July 2: Unorganized subconscious

July 2 Unorganized subconscious

House: Cancer 9°-11°

Constellation: Cancer 1, the standard water sign

People born on July 2, like all emotional people, are always able to accept and accept the emotions of others. Most of them have two types, one type hides emotion and the other type expresses it violently. So if you are a repressive person, you should learn to relax; while an extroverted person should try to ease their abundant emotional frenzy.

Most people born on this day lack self-confidence and doubt their own abilities. But others may not feel this insecurity because they are mostly accomplished. People born on this day hide their emotions mainly because they don’t want to be a burden to others. For them, trying to clear their doubts can be a personal matter, and they are unlikely to seek outside assistance.

People born on July 2 live a very imaginative life, but unfortunately they mostly see such activities as a subconscious daydream and never see them as constructive activities. But if you want to truly understand yourself, the key is to face up to the impact of your subconscious fantasies on your emotions and self-image. In other words, they should try to get their conscious and subconscious to make friends and get to know each other. This type of self-examination takes time and energy, but people born on this day often prefer to spend their time on other insignificant life chores. If they’re willing to invest their time in self-development, they can go a long way in health and work, go further, and even change their entire life! Indeed, most of their social success is due to their ability to perfectly combine the imaginary world with the real world.

The partner of a person born on this day plays an important motivating role in the process of getting to know your inner self. The emotions of these people are so rich and profound that they deserve to be stimulated and induced; but they are also very sensitive and tend to overreact to feelings of conflict, accusation, or blame. Precisely because of their sensitivity, they must remove their protective armor rather than being pierced, but this does require tremendous patience and self-understanding.

As for outgoing people, their good intentions may be misunderstood by their overly emotional displays, and as a result, they become confused. This type of person may not be able to deal with the aggressive behavior of others, and when confronted with a conflict, they sometimes react immediately, but most often retreat. In fact, if they learn how to balance their emotions and imagine the world, they can exude a stable temperament and be loved by others.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 2 are influenced by the number 2 and the moon. Most of these people with number 2 traits are good partners and partners, but not good leaders. This passive trait is especially seen in introverts; but for extroverts, passive tendencies are a brake pad on their original motivation or behavior, and thus often frustrate them. This situation is more due to the influence of the Moon (the ruling planet of Cancer), which makes them tend to be thoughtful and passive. This Moon and Number 2 quality can often be seen in the second child in the family – a child who is more likely to obey the older siblings.


Extroverted people born on this day are mostly hysterical and prone to anxiety and anxiety. Introverts are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases because of suppressed emotions. They all have to be lured by small drugs, and an inattentive one is likely to engage in harmful behavior. For those born on this day, the expression of caring, whether on a physical or spiritual level, has a profound impact on their health. A partner who is calm, understanding, and patient can be very helpful to them, especially someone who can calm them down. They are also strongly advised to engage in proper exercise and establish regular and prudent eating habits.


Connect with your imaginary world, see how it goes against your emotional nature, and use it to solve emotional problems. Balancing the inner and outer worlds seeks to effectively meet the needs of others.


Hermann Hesse is a German novelist and poet. With beautiful and lyrical brushwork, he depicts the pursuit of intellect and soul in the heart of human beings. He is the author of “Song of the Wanderer”, “Wolf of the Wild”, “Wandering Youth”. ” and other classic masterpieces, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

Soviet microbiologist Selman Abraham Waksman discovered antibiotics while doing soil research.

Imelda Marcos, the wife of the Philippine dictator President Mark, and a former “Miss Manila”, also ran for the presidency, but failed miserably.

Richard Lee Betty, also known as “King Richard”, is a racing legend, seven-time Dayton 500 winner, seven-time NAMA champion, and the first to win a million dollars racing driver.

Famous model Jerry Hall is the wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

German epic and lyric poet Frederick Theophilus Klopstock is famous for his three poems “The Savior”, which have been translated into 17 languages.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Priestess”. She sits on the throne and looks calm and unfathomable. She possesses a spirituality that allows hidden powers and secrets to emerge and in turn give people this knowledge. So when the card is upright, it is quiet, intuitive, reserved, and cautious. When the card is upside down, it means secrecy, suspicion, indifference and slowness.

Inspirational quote

Our shadows are not used to scare ourselves, but to help us understand ourselves better.


Imaginative, responsible and fun.


Insecure and easily anxious.

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