July 28 The person who pursues the first

July 28 The person who pursues the first

House: Leo 4 degrees-6 degrees

Constellation: Leo 1, fixed fire sign

People born on July 28 have a strong desire to be the best in the social circle or at work. And the way they show authority is through body language, it doesn’t matter what they say or think, it matters what they can become. Even the mildest of those born on this day, in the process of interacting with them, can find their strong desire to never be reconciled to second place. People born today can be said to be true challengers. They will not be satisfied with only surviving a storm. Their real goal is to climb to the top and become the leader of the group.

No matter where they live, from the gaming room to the bedroom to the company’s central decision-making backroom, those born on July 28 want to be winners. Of course, such people are bound to face powerful psychological challenges, and others may consider them irresponsible, or accuse them of doing anything to achieve their goals and being a sinister villain. In addition to this, they may provoke strong resentment from others once they understand their strong determination to push through the obstacles in their implementation.

People born today must develop “people skills,” including diplomacy, patience, and consideration for others, which will make it easier for them to win a place. People born on this day, if they find that their interests are closely related to the crowd, or feel that they are part of a larger group, will try to get themselves deeper into the group; on the contrary, if they resist this tendency and insist on When isolated, even the closest friends end up being strangers to them.

For those born on July 28, learning to accept failure and maintain good graces is another important topic. They must understand that doing whatever it takes to achieve an end is in fact contradicting the vast majority of human interactions. To understand this, they are bound to suffer a lot of setbacks, and since they have always been attractive and dynamic people, it is likely that they will never understand it.

In addition, those born on July 28 will face issues of trust, tolerance and love, of which love is the most difficult to achieve, but it is the most helpful to personal development. Learning to give love unconditionally and to receive love from others with an open mind is an integral part of personal growth. However, for those born on July 28, in order to learn this subject, morality must revise the cognitive model, and love cannot be regarded as a competitive pursuit, because the relationship developed in this way is only between power and rulership. A more lasting correspondence that can be shared with each other cannot be formed. After they have embraced this positive change from the bottom of their hearts, the next step is to find a partner they can trust and give.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 28 will be influenced by the number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1) and the sun. People influenced by the number 1 want to be champions, they have a clear purpose and a desire to climb to the top. People born on the ruthless day already have a strong tendency to dominate, and the influence of the Sun ruling Leo makes this trait even more obvious. Therefore, they must learn to overcome their desire for power and not suppress the ideas of others.


People born on July 28 are survival experts with super endurance, strong immunity and quick recovery even in the event of injury or accident. However, they must understand that no one is indestructible, and some chronic diseases are best prevented in advance, because prevention is better than cure. They refuse to accept their sick stubbornness. In addition, people born on this day also have the habit of resisting dietary restrictions. If you can follow the advice of a good nutritionist or family doctor, you will get great health benefits. In addition, due to their competitive nature, people born on this day are quite keen on sports, but don’t be too addicted.


Learn to give unconditionally and develop empathy and kindness. What is in the best interest of others is probably your own. “Win” sometimes becomes “lose”.


Marcel Duchamp is a French modern artist, a pioneer of creative subject matter, language and concept, and the founder of the “Dada” art movement in New York. Later, he gave up art for chess.

British children’s book author Beatrix Potter, the animals in his works are extremely vivid and natural, and the widely loved [Peter Rabbit] is created by her.

The English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, whose strong and spirit-filled lyric rhymes put him among the great modern poets.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is an American socialite who has married President John F. Kennedy and the Greek ship king Onassis. Her beauty and noble temperament won many compliments, nicknamed Jackie.

Italian conductor Riccardo Muti, also a violinist and pianist, conducted the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra and made the modern premiere of the Italian opera composer Rossini’s William Tell.

American rock and blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield.


The first card of the Great Ritual Tarot is “Magician”, which symbolizes wisdom, communication and information. The magician has a symbol of infinity on his head, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes a halo. There are many explanations for this card, one of which is that the magician realizes the nature of the endless cycle of life, and has power because of this realization. Therefore, the upright card represents diplomacy and shrewdness; the inverted card represents no scruples and speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

Infectious diseases represent a psychological need that humans need to share with others.


Active, witty and energetic.


Obtuse, closed, resisting.

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