opportunities that keep popping up around them. Some of them, even though they can recognize an opportunity, always take the wrong first step and start out with confidence and then come back. However, most people can still seize the opportunity, in one fell swoop, and enjoy the bills or spiritual feast.

If people born on this day encounter failure, most of them will think that they are unfortunate, which not only affects their self-confidence, but also dooms a tragic fate in the future. Successful people, on the other hand, always think that luck will come sooner or later, and no matter how difficult or slow the current situation is, they always have confidence and self-esteem, even if the situation is very unsatisfactory.

Most people born on this day will start from the grassroots level. If they can move up slowly, they will be satisfied. In this regard, we can see them as patient and determined mountaineers who climbed to their summit step by step. But in the process of reaching the top, they sometimes have to make a big bet with the god of fate, or take out a computer to calculate clearly, so that sometimes they can even find a shortcut and succeed in one fell swoop. Fate will also reward these people for their gambler-like behavior. For example, some people dare to let go of everything, emigrate overseas, or give up their stable jobs to switch to production or new industries that are completely unrelated to them. They dare to gamble so recklessly, mostly because they believe that no matter how much they gamble, they will never lose.

People born on this day usually put their heart and soul into making a good harvest when they come up with a plan or start a business, although sometimes they fail miserably. When faced with financial difficulties or any fatal blow, their reaction is mostly to let it go and start over in other industries. They are by no means the kind of people who cry out and call their fathers and mothers.

As the family of someone born on July 13, it is imperative to have a strong heart to trust their instincts. If their partner is unable to understand or support their gambler-like behavior, the relationship may be under constant stress, and you may end up on your own path and I’ll cross my single-plank bridge.

People born on this day may be loyal friends, but they will not be the type to forgive others; in some extreme cases, they will have a very bad attitude-“Being a friend is a good thing. It’s the end, but it’s the end now”, and cut off friendship with friends. So people who make friends with them should be careful, because people born on this day don’t have much time to waste on some friends who are not on the surface.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 13 are influenced by the number 4 and Uranus. Uranus usually represents capricious and explosive qualities. Those born on July 13 are more likely to have a clear direction and will pursue their goals very patiently, and if they do not control their impulsive nature in Uranus, they will suffer from premature action. Although many people think that the number 13 is an unlucky number, if you know how to use it correctly and wisely, it will have unimaginable help; on the contrary, if you don’t use it well, it has terrible destructive power! Some people born on this day must be careful to avoid being called “unhappy ghost” by others, otherwise it will be the most terrible curse on themselves, or they will fall into the trap of self-pity. The number 4 traditionally represents treachery, special beliefs and a desire to change stereotypes, so most people born on this day are bystanders to society. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, be careful not to let your impulsive emotions get you into trouble.


People born on July 13 must be careful of the unexpected and psychological pressures they may encounter during the drastic transition. Maybe they can look at themselves objectively, but they overestimate their physical and psychological strength. It is really a pity if they collapse when they are about to achieve their goals, so they must improve their eating habits and exercise regularly in order to gradually strengthen or restore their own physical strength. Usually they are curious about all kinds of food, so if they are willing to learn, they will be the best cooks.


Waiting for a good time is in your best interest. Be like a tiger, knowing when to lurk and when to attack. Patience always pays off. Give it your all when you start moving. Not being afraid of failure is the key to your success, don’t curse yourself.


Harrison Ford is an American film actor, whose main works include “Raiders of the Ark”, “Patriot Games”, “Urgent Crisis” and so on.

Hao Bocun, a Taiwanese political figure, once served as chief of staff and chief executive.

Japanese idol singer Akina Nakamori, who became popular in the 1980s.

Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka, whose works depict the tension between the old and the new in Africa, is the first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Father Flanagan, a Roman Catholic priest, had established “Boys’ Homes” for boys who were homeless and with character problems.

British property entrepreneur and novelist John Jocob Astor Iv, who was also the inventor of the steamship turbine and bicycle brake, was killed in the sinking of the Titanic.


The most misunderstood card in the Great Arcane Tarot is the 13th card, which is “Death”. We seldom take it literally, because its positive meaning is to let go of the past, transcend limitations, and continue to grow. So, this card is to hope that people can avoid depression, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

Everything is changing, even from one second to the next.


Bold, goal-oriented and determined.


Impulsive, not easy to forgive, self-denial.

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