July 15: Substance Lord

July 15: Substance Lord

House: Cancer 22°-24°

Constellation: Cancer III, the standard water sign

Those born on July 15 have the ability to induce others and manipulate material things to achieve their goals. They tend to have amazing control over their environment, and the way they control others begins with prodding, provoking, and then slowly applying positive pressure to drive them in the right direction.

The most important issue for those born on this day is how to use various materials wisely and tactfully, these materials are all-encompassing, such as money for the rich, real estate for real estate agents, family for parents, paint and canvas. To painters, or musical instruments to musicians, etc. The subtlety of the application is based on one mind; as an artist, although the method of expression is very practical, the content of the work usually originates from the artist’s growth process, which is immaterial and even quite spiritual.

The primordial drive of people born today begins with their desires, likes, and potentials, and clings to something concrete once it is available. Therefore, they must be careful to learn not to indulge themselves in pursuit of materialistic desires too much, otherwise they will easily become complacent, jealous, or indulge in all kinds of lustful pleasures.

If they channel their positive energy into the organizations they serve, they will be very welcome members. Because they like to share wealth, good fortune and material things with others, but some of them are exclusive or only share with their family members.

People born today have strange relationships with the material world, so they must think carefully about being their slaves or mastering them. The masters here are not talking about exploitative control, but interaction with their environment, where stillness and movement are equally important elements for maintaining harmony.

People born today have great responsibilities to the world, especially because they have enormous influence over others. So when these people are young, it is best to form a set of ethics and life norms according to the principles they believe in, because their influence and talents are mostly not related to morality and the like. While their sense of responsibility can relieve some negative situations, they must be careful not to take advantage of others for their own benefit, or to destroy their children, employees, or related people’s values ​​in words or actions.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on July 15 are influenced by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. These people dominated by the number 6 are magical and adored. As mentioned above, most people born on July 15 have a great influence on people and like to control others. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, people born on this day become fatally attractive under the influence of the Moon and Venus, and always sway with their emotions. For them, the biggest challenge is not to be fooled by the material world. If they can make full use of this enthusiasm, first understand the conditions, then learn how to manipulate them, and finally guide their self-employed individuals into the right path, then the world will be Peaceful.


Those born on July 15 should not indulge themselves too much in any way, as this will lead to physical and psychological damage. Excessive drinking can cause liver cirrhosis and stomach ulcers, and smoking only makes these conditions worse. People born on this day can make great progress in health if they can control their emotional problems. Overeating is also one of their problems, so they should try to eat plant or low-calorie foods, including grains, fruits and fresh vegetables. People born on this day can also transfer their fascination with the nature of things to competitive, and some physical exercise (jogging, swimming, aerobic exercise), which can make them strong.


Learn to control physical abilities and make good use of them. Be careful not to get addicted, you may end up destroying yourself. Gradually grow in change. Figure out what kind of person you want to become.


Rembrandt Van Rijn, a master Dutch painter in the 17th century. His works are oil paintings and etchings. He established his status as a famous portrait painter with “Dr. Durpp’s Anatomy Lesson”, and also has masterpieces such as “Night Watch”.

British novelist Iris Murdoch, whose works mostly explore the relationship between people with keen observation and humorous brushstrokes. “Wait.

British lyricist Dorithy Fields, who is also the first female songwriter to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, is represented as “The Swallow and the Golden Gun.”

American pop singer and songwriter Linda Ronstadf, who originally sang country songs, won the 1975 Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocalist, and later sang rock, new wave and other songs. Still quite active.

French philosopher Jacquea Derrida, the founder of the deconstruction critical school, and his influential works include “Writing Linguistics”, “Writing and Distinction” and so on.

Mother Cabrini is a Catholic missionary and founder of a welfare institution, an orphanage and the Colombian Cabrini Hospital.


The 15th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Demon”. Influenced by strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intertwined fears and desires. The devil uses man’s need for safety and money to make people his slaves through the contradictions of human nature. The positive side of this card represents sensual fascination and passionate expression, but it also reminds us: even when physically constrained. Spiritually free to fly.

Inspirational quote

Death, or extinction, does not exist.


Influential, dynamic and inspiring.


Materialist, loving control.

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