July 27: Decision maker

July 27 Decision maker

House: Leo 3°-5°

Constellation: Leo 1, fixed fire sign

Those born on July 27 find themselves constantly making decisions for others, and these decisions are likely to include establishing theoretical structures, work organizations, social groups, or leading a family. This is because people born on this day are very good at scheduling work schedules, deadlines, and dealing with various staffing issues.

Problems arise, however, when these savvy planners have to make personal or emotional decisions for themselves. Because they are too involved in the organization or career, they often neglect to organize their inner “home”, just like a plumber who can help others handle plumbing problems very well, but ignores the plumbing in his own home. .

For those born on July 27, the hardest decision to make is to let go of their talents in organizing and serving others, which is one of the reasons for their success (by social standards). Perhaps other organizations or companies, knowing their strengths, will try to entrap them; however, when they make secondary events their first priority in life, a crisis arises. Because this type of action is usually accompanied by a very strong emotional investment, and even requires people’s wholehearted dedication, however, is insensitive. Worrying about giving up on what’s most important, or doubting their ability to do well, often deprives them of real motivation.

In addition, whether men or women, people born on this day have a tendency to be too temperamental or aggressive, which will undoubtedly have a bad effect on physical health and even frighten those around them. . They either channel their excess energy and pursue performance in group or individual work; or they suppress their aggression, which recurs in sudden bursts. Interestingly, beneath their self-confident exterior lies an unknown shyness, and this shyness is accompanied by a lingering sense of fear.

Therefore, for those born on July 27, their most important decisions are not made for others, but rather themselves are the most important protagonists; they must draw up a practical and career plan that can ensure spiritual prosperity and work success, Or tell yourself honestly what type of people they are happy to meet and associate with. Unless they find that they have a genuine passion for life and are willing to devote all of their energy to making difficult choices, they are doomed to stick to a secure career or living environment – just living by and staying the same. But at the same time, he is eager to escape this monotonous life. In order to stay true to themselves and live the life they really want to live, they have to have a lot of courage, but as long as they put in the action, the rewards will be relatively impressive.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 27 will be influenced by the number 9 (2+7=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a great influence on other numbers (after adding 9 to any number, adding the tens and the ones digit equals the original number, e.g. 5+9=14, 4+1=5; After the number is multiplied by 9, the addition of two-digit numbers will also equal 9, for example, 9*5=45, 4+5=9). Similarly, people born on this day also have a profound influence on the people around them. . Mars is an energetic and aggressive planet that also represents masculine energy (enhanced by the Sun ruling Leo), so a July 27-born woman would seem like a terrific sight for traditionally-minded women in general. Domineering over the head.


Because they usually work in an organization, those born on July 27 will lead a fairly regular life and can schedule their meals, exercise and sleep regularly. Those with good physical strength are advised to engage in sports that require a lot of energy, such as mountain climbing, or even competitive team sports. Nutritious, balanced meals are of great help to their health. People born on this day have cyclical mental disorders that are very difficult to deal with on their own, especially when faced with emotional problems they have never dealt with. Try to seek advice from a psychiatrist or close friend, as they can give caring and objective advice.


Face your true needs and desires. Don’t worry too much about your own problems. Try to be honest with yourself and don’t suppress your true feelings. Instead of trying to control everything rationally, learn to let things happen naturally.


Sir Joshua Reynolds was an English portrait painter. He was the most important painter in England at the end of the 18th century, famous for his attempts to embody the “sublime style” in his portraits, elevating the status of British artists.

Hong Kong action movie star Yuan Biao, known for films such as “Tibetan Boy”, once became an iron triangle with Shi Hong Jinbao and Jackie Chan.

French playwright and novelist Alexandre Dumas Jr., the son of Alexandre Dumas, the author of “The Count of Monte Cristo”, is known for his creation of modern realistic dramas, and his representative works include “La Traviata” and “Bastard Son”.

Martin Ennals is a UK human rights advocate and leader of Amnesty International.

Hungarian-American film director Charles Vidor (Charles Vidor), he directed mostly high-quality entertainment films, especially musicals, representative works include “Cover Girl” and “Gilda” (Gilda).

Singer and movie actress Maureen McGovern.


The ninth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Hermit”. He is carrying a lamp and leaning on a cane, which represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. A hermit is a stern teacher who uses his conscience to lead people on the right path. When the card is upright, it means persistence, purpose, deepness and focus; when the card is upside down, it means being assertive, difficult to forgive others, suspicious and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

I only exist for the world – I don’t belong to anyone, especially not to myself.


Regular, bold and decisive.


Resist change, have no self-knowledge, and stick to the rules.

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