July 16: Passionate

July 16 Passionate

House: Cancer 23 degrees – 25 degrees

Constellation: Cancer three, the standard water sign

Those born on July 16 repeatedly indulge in romantic feelings, with a hopeless attachment to love, adventure, and surprising people and things. People born on this day will thrive on the exciting and fun things in life; on the contrary, the boring and ordinary things in the world will make them listless. The radiant energy makes them look different, they are born idealists, they believe in everything they do, and they believe that what they do is a kind of crusade-like dedication and giving.

The flip side of this romance is a highly developed intellectual power. Many people born on this day believe that they are the product of logic and believe that the power of reason will transcend things, but what they say and do may be two different things. If someone interprets what they’re saying, you can see the shadow of logic, but when you look at how they communicate, emotion reigns. This is because they sometimes express it like a sermon, especially when they are trying to convince others what is true or right.

Those born on July 16 are always torn between reason and emotion. For example, they may be obsessed with their own insane enthusiasm and accept rigid dogmas to regulate their energy. Unfortunately, such behavior always ends up frustrating them, and as a result, they become isolated. And they are always in a boiling state.

Many people born on this day always want to change other people’s religious beliefs or opinions, and always use their logic and enthusiasm to pull others to their side. So they must be careful not to intervene or inappropriately tell others what to believe, or deprive others of the opportunity to experience and learn for themselves.

If people born on this day are more conservative, they will find an ordinary job and live a peaceful life. But if you look at the books they read, the movies or TV shows they like, you can see their restless souls. They always hope to have their wish come true one day, or at least express it. This way, it will not be a waste of life for them.

Being in love can have a detrimental effect on them, and no matter how deeply or hundreds of times they are in love. No matter what the situation is, even if the chance is slim to one in ten thousand, it will be difficult to wake them up from their dreams. Things like obstacles, difficulties, setbacks and all that are just part of their romance routine. Once their fantasies take off, they just rush forward with their heads down. If they’re not obsessed with a person, but a place, a thing, or an experience, unless they really don’t get it or realize their absurdity, they’ll be obsessed with it for the rest of their lives without regrets. In this regard, they want to maintain their dreams, because it is the best substitute for actual action.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 16 are influenced by the number 7 and Neptune. The person ruled by the number 7 is a super dreamer, mainly due to the influence of the moon (the ruling planet of Cancer). Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, and religious feelings, and since people born on this day have a clear tendency in this regard, they must be careful not to over-fantasy. These 7-dominated people sometimes misuse money by not listening to other people’s advice, and as a result, the entire family can be left in limbo. So if you can find a good accountant or bookkeeper, it will help them a lot.


The biggest health crisis for people born on this day is their belief that the power of the mind can overcome physical insufficiency. So they have to understand that some physical discomfort must require the assistance of doctors, therapists and counselors. But we must also admit that there are times when mental strength does help them a lot, and they are less susceptible to stress. Even so, a well-designed and tailored diet and exercise routine is highly recommended.


calm down. Let the feeling come out easily, don’t suppress it. Channel enthusiasm in positive, not intrusive directions, and learn not to irritate or scare others away. Don’t make any excuses for your laziness. Stay optimistic, but don’t be too domineering.


Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer who studied medicine in his early years and then turned to seafaring expeditions, was the first person to reach the South Pole.

Taiwanese actress Yang Huishan, who was famous in the film industry with films such as “Sister Yuqing” and “My Life Like This”, later retired from the screen to study glass art creation, and is now one of the leaders of Liuli Workshop.

Israeli-American violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman, best known for his interpretation of Elgar’s Concerto, also plays the viola.

Andrea del Sarto, a Florentine painter in the Renaissance, handed down his paintings with church frescoes.

Ginger Rogers (Ginger Rogers) Broadway dancer and film actress Ginger, who mostly performed with Freyastein in the early days, won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1940 with “Long Live a Woman”.

Bella Davidovich, a Russian-born female pianist, received formal musical training at the age of six, and performed Beethoven’s piano concerto in C major at the age of nine.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Tower”, in which the king falls from the tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder is killed by a blow to the head. Towers not only symbolize the temporality of reality, but also the fluidity of relationships and occupations; these changes are often sudden and rapid. When the card is upright, it means that it can accept setbacks and overcome challenges bravely; when the card is upside-down, it means being complacent, self-inflicted and addicted to illusory imagination.

Inspirational quote

The world is like thick soup, you and I are both floating and sinking in the bowl.


Loyal, enthusiastic, like to teach others.


Repressive, unrealistic, pan-moral orientation.

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