July 18: The microphone of public opinion

July 18 The microphone of public opinion

House position: Cancer 24 degrees – 26 degrees

Constellation: Cancer three, the standard water sign

People born on July 18 are often able to clearly reflect the true thoughts of group members, so it is logical to become the group’s recommended spokesperson. They always put the interests of the group first, so no matter whether people born on this day are politically active or not, they always have clear standards and ethics in their hearts and know what to do next.

Because of their great inclusiveness and influence, people born on this day are both in small groups (such as families, clubs, or local societies) or larger organizations (trade unions, political groups, or government agencies). The ideal substitute. Sometimes these people even become spiritual symbols of the group, so if they know how to maintain a certain relationship with their families, voters, and colleagues, they may one day become very powerful figures. If they are left out of the group, they may feel heartbroken, grief-stricken, or even go through a horrific crisis, and then they’ll look at what they’ve done wrong.

Most people born on July 18 love to force others. If they have the courage and the spirit of adventure, and dare to break away from the worship of the group, they may benefit greatly from this, but it may also be a challenge to their nature. Because when in a group, the freedom of thought, action and choice of individuals is always limited by the ethics of the group to which they belong, so they have to work within the constraints or express their creativity within a limited scope. When the group is far from its own values, and they also believe that the group’s decision or behavior is unfair, they will bravely stand up against the group’s repression. In this they are courageous and will not surrender until the last minute.

People born on this day always have a messed up private life because of work. They need to know that if they don’t spend enough time with their partners and children, the results will be disastrous. Many people born on this day have excellent social relationships, but have a temperament like that of a child, so their personal relationships are mostly in trouble. They may become very dependent on their sweetheart for care and affection, and fear that they will lose them all day long. The problem is that if they don’t contribute the same amount of time and attention to their loved ones, they’re going to tell them Shayona. People born on this day must learn to face problems in private life, just as they do in public, and should not hold the idea of ​​putting problems aside for now and dealing with them when they are free.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on July 18 are influenced by the number 9 (1+8=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a strong influence on other numbers. After adding any number, the two numbers obtained will return to the original number, such as 5+9=14, 1+4=5; in multiplication, any number Multiplying a number by 9 will result in 9, for example, 9*5=45, 4+5=9, so people born today have the ability to influence those around them. Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, people born today have the characteristics of the moon and Mars combined, so they will have a bad habit of being petty and emotional and like quarrels, and not to get entangled with other people’s emotions . The emotions of people born on this day are like a roller coaster, always up and down, and they are always swinging between passive and provocative.


People born on July 18 must pay attention to their emotional tension and anger, because no matter how they try to suppress it or express it violently, it will seriously affect their physical health. Another is when they are frightened but pretend to be calm, burying all their feelings deep in their hearts. But whether it is intentional to control his own consciousness or emotions is harmful to the body, so he had better seek the help of psychological generation in order to balance it. Since they long for a happy family, the comfort and comfort of home and a variety of delicious food are the best way to settle them down. Appropriate daily exercise is essential.


Don’t get dizzy. Find ways to understand your emotions and express them in simple ways. You will not always be indispensable. Try to be honest about your relationships. Don’t be afraid of being rejected.


Nelson Mandela, the president of South Africa, dedicated his life to promoting anti-apartheid policies and served as president of the African National Congress. He was released after being imprisoned for 20 years, and won the Nobel Peace Prize with De Clarke in 1993.

The Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, whose representative works include “The Third Snow”, “Jima Station” and “Niangzi Valley”, has attracted widespread attention and criticism because of his political views and anti-Semitism.

American figure skater Dick Button is a two-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion.

Peace Pilgrim is a famous rover who traveled more than 25,000 miles across Africa in 20 years to deliver his message of peace.

Norwegian diplomat Vidkun Quislin, a fascist believer who collaborated with the Nazis to become prime minister during World War II, was later arrested and executed for treason.

The Victorian writer William Makepeace Thackeray explored social phenomena from the perspective of a housekeeper, thus developing the theme of British power, and authored books such as “The World of Flash” and “The Newcombs”.


The 18th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Moon”, which mainly represents the world of dreams, emotions and subconsciousness. The image of the moon is traditionally the embodiment of female power and emotion. Therefore, the meaning of standing upright is sensitivity, understanding and empathy. The handstand is emotionally submissive, passive, and lacking in ego.

Inspirational quote

The individual is small, the universe is vast. But each individual is also a universe of its own.


Courageous, dedicated and active.


Suppression, self-limitation, and immortality.

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