June 11: Challenging the Limits

June 11th Challenging the Limits

House: Gemini 19°-21°

Constellation: Gemini II, changing wind signs

People born on June 11 have a high degree of courage to challenge the limits set by society or nature. They are strong-willed and can always overcome difficulties, take a step forward and break the deadlock. So their personality can be said to be outward expansion, even radical.

However, the first step in conquering the universe and transcending the limits is to understand yourself. People born on June 11 who can succeed in this area are usually pool men or scientists with specialization. They always confirm the subject of the research first, and then do it, and they must not be afraid of difficulties and dangers in the process, and treat it as an inevitable stimulus. Even if they reach the excellence that others have recognized, they will continue to strive for excellence. This kind of impulse is fully manifested in their life experience. It may be manifested in career, sports, cooking or sexual activities, or it may be drug abuse, psychological abnormality, terrible or criminal experience, etc., and it may even bring the whole family to life. A huge shift.

The four major elements of nature-earth, air, fire and water, are the focus of their lives, and from this they have developed the meaning of exploring life. Therefore, those who live with them will have the opportunity to experience these experiments together in the role of onlookers, instead of actual participation. After all, what they are studying is a process of self-understanding, and the ultimate goal is to break through their own limits.

People born on June 11, unlike the typical Gemini, have a variety of interests, and therefore lack professionalism. They are more pragmatic, and they specialize in something and put all their energy into it. They are very good competitors, with high morale and a strong desire to win, so they rarely back down and give in without giving up or giving up. They will not choose to retire early, and will remain active even after retirement. Usually, they will fight until the last moment when they encounter setbacks, until they collapse. For them, there is no inevitable success in life. They would rather fight a vigorous battle than be silent for a lifetime. Only the process of fighting with all your strength is the most important thing, and winning or losing is second.

Successful people born on June 11 are usually good members of the team and are at the helm. They understand that in order to pursue the well-being of the group, personal efforts are as important as not overly promoting themselves, so in group cooperation, they are highly respected.

However, they still have to be careful not to exceed the social tolerance standards. For some people, they seem to be too arrogant and arrogant, so they often unconsciously provoke others’ enmity and jealousy, and thus become tragic victims, suppressed and excluded by social groups. People born on this day should learn to be courteous so as not to be self-righteous.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 11 are affected by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 are usually good work partners, and the adventurous nature of people born on June 11 will be closely integrated with family, work or social care. Because of the influence of the moon, their imagination is very rich, and they are very reflective, and have a passive tendency. The number 11 strengthens the body’s sensitivity and makes up for the lack of Gemini’s emphasis on mental characteristics.


Because people born on June 11 are always unable to calm down, it is not easy to maintain a regular diet. If it becomes a long-term eating of fast food or sweets, health will always go wrong in the end. A normal diet, regular exercise, and regular physical examination-these health care methods are all important and must be persistent. Most of them are workaholics, but since they can have fun, it doesn’t necessarily harm their health. However, they should treat vacation as a legitimate and necessary part of their lives, not as a luxury waste.


Pay attention to the feelings of other people, and try to be more sensitive to the needs of family and friends. Learn to be humble and don’t be overly narcissistic. Too aggressive will attract strong enemies.


Scottish racing driver Jackie Steward, who has won three world championships, became a Formula One winner at the age of 27, and is also a sports news broadcaster.

The British painter John Constable (John Constable), along with Turner, was hailed as the most important British landscape painter in the 19th century.

Joe Montana (Joe Montana) football quarterback, twice elected the most valuable player in the National Football League, took the lead five times, and was the most efficient player, leading the San Francisco team to the Super Bowl.

German composer, conductor, and pianist Richard Strauss, whose work “Rose Rider” may be the most popular opera of the 20th century (except perhaps “Madame Butterfly”).

Greek stage play and film director Michael Cacoyannis (Michael Cacoyannis), his work “Greek Zorba” has won three Oscars.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Jacques-Yves Cousteau) is a French oceanographer, writer and filmmaker, and the captain of the Calypso.


The eleventh card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Justice”. Sitting on the surface of the card is a serene woman, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminded us to follow the laws of the entire universe, as long as we stick to the right way, life can maintain balance and harmony. When the card is upright, it represents integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; when the card is upright, it is negative, alienated, fear of innovation and dissatisfaction.

Inspiraitional quote

People who are too arrogant may think they can destroy nature.


The direction is clear, active, and diligent.


Stubborn and annoying.

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