July 4: the Representative

July 4: the representative

House: Cancer 11 degrees -13 degrees

Constellation: Cancer II, the standard water sign

A person born on July 4 is most fulfilled when he can represent a group he is proud of, whether that group is familial, local, racial, political, economic or social. For them, this sense of belonging is extremely important, and they rarely forget where they came from or let others forget. Therefore, people born on this day are never satisfied only by individual achievements, they like to be seen as contributing members of the group; but this does not mean that they do not like work or hate working alone. It may take a long period of solitude when they are going to develop some plans or take action, but this only happens in the larger social system.

People born on this day usually join a specific group as adults, and they are satisfied members if not the leader of the group. No matter which one they are, they are proud of it, and it is not difficult to see some clues from their early growth background.

Regular family gatherings are very important for those born on July 4th. July 4th is the Independence Day of the United States, and the celebration on this day has naturally become a big event. In fact, their patriotism is not blindly assuming “my country is right or wrong” or the like, they are more ambitious, hoping to improve their country, or provide constructive advice . But there are still a few who show indifference to political or social events.

People born on this day tend to have empathy qualities, so they are very good at touching the thoughts or feelings of others. But they are different from other types of people in that they are able to deal with personal problems in a more objective way, which they do stand out, especially when compared to the average person; however, they are only revealed to acquaintances this trait.

Many people born on July 4th appear to be more down-to-earth and simpler than they really are, but in fact they do not deliberately confuse the public. Use your strengths well. But if they try complexity. will thus limit all their efforts. Therefore, they must find a way to overcome the habits of self-centeredness, excessive pride, arrogance, and tantrums (even if it is only for themselves), and it is possible to improve to the next level.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 4 are influenced by the number 4 and Uranus. People dominated by the number 4 probably have their own special way of doing things. They are either difficult to get along with, or articulate, mainly because they see the world differently than others, especially those born on the 4th of July, and they probably don’t care if they can make a lot of money . Most of them are short-tempered and fickle due to the influence of Uranus, a trait that is especially accentuated by the strong emotional influence of the Moon (the ruler of Cancer) on Uranus.


Those born on July 4 must be careful not to overcommit themselves to work. As representatives of the group, they not only do not regard themselves as ordinary people, but also ignore their own needs, which may have a fatal impact on health. People born today must be careful about their eating habits and make sure they are getting enough fruits, vegetables and grains. As for exercise, they are more suitable for a regular, normal regimen, rather than a specially tailored exercise. Participate in a lot of team sports, just to maintain their physical fitness and coordination.


Whether in society or in the world as a whole, always be on guard against blind recognition of groups and try to remain objective and critical in this regard. Pay attention to the problems that lie beneath the identity. Remember to occasionally release yourself from the group to be yourself, not anyone else.


Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian soldier who devoted his life to the Italian liberation movement and contributed to the unification and establishment of the Kingdom of Italy.

Taiwanese actor Bago, who was born as a child star in the 1960s, came to become a TV comedian and presenter. His masterpiece “The Postman Always Rings the Right Bell”.

New England short-story writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of “The Scarlet Letter” and “Seven Corners.”

American film studio operator Mayer (Louis B. Mayer), one of the founders of MGM Studios.

Ron Kovic, an American writer, is a Vietnam veteran, peace organization and activist, and the film “Birth on the Fourth of July” is based on his story.

American composer Stephen Collins Foster, perhaps the most popular composer of the 19th century, wrote more than 200 songs.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Emperor”. His power mainly comes from wisdom, and he rules all things in the world. The emperor’s status is supreme, and his authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and stable energy; when the card is upside down, it represents willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

Maybe all things are of equal value, and no one can say that one thing is necessarily more important than that.


Loyal, giving, arrogant.


Self-centered, bragging, and indifferent.

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