July 23: Resolves uncertainty

July 23 resolves uncertainty

House: 29 Cancer – 1 Leo

Constellation: Leo Cancer, fixed fire sign

Those born on July 23 face recurring uncertainties throughout their lives. Those with aptitude and intelligence will eventually solve the problem of uncertainty, find a reliable harbor in personal life, and guide others with professional ability. But those less qualified suffer from periodic identity crises, resulting in deep self-doubt and a high degree of self-critical attitude.

Basically, people born today are traditionalists, and although they may come up with new ideas, they are still deeply conservative. Whether in areas such as personal interests, careers, hobbies, or the arts, they will try to understand the ins and outs of the field as much as possible to remove the uncertainty. These people always have an attitude of breaking the casserole and asking to the end about anything they don’t understand, and will never give up until they get it straight. From private investigations or police investigations, to scientific research or social service work, you can see that they put this spirit of investigation into full force.

Also, people born today have deep-rooted prejudices about the world. As a result, they hide their emotions from people who don’t know what’s going on. In fact, they sometimes suffer from physical and mental incoordination or drug addiction due to repressed feelings. They are more concerned with their inner emotional state, and less interested in intellectual issues of the external world.

Since people born on this day usually have a tendency to explore the soul and religious piety, learning some meditation methods will be of great help to their physical and mental health. However, if the blind pursuit of external achievement, thus harming the integrity of the inner life, will only bring them more and more serious tension and pressure.

But retreating and escaping is not the way to go, and efforts should be made to reconcile the differences between external social activities and inner emotional life, so that they fit into one. In most cases, a lover, spouse or friend with whom they have a long-term close relationship can provide them with a bridge to the world. Needless to say, in doing so, they run the risk of becoming overly dependent on these people. But this is not a one-sided profit. They are also good teachers and good friends for others: their ability to solve problems, their heart, their kindness, and their humanitarian feelings are all very valuable qualities to others.

As mentioned earlier, no matter how developed the inner self of people born on this day is, they will always be plagued by self-doubt periodically. But the first time when they tackled this aspect, they came out stronger and took a big step towards self-practice. If you can share your rich, wonderful and life experiences with others, it will not only benefit them greatly, but others will sincerely thank him for it. So a job as a social worker, psychologist, lawyer or doctor couldn’t be better. Those born on July 23 who have experienced major emotional trauma have a deep understanding of the process of being hurt and recovered, so that even when they are still in the stage of healing and pain relief, they can help others solve their troubles. . Getting along with them is a matter of reciprocity, others can get practical help from them, and they can also gain gratitude from others. People born today are rich in emotions, passions, and human struggles, which make interacting with them quite meaningful.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 23 will be influenced by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. Since Mercury is fickle and quick-witted (the Sun-ruled Leo has given them higher mental abilities), they may enjoy changing their minds and their surroundings frequently. One must beware that life is so rational that it wipes out all the good qualities of emotion, intuition, spirit, etc. People affected by the number 5 will not suffer for long and recover quickly if they encounter setbacks in their lives. The number 23 is associated with all kinds of strange things, and for those born on July 23, it is just right to satisfy their personality who likes unusual experiences.


As mentioned earlier, people born on July 23 are prone to physical and mental incoordination and drug addiction. Although improvement can be achieved with psychotherapy or counseling, eradication requires a little more effort to unravel your complex personality. Don’t take over-the-counter medicines, especially those with alcohol. Antidepressants prescribed by your doctor should also be taken with care. In addition, due to their high interest in a variety of different cuisines, they have a rich and wonderful diet, which is quite beneficial to their health. Since it is an unparalleled joy for them to share food with others and bring happiness to others, if they are not yet a master of cooking, they must learn it very quickly. They long to feel needed and valued by others. In terms of exercise, moderate exercise is more appropriate, such as walking, cycling, playing tennis or swimming occasionally.


Don’t think that you are superhuman and can help all people with their problems. Take your time with your own troubles (but don’t go overboard). It’s also good to let things take their course, and don’t take everything on your own. It’s not good to be critical and suspicious all the time, just turn a blind eye occasionally.


Emil Jannings is a German film and stage actor, a superstar of the silent film era, famous for his participation in the “expressionist films” of the 1920s, and won the first award for “Blood Road” and “The Last Order”. Academy Award for Best Actor.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Wu Sikai is well-known for his songs such as “Special Love to a Special You” and “Dancing to the Moonlight”.

Japanese architect Arato Isozaki.

Former German Chancellor Gustav Walter Heine-mann.

James Fitzsimmons, American horse trainer, has won more than 2,000 races with his horses, including two trebles.

American horror writer and playwright Raymond Chandler, known for his grim, literary crime novels, and the hero Marrow, a private detective. Author of “Long Night Dreams and More”, “Long Farewell”, “Killer in the Rain”.


The fifth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Pope”, who is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The knowledge of the Pope is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, it means full of confidence, no doubts, and a correct understanding of things; when the card is upside down, it is preachy, high-pitched, and assertive.

Inspirational quote

Any action must contain uncertainty.


Compassionate, sharing, humanitarian.


Depressed, prone to self-doubt, too vulnerable.

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