July 6: Magnetic Desire

July 6 Magnetic Desire

House: 13-15 Cancer

Constellation: 2 Cancer, the standard water sign

For those born on July 6, their relationships and careers are always caught in the game of desire between men and women, and sometimes the encounters in life are as inevitable as fate, and there seems to be no choice.

People born on this day will treat the desired goal with enthusiasm, no matter what that goal is, it seems that once it is locked, it will last forever, especially the people and things that are fascinated by young people. For them, the feeling is indeed the highest guiding principle, beyond the so-called pre-planning, and there is no possibility of change. For example, they may feel that they must have another lover or friend. and is not related to any particular object or goal.

Their dangerous magnet-like desires can be described as varied and varied. When they lose the one they love, the shock, loss and despair in their hearts can cause catastrophe, and if they are too stupid to spread the risk and go all out, they may end up ignoring or missing out on other more worthwhile sacrifices. Object. As a result, they may be rooted in love for the person they once fell in love with, and regret the relationship at the same time. If they yearn for something more mundane (like sex or money), they are bound to be exposed to all kinds of human nature. But when they are caught in an abnormal relationship between men and women, they will give up their bodies and souls, and their ideals, interests and even self-esteem will be taken away by the garbage truck.

Growth is expensive. After paying the no-number fee, people born on this day finally gradually distinguish between right and wrong, and also learned valuable experience. Smarter people even learn to convert their self-employment into a positive motivator, and understand that as long as they stay at a distance from their crush, they can avoid letting it become a destructive force. They will learn that life has to go on and that they can’t be obsessed, dependent, or trapped in their own emotional abyss. They use their magical abilities to promote personal growth, learning, self-awareness, and spiritual development.

Those born on this day must be mentally prepared to face stronger challenges and responsibilities if they can detect the lust that is lurking deep in their hearts. The big lesson they learned at this point was to be caring and kind to every day, every moment, and everyone they interacted with, instead of putting all their energies on the same thing ( This invariably leads to jealousy, envy, possession and the accompanying frustration), and further, if people born on this day know how to let go, then their lives will become more open and changeable, life It won’t be so heavy to bear anymore.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 6 are influenced by the number 6 and Venus. People dominated by the number 6 have a magnet for love and admirers, and Venus is strongly associated with social interactions, so people born on the 6th will find they have little time for themselves to do their own work. , or calm down and be alone and do something about personal growth. People born on this day are more likely to let romantic and true love dominate their life.


Those born on July 6 need to take regular short breaks from work and lovers to allow themselves a chance to be alone in order to develop a sense of self-control and self-awareness. Because people born on this day are very addicted to certain things, they need to be careful not to get hooked on drugs or that sort of thing, but also to avoid becoming addicted to food and alcohol, or worse, they will refuse to take it necessary nutrients, while developing harmful eating habits. If possible, they should try to eat a variety of foods in a balanced manner, rather than obsessing over specific food groups.


Learn to let go. Embrace all kinds of new experiences and changes. Develop the willpower and insight to resist all kinds of harmful temptations. Enjoy life leisurely and relax.


Fried Kahlo, a Mexican symbolic realist painter, was born in Germany and married to Diego Rivera.

Taiwanese singer Lin Zhixuan was originally the lead singer of “Youke Li Lin”.

The Dalai Lama of Tibet fled to India in 1959.

Dutch anti-violence activist Katie ter Horst, known for her underground anti-riot movement during World War II, is known as the “Angel of Arnhem”.

Sylvester Stallone is an American film actor, known for his performance in action films such as “First Blood” and “Rocky”.

Russian pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy, who has won many international awards, is regarded as one of the best pianists since 1950.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes “love” that unites all human beings through the union of the sexes. When the card is upright, it expresses higher moral, aesthetic, and physical feelings and desires; when the card is upside down, it represents desire, dissatisfaction, sentimentality, and indecision.

Inspirational quote

I am the intersection of two intersecting lines.


Charismatic, dedicated and dedicated.


Seeds of infatuation, horns, easy to addictive.

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