July 8: Black pragmatist

July 8 Black pragmatist

House: 15°-17° Cancer

Constellation: 2nd Cancer, standard water sign

Those born on July 8 are pragmatists. So they always think that the result is more important than the process and the theory. As a great founder, they can not only build an organization, a family or a business, but they can easily grasp and grasp things in general. Indeed, their highest purpose in life is to be successful, and the effective management of their career and family is what they care about most.

Some people born on this day will be obsessed with ideas, and some people will lack interest. The ideal thing can be said to be tasteless to these powerful people. So they do not hesitate to exploit others for their own benefit, whether by following social norms or in extreme behavior, and for them at these times moral conscience is out of the question; Not even heard of it.

People born on July 8 are likely to be very hardworking, and they will be dedicated to what they love most, whether it is making a lot of money or starting and running an organization. Therefore, their partner or family can definitely enjoy the monetary benefits brought by their efforts, but on the contrary, they must also be mentally prepared to be ignored by them. Family, on the other hand, is also one of the favorites of those born today, while their partners and children may endure behaviors that they like to be overly protective, even controlling.

People born on July 8 are good at portraying themselves as indispensable roles. Because their presence is so strongly felt that until their death, it gives the illusion that they are still around. Death itself is one of their topics of concern, which is not only a powerful driving force in their work, but also a major event for which they are most eagerly prepared (people born on this day are the most healthy and humorous people to deal with this serious topic ). As a result, their families are rarely in financial distress when they pass away, as investments such as insurance or funds are impeccably handled long before they die, and their estates and relics are properly distributed. Some even help their partners and children mentally prepare for the day, making sure to leave their thoughts, memories, opinions, and principles behind as the supreme guide for their family’s life.

At work, they must pay attention to self-motivation. Beyond that, they’re careful not to be so persistent in trying to make people feel their presence, especially the more sensitive ones. Because they pay too much attention to everything outside themselves. Therefore, the spiritual development will be insufficient. They must be mindful of their greed, cruelty, vindictiveness, strong provocation, and all bad behavior, and finally be careful not to become uncommunicative.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on July 8 are influenced by the number 8 and Saturn. Since Saturn represents a sense of responsibility, and a quality of limitation, prudence, and destiny, people born on this day tend to be quite conservative. People dominated by the number 8 will slowly build their lives and careers, and money and careers are undoubtedly very important to them. Although people born on this day are actually very cold-hearted, they give the impression of cold and alienation, and the influence of the Moon (the inter-master planet of Cancer) makes these Saturn-like people seem serious and unusual. , and tend to live in isolation.


People born on July 8 must find a way to get enough physical activity, because they are always sitting and running their “empire” (family, career or organization), so they forget the importance of activity. Enough exercise can not only help them lose weight and boost their circulatory system, but also relieve their provocative instincts instead of blindly suppressing them. Whether it’s a competitive sport (tennis, handball, or martial arts) or a sport that gives them a sense of accomplishment (running, gym workouts, and swimming), they’ll be very helpful. People born on this day must carefully adjust their eating habits in order to supplement the needs of work and exercise.


Find a way to steal some time, enjoy an easy life, be kind to those around you, don’t just reward them. Express the nature of aggression in the game. If you need someone’s help, don’t be afraid to speak up. Knowing how to admit one’s weaknesses is a sign of being strong.


John D. Rockefeller, an American industrialist and philanthropist, the founder of the Mobil Oil Company, almost controlled the oil trade in the United States. In his later years, he founded a foundation to sponsor medical word research, universities and churches.

Hong Kong actor Chen Xiaochun, who became popular with a lively and shrewd image, represented as the “Young and Dangerous” series of films.

Australian composer Percy Graninger, who is good at playing Grieg’s works, prefers British folk music. His representative works include the orchestral “Shepherd’s Song”, “Irish Country Songs” and the wind accompaniment chorus “Next Week I 17″ age” and so on.

Angelica Huston (Angelica Huston) is an American film actress, whose main works include “The Ada Family” and “Modern Godfather”.

The German aircraft designer and manufacturer, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, developed the first airship before the First World War. When the war broke out, Germany used more than 100 airships for aerial reconnaissance missions.

American film actor Kevin Bacon (Kevin Bacon), the main works include “Dark Prison”, “Four Brothers of Pride” and so on.


The 8th card of the Great Ritual Tarot represents “power” and depicts a graceful queen taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician who can harness uncontrollable energies and represents moral and physical superiority. When the card is upright, it represents personal charm and the determination to pursue success; when the card is inverted, it is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

If someone is going to have surgery, they have to open his chest first.


Pragmatic, protective and responsible.


Defensive, suffocating, nervous.

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