July 31: Exploring the essence of human beings

July 31 Exploring the essence of human beings

House: Leo 7°-9°

Constellation: Leo 1, fixed fire sign

Those born on July 31 are deeply intrigued by the meaning of the word “human”, and they are deeply attracted to the philosophical and moral issues of the human spirit, especially the realm of the unusual or unusual. As long as it involves various issues of human behavior, they are within the scope of their discussion, and when they discuss and study these issues, they are very lively and interesting, and there is no sense of boredom. For example, stories of persecution, imprisonment, tyranny, and torture of victims often light up the eyes of this group of people, like the waves stirred by hearing the noble sentiments of great men. However, don’t think that people born on this day are only interested in a few exceptions! In fact, they also have two brushes on the daily life, customs and habits of ordinary people.

In addition, people born on July 31 always like to “show” what they have learned to others. If you are an introvert, you may choose to “show” the ink in your stomach through written forms such as diaries, letters, and short essays, or art forms such as sketches and paintings. As for extroverts, Yu Kui directly contributes their talents through interaction with the society to benefit the crowd. In any case, you have to admit: people born on this day have quite a bit of narrative or visual talent! In addition, whether introverted or extroverted, people born today go to great lengths to push around the definition of the ideal man, woman, or ideal society.

Most people born on this day tend to be workaholics, so they are often complained by family and friends. Over time, family conflicts and crises have become commonplace for them. What is even more incredible is that many people even choose to become members of the “unmarried club” because of this. From this situation, it seems that in order to study the knowledge of “human beings” as a whole, they are forced to pass by a good marriage! What a good person who doesn’t care about the personal interests of his children.

They usually have a pragmatic view of the future, but sometimes they can be quite pessimistic. For example, when they list the people around them as failing, they become a bit like a tortoise, so how can they be happy? In fact, as long as they don’t force themselves into a dead end, this group of pragmatic people can be said to have the potential to become happy and healthy people. At the same time, they often have to remind themselves that because of their own efforts, the world can be full of hope; and the energy they spend on unpopular issues may not actually be helpful. However, perhaps as long as one can truly “do one good deed every day”, it is still possible for people born today to become the ideal person they admire.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 31 will be influenced by the number 4 (3+1=4) and Uranus. Since only seven months of the year have 31 days, it is already relatively unusual in terms of birthdays and dates, so people born on this day are also less known. People affected by the number 4 are stubborn and argumentative. Although they are very strong on the surface, in fact, when they encounter emotional hurt and rejection, they are very vulnerable inside. Uranus is explosive and fickle, a quality enhanced by the powerful influence and energy of the Sun, the ruler of Leo.


People born on July 31 have to be careful and don’t ignore their health problems. Because they are too concerned about the interests of others or intellectual issues, they are not so concerned about their own unhealthy conditions, so that they always ignore the importance of balanced and nutritious meals, adequate sleep and exercise. It is recommended that they eat more grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, consume protein in moderation and regularly, and maintain a balanced diet. They may toss and turn until dawn if they can’t get rid of distractions while sleeping. To overcome this, healthy activities such as reading, meditation, or even sex and conversation are good ideas. People born on July 31 are very interested in human action and human interaction, so they are particularly fond of team sports, but unless they are professional athletes, it is recommended that they maintain a moderate amount of exercise.


Don’t let pessimism spread unrestrictedly in your life and work. The realism you embrace should not be the only prescription for unhappiness. Feel free to share your knowledge and insights with those around you.


Jean Dubuffet is a French painter whose painting style is original and ingenious. He created the concept of rough art, first using waste to create drawings, such as newspapers, broken glass, rough plaster scraped from old walls, etc., many people consider him to be the “Pop” art of the 60s and “Dada” “Pioneer of the style. His works include “Subway” and “The Body of a Lady”.

Milton Friedman, winner of the American Nobel Prize in Frequentist Studies, advocates a free-competitive market economy and is the author of Money Mischief.

German expressionist painter and geometric artist Eric Heckel.

Evonne Goolagong is an Australian tennis star who has won two Wimbledon and four Australian Open titles.

Jacques Villon, a French cubist painter, whose works fill the gap between pure abstraction and realism in modern art, is known as “the master of Parisian painting”.

Bolivian film director Jorge Sangines, whose representative works include The Principal Enemy.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Emperor”. His main source of power is wisdom, and he rules all things in this world. The emperor’s status is supreme, and his authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and stable energy; when the card is upside down, it represents willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

Actions speak louder than words.


Strong observation, good at expressing, and visionary.


Anxiety, restlessness, loneliness.

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