July 21: The soul of sorrow and joy

July 21 The soul of sorrow and joy

House: Cancer 27 degrees – 29 degrees

Constellation: Cancer Leo, the standard water sign

Even with all their efforts to avoid trouble, people born today will be safe from the sky before long. For some reason, there is always a storm waiting around them, and it’s a mixed blessing. Amazingly, even the mild-mannered goodies had the same experience, as if something exciting or unforeseen was destined to happen uninvited. Of course, for the better people, some of them are indeed caused by themselves.

Seeing things from different angles is their specialty, and they will express this specialty vividly and vividly with keen wisdom. Yet he is not only a strong debater, but also a good facilitator, mediator and peacemaker. The reason why they have this ability is because they advocate that everyone is equal and that even bad people enjoy human rights. This concept has taught them the ability to see things from both sides. They see conflict as a regular occurrence, so situations that are stressful to others may be trivial to them, and they often use their good sense of humor to clear the impasse in two or three strokes. Although sometimes their mood fluctuates greatly, they are still able to remain calm without being affected by external emotions. However, they are indeed the same as Mencius. Although they say in their mouths: “Is it easy to argue, I have to do it”, but in their hearts they like to argue.

People who were born today have a deep love for the present, the excitement of performing in front of the public. Most of them are bodies, and they are heavy metal. However, the more cultivated among them will eventually purify this frantic body movement into the pursuit of spiritual connotation. Those who do not seek growth may indulge in escapist life such as physical pleasures, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs, or live a life that is called seclusion but is actually autistic. On the extreme side, they pursue sensory stimulation all day long, and even live impatiently, and there are many people who always want to fetter themselves.

They are often fascinated by all kinds of exciting things, and it is especially enjoyable for them to get involved with people. So war or war games, debate conventions, case investigations, spy stories, detective novels, horror movies or roller coasters all have a fatal attraction to them.

The headache is that those born on July 21 may let irritating emotions interfere with their lives and those around them. If it is serious, it will cause others to respect ghosts and gods and keep them away, and they will be listed as households that refuse to communicate with each other. But in general, they are quite popular in the social circle, because when they are there, it is guaranteed to be a good show, and there is no cold scene. But they must be careful not to always disagree with other people’s opinions, and even sneer at the good words of relatives and friends and oppose it to the end. Otherwise, sooner or later, people will think that you are simply an unreasonable guy who opposes for the sake of opposing it.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 21 will be influenced by the number 3 (2+1=3) and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 are usually more ambitious, even a bit dictatorial, so be careful not to be overbearing by being argumentative (this is by accepting Leo and being influenced by its ruler, the Sun), or by Influenced by the optimism of Jupiter, it has become fanciful and unrealistic (the quality of daydreaming is influenced by the Moon ruling Cancer). People who are influenced by the number 3, especially those born today, are prone to making enemies because they have a tendency to inspire hostility in others.


Many people born today like to live a life of intemperance, as if the end of the world is imminent, and are therefore often faced with perilous situations, such as drinking and driving. Even the most conservative of them all have absolute confidence in their own body and health. They think that the so-called “prevention is better than cure” is nonsense, and they have their own “health regimen” from the book. In terms of diet, people born today are not only delicious, but also especially like to eat strange things .Because they have a tendency to overdo everything, once they are addicted to eating or drinking, something will definitely go wrong. Don’t expect them to develop regular exercise habits, they don’t believe this.


Resist the urge to take risks. Opinions contrary to yours may also have reference value, so don’t turn a deaf ear. Explore and strengthen your inner strength. As you get older, you should shift the emphasis on the faculties to the pursuit of spiritual growth.


Ernest Hemingway is an American exiled short story writer, journalist, and a Nobel Prize-winning novelist. Adventure-like life, and finally committed suicide.

Russian-American violinist Isaac Stern plays a wide range of repertoires and performs well in various styles. When he came to Japan for the third time, the music critic Hideki Yoshida said: “From the perspective of the various pleasures of the violin, Stan is probably the only one who can be perfect in all aspects!”

Robin Williams (Robin Williams) is an American TV and film comedian, who has performed in films such as “Spring Breeze”, “Jumanji”, “Good Will Hunting” and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Czech-British film director Carl Reisz, whose works include “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, “Peerless Beauty” and “Who Can Stop the Rain?” “Wait.

Baron Paul Julius Bon Reuter, born in Germany, is the founder of Reuters News. He insisted that news coverage be completely objective and that the reporter’s name should be written at the beginning of each story.


The 21st card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The World”, on the card there is a goddess running with a scepter, she has endless power, and she travels through the world to show the truth. This card says that nothing is attainable on this planet. When the card is upright, this card represents good pay and integrity; when the card is upside down, it represents great obstacles, mental distraction, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

It is the fundamental law of the universe that everything moves with the times.


Brave, exciting, and energetic.


Addictive, self-destructive, and argumentative.

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