July 20: Ups and downs

July 20 Ups and downs

House: Cancer 26 degrees -28 degrees

Constellation: Cancer Leo, the standard water sign

Those born on July 20 are likely to lead a life of ups and downs, including their careers, emotions, families, social lives, as well as dreams and interests. Just as nature has four seasons, so there are such fluctuations in their personalities.

To really understand them, one should look at them in terms of “transition”, as they often move from one stage to another. Strictly speaking, they cannot be defined by ups, downs, losses, wins, or both, but rather by “actions” themselves – they are always moving forward. So what the future can be is more important to them than what it is now. Such people are extremely dynamic and non-static. Because they change states so often, personalities can be quite unstable – like radioactive material. But they continue to grow in this process of rapid change, and find balance and peace in it. It can be said that it is living proof that the center of a hurricane is the calmest place.

While the most successful of them can have inner peace and quiet, they must be careful—especially when overwhelmed by social status and wealth—not to become so complacent that they stagnate. You should keep striving towards higher and more challenging peaks, while maintaining inner balance, so that you can make a positive contribution to yourself and society. It is easy for them to be over-aggressive on the one hand, and arrogant and indomitable on the other, both of which are harmful to them, so try to return to reality and correct these two shortcomings.

Whether it’s a marriage with someone born today, or any form of partnership with them, you’re lucky. Because whether it is life or work, they are absolutely reliable partners. But get to know them very well and be patient, as it usually takes a long time for them to get what they really want.

Oddly enough, people born today often feel lost at the moment of success. Perhaps they prefer to accept the temper of failure and setback, because this kind of experience can completely change their life. As we have repeatedly emphasized, such people must never feel too “comfortable” or too “satisfied” with their abilities and achievements, otherwise it is over, and they may be too lazy to move. For those close to them (friends, partners, lovers, children), it is really difficult to accept that someone likes to “struggle and struggle” so much, and may not be willing to sacrifice happiness and embrace pain to pursue growth with them. But people born today just can’t be content with an ordinary and comfortable life. If they can find the stimulation and challenge they crave at work or in life, they may be able to find a balance between seeking and owning. Otherwise, they will most likely be suffocated by “ordinary satisfaction”.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 20 will be influenced by the number 2 (2+0=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 tend to be gentle and imaginative. Criticism or neglect from others often breaks their hearts. They are easily provoked and take a defensive stance all of a sudden. They are often sensitive, emotional, and soft-hearted, so they tend to be erratic. Since they are again Cancer (ruled by the Moon), this characteristic is even stronger.


People born on July 20 should be careful not to let themselves overstretch their strength and damage their bodies. They often forget that there is a limit to human physical strength, and expose themselves to dangerous situations that may cause accidents or chronic diseases for a long time. In this regard, follow the advice of your doctor and friends. You are not professional athletes, just do moderate physical activity, and don’t work hard. Also, be sure to resist drug dependence, as the emotional ups and downs caused by chemicals can make them addictive. In terms of diet, you should strive for variety, so as not to be too obsessed with any one food.


Don’t covet the comfort in front of you and make compromises, look farther, listen to the voice within, it can tell you what you need at least. Learn how to maintain peace of mind. If you don’t dare to move forward and climb the peak, at least you should be satisfied and happy with what you have now.


Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand explorer and mountaineer, in 1953 with the Sherpa guide (Sherpa is a people living in the high mountains of northern Nepal, also an excellent mountaineer) Tenzing Norgay. Man, became the first person to climb to the top of Mount Everest. He is also a writer and author of “School-house in the Clouds.”

Taiwanese singer Luo Dayou, who changed the face of popular music with songs such as “The Who You Are” and “The Orphan of Asia”, went to Hong Kong to set up a “Music Factory” and produced songs such as “Queen’s Road East” and “Comrade Lover”.

Carlos Santana is an American guitarist and songwriter.

Italian love poet and writer Francesco Petrarch, an advocate of Italian poetry, had a profound influence on the history and development of European and British poetry.

German expressionist painter Max Lieber-mann is the spokesman for German impressionist painters and the first artist who systematically and creatively responded to French realism and impressionism.

American epidemiologist William Hammon, who uses globulin to prevent polio.


The 20th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Judgment”. This card encourages those involved to put aside material constraints and seek a higher spiritual life. The pattern on the card is an angel blowing a trumpet, symbolizing a new day with heavy responsibility. This card has the positive qualities of transcending one’s self and exploring infinite potential. As for the negative metaphor, the trumpet sound is mostly announcing good news but not bad news. It is easy to indulge in the pursuit of joy and lack the ability to face sadness.

Inspirational quote

Usually only two kinds of people at a table get good food: those who eat fast and those who are hungry.


Adventurous, energetic and practical.


Impatient and never satisfied.

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