July 7: Wonderful Whistleblower

July 7 Wonderful Whistleblower

House: 14°-16° Cancer

Constellation: 2nd Cancer, the standard water sign

Those born on July 7 are always repeating the whistleblower. They are eager to expose or reveal the thoughts, feelings and thoughts within all people. It might be possible to call someone born today an out-and-out “exhibitionist,” but that’s not just in the literal sense. Because they always like to expose the truth, they have many functions, from light-hearted wake-up to Roriba’s harassment, and sometimes they even give others a powerful blow.

People born today seem to be nothing special among colleagues, family and friends. Maybe they just looked a little weird, but their novel fantasies and behaviors never quieted down. The subconscious of those born on July 7 is always active, enabling them to understand all kinds of abnormal psychology and the strange big dreams in the human heart. They are like old sailors who have seen the wind and waves, and what strange things in this world can scare them.

For those born today, no matter what their occupation is, they can’t resist the urge to reveal the truth. Because they like to express their own thoughts, they naturally think that revealing other people’s thoughts is no big deal. Accused of being nosy. They also tend to intervene in things that are completely irrelevant to themselves. But people born on this day have a very private life, and their thoughts and opinions tend to have higher exposure than dirty clothes. What they generally reveal is not their own experience, but what is in their hearts, usually nothing more than their dreams and emotions.

People born today are often difficult to get along with. Their partner must really understand and accept them, otherwise it’s nothing to talk about. Their kids might call him a “dreamer,” friends call them unrealistic, and work partners see them as unreliable. Indeed, they are easily misunderstood, and strangely enough, in this competitive society, they can still be at ease and often become a driving force, either professionally or socially. However, this subconscious impulse is very unbearable, and it will bring great pressure to their “straightforward” work or image. Unless they can combine their fantasy world with their career, then they are the happiest people.

Most people born on July 7 are able to use their intuition to the fullest, so they can be a little anxious or even a little authoritarian at times. However, when they face strong men, especially when their work quality is severely criticized, they often appear confused. This situation can eventually turn into a nameless anger and resentment, and even make them retreat into their shields and then. Therefore, if people born today feel that they have been misunderstood, they must find a way to overcome their self-pity mentality, which will help to solve the predicament.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 7 are influenced by the number 7 and Neptune. Because Neptune (the watery planet that rules apparitions, dreams, and spiritual phenomena) is related to the Moon (the Moon rules inner emotions and is the ruler of Cancer), most people born today can empathize with people, but sometimes too much Love a little. The number 7 has traditionally represented a love of change and travel, and this is true for those born on July 7, who will need these kinds of changes at some point in his life, but being a Cancer, especially those born today People, sooner or later they will build a warm and sweet family.


Because of the needs of work, and because they are mostly controversial figures, people born today must take the initiative to find ways to reduce their stress, and should have regular heart, blood pressure and stomach checks. If people born today can have a stable and safe home, they can serve as a warm nest for free dreaming. Regular exercise may be irrelevant to them, so there’s no need to force them into fitness or bodybuilding, but rather a free kitchen to keep these natural foodies in high spirits.


Attempts to uncover the truth are not always welcome. Try to learn to understand how others feel. Stick to your opinion and keep working hard. Don’t let the world knock you down, others will appreciate you sooner or later.


Born in the Czech Republic, Gustav Mahler is a Jewish-Austrian composer whose works are mostly large-scale symphonies. With intricate and ingenious instruments and multiple voices, he expresses the contrast of irony, pathos, innocence and insight of modern life.

French-Italian pop designer Pierre Cardin, whose design fields span from airplanes, suits to haute couture and all kinds of clothing, is widely loved by people everywhere.

British drummer, singer and songwriter Ringo Starr, a member of The Beatles, has also appeared in films.

Marc Chagall, a Jewish-Russian painter and illustrator, presents dreamy, symbolic techniques and colors in his paintings. It is said that the term “surrealism” was created to describe his works.

Italian film actor and director Vittorio de Sica, with a realistic and humane style, whose masterpieces include “Bicycle Theft” and “Marriage”.

American film director George Cukor, whose works are full of elegant situations, is good at depicting women’s psychology. His representative works include “Under the Gaslight” and “Philadelphia Story”. In 1964, he won the Oscar for Best Director and Best Director for “My Fair Lady” Best Film Awards.


The seventh card of the Great Secret Tarot is “chariot”. The winner on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a powerful gesture. This card can be interpreted as: No matter how difficult and dangerous the right path is, you have to keep on going. Upside down the card means success, talent and efficiency; if the card is upside down, it implies an authoritarian attitude and a poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Indulgence requires the right place, atmosphere and ingenuity like the music, and the viewing of things is very short-lived.


Creative, authentic and imaginative.


Difficult to get along with, annoying.

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