July 29: Natural Analysis

July 29 Natural Analysis

House: Leo 5°-7°

Constellation: Leo 1, fixed fire sign

People born on July 29 are very objective, good at analyzing the personalities, potentials, moral values ​​and talents of those around them. In addition, they have a very appreciated talent, which is to accurately predict the development process of their own family, society or organization. Therefore, people born today are very suitable for jobs related to business, politics, government office or military, because they have the precise judgment to correctly assess the foreign situation or opposition.

Of course, people born on this day also have their shortcomings. For example, they are often influenced by stereotypes or preconceived notions when observing the culture, folklore and nationality of other countries. Many people born today are quite stubborn in this regard. Because of the inevitable observational blind spots in their own organizations, their observations of other groups are often much more accurate than their own. In other words, their objectivity will still be influenced by “patriotism”.

Of course, this patriotic sentiment can also be translated into other forms of loyalty, such as support for sports groups, companies, or associations. In their circle, those born on July 29 are good organizers and planners. In addition, they attach great importance to family ethics, and are often 100% supportive to their children, spouses and relatives, and are also willing to participate in various family gatherings. People born on this day are especially protective of their families, doing everything they can to protect them from material deprivation or family fragmentation.

They are often the best arbiters when confronted with disputes because of their deep understanding of group identity. Once they understand the cultural background of the counterparty’s representative or negotiator, they will immediately understand how to approach the counterparty, including all manner of appropriate etiquette. People born on this day are particularly suited to work as teachers, social workers, labor advocates or political party workers.

However, since those born on July 29 tend to put the individual under the group. Therefore, they often ignore individual differences. If you upgrade to become a parent, you must pay attention to seeing your child as a different individual and encourage your child to develop his own characteristics. Due to their natural loyalty, people born on this day may forget that they are also individuals with free will and have to be more decisive in their personal lives. Often, when they make mistakes, they say they are responsible, and when they succeed, they give credit to the group they belong to. In the long run, they are likely to lose their personal ideals or even develop their own ideology.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 29 will be influenced by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 are often good colleagues and partners, but not the best leaders, a trait that fits well with the group-oriented values ​​of today’s born, however, it can also be a hindrance to individual creativity and action , and bring frustration. In addition, this trait is accentuated by the Moon’s strong introspective and negative tendencies, yet the active side of those born today is also reinforced by the influence of the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo. In addition, the number 11 (2+9=11) makes the conceptual orientation of those born on July 29 more solid.


Some people born on July 29 worry that they will suffer from the same genetic disease as their parents or siblings, and unfortunately, they often end up with the same fate. At the same time, they may also view psychological instability, addiction, or regret as a familial inheritance. It is true that some of their diseases come from heredity, but those born on July 29 must be aware of one thing. Lifestyle and healthy life choices are the key factors, and treatment, recovery and overcoming diseases have nothing to do with genetics. It all depends on your positive attitude. People born on this day are very planned, so they will be happy to follow a specific meal schedule and sleep schedule, which is of great help in maintaining health.


Don’t treat everyone the same, remember that everyone is a different individual. Don’t ignore your own thoughts. You can be proud of the legacy left by your predecessors, but don’t bury yourself in it.


Mikis Theodorakis (Mikis Theodorakis) Greek film scorer, song composer, represented as “Zorba the Greek” (Zorba the Greek), was arrested and imprisoned as a Communist Party member during the military coup in Greece.

Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini (Benito Mussolini), when he was in power, concentrated power and tried to build an “Italian Empire”, and was assassinated by regulars.

The first jazz electric guitarist, Charlie Christian, was a member of the Benny Goodman Band.

Dag Hammarskjold, a Swiss economist, former UN secretary general and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was killed in a plane accident.

Booth Tarkington, a 19th-20th century playwright and novelist, is known for his portrayal of middle-class life in small cities in the Midwest and the West, and is the author of Penrod and Sam.

Scottish film director Bill Forsyth’s main work “Local Hero” shined at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Peter Scherer Comedy Award.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Priestess”. She sits on the throne and seems to be calm and unfathomable. She possesses a spirituality that allows hidden powers and secrets to emerge and in turn give people this knowledge. So when the card is upright, it is quiet, intuitive, reserved, and cautious. When the card is upside down, it means secrecy, suspicion, indifference and slowness.

Inspirational quote

Forget to remember, remember to forget.


Observational, loyal, conceptually oriented.


Domineering, exclusive, and self-limiting.

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