July 26: Born Prophet

July 26 Born Prophet

House: Leo 2°-4°

Constellation: Leo 1, fixed fire sign

People born on July 26 have a strong desire to dominate, but their authority is rarely derived from superior material or economic conditions, but is based on the understanding of social truth, and not only understanding, they also make this understanding into concrete. action. When they analyze and comment on an event, they usually know exactly what they are talking about because their knowledge is rooted in actual experience (often including a deep understanding of the context of the event). Those who are born today are even seen as prophets in certain aspects, and they will continue to spread information unknown to ordinary people to those who are willing to listen.

People born today have a tendency to develop in one direction, and they believe that rather than exploring various forms of different experiences broadly, they should focus their efforts on a single important area of ​​study. They will put everything they know about life into this special field and interpret it from the perspective of this field. Many people born on this day have considerable influence on family, social circle or society as a whole, because they can say what people want to say, even in an outdated but valuable society such as thrift, hard work, temperance, etc. Typical symbol of value. However, getting too involved in this role has a detrimental effect on them personally, because they may not have time to listen to their more emotional needs and develop a full personality. At some point in their lives, they may have to step down firmly from the throne of admiration and refuse to be lifted up again.

You can describe their views any way you want, but you can never say they are conservatives. They often espouse radical ideas and viewpoints, rousing defenders of the status quo against them. Fortunately, they have strong self-confidence. No matter how big the opposition is, they will stick to it and never waver.

They are arguably natural gamblers, destined to be drawn to difficult, even dangerous situations. When the things they were involved in became more and more difficult, they tended to persevere, even risking their lives, and they would never give up unless they had to settle the matter satisfactorily. They have abundant talent and endurance, and the combination of the two is incomparably powerful. It is no wonder that they are able to turn the corner and break through the difficulties every time.

People born today will not whitewash peace, they will tell the truth directly and frankly. Sometimes, in order to defend the “truth”, even if you offend your own people, you will not hesitate to do so. However, if people who have a birthday today can spend some time and effort to discover their emotional side with blood and tears, understand and sympathize with others, and restrain their aggression, they will definitely be able to show the best part of their inner self.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 26 will be influenced by the number 8 and Saturn. Saturn has a strong sense of duty and with it comes prudence, moderation and fatalism. So it is exactly what the conservative today-borns mean. People affected by the number 8 may be genuinely enthusiastic on the inside, but their exterior can show a little bit of aloofness and alienation. They will also carefully plan their life step by step and open up a life path, especially when it comes to money, they will be more careful. The combined influence of Saturn and the Sun (ruler planets in Leo) will make them more enthusiastic, but strangely, they lack true self-confidence, so under the guise of bravado lies a fragile heart.


Due to the active personality, those born on July 26 must maintain a good physique, otherwise they will be exhausted and unable to hold on. It is very difficult for them to maintain regular sleep and adequate nutrition without stopping. Whether male or female, sexual satisfaction and the feeling of being loved are very important to those born today. Lack of sex, in addition to causing them psychological frustration, may also cause minor physical disorders. People born on July 26 are rarely carnivorous, they are very fond of vegetarian food, and they can eat a fruit-like diet with relish. Such eating habits are more suitable for gentle exercise, such as walking and swimming. Most importantly, in order to maintain your mental health, make a few close friends with whom you can share your inner feelings.


Take it easy on yourself once in a while, and in the same way, let others go. Remember, you’re just part of a group, don’t take yourself too seriously. To cultivate humility and humanity.


Carl Gustav Jung is a Swiss psychologist, psychiatrist and author, author of Psychological Types. In contrast to Freud’s view, he believed that there was a subconscious archetype in the human consciousness.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Tong Ange became popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait with love songs such as “Actually You Don’t Know My Heart”.

Film director Edwards (Blake Edwards), representative of the “Pink Panther” series and “Breakfast in Tiffany”. Later, she married Julie Andrews, the heroine of the film The Truth, the Good and the Beautiful.

Stanley Kubrick is a master director of American films, and his classic works include sci-fi movies such as “Code Four”, “2001 Space Voyage” and “A Clockwork Orange”.

Irish playwright, novelist, music critic and socialist George Bernard Shaw was also a master of humor and was known for being active and eloquent. Representative works include “Joan of Arc”, “Flower Girl”, “Man and Superman” and so on.

The British novelist Aldous Huxley was widely known for his satire novels in the early days, and later for his famous science fiction novel Brave New World.


The 8th card of the Great Arcane Tarot represents “Justice” and it depicts a graceful queen taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician who can harness uncontrollable energies and represents moral and physical superiority. When the card is upright, this card represents personal charisma and the determination to pursue success; when the card is upside down, it is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

A tree has many leaves and branches, but only one trunk.


Energetic, influential and charismatic.


Provocative, ruthless, difficult to get along with.

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