June 13: Adventures in the distance

June 13 Adventures in the distance

House: Gemini 21 degrees -23 degrees

Constellation: Gemini II, changing wind signs

People born on this day are dream chasers and like to be immersed in the adventure fantasy of distant countries. From a young age, the books and dreams they read are full of enthusiasm for exploring all over the world. They would pack their bags, travel to remote islands, or study various fantasy, past or future worlds in mythology. The more mature among them will realize this dream through career, scientific research, art, etc. As for those with less ambitions, they can only hide their private desires in their hearts and daydream; although they can’t really practice them, these dreams still enrich their lives. However, they also have to beware that the gap between expectations and reality may cause serious frustration.

Their belief is that there is nothing impossible in the world. They will use their willpower to overcome any obstacles, and they usually have the will to get things done. For them, the crisis will only happen in their psychological consciousness, not in real life; this kind of thinking is basically self-deception. Therefore, they can continue to dream happily before no one can give them a head-on drink.

They admire people who have the courage to try, whether it is ancient or modern heroes, and they only worship one person. If their idols happen to be their parents, their supremacy will be shattered once they have some behavior that is not in line with the idol’s due. Therefore, as parents, friends or lovers who are idolized by them, it may be easy to please them at first, but in the end they will feel heavy pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that people born on June 13th should avoid the habit of idolizing others.

Because people born on this day often daydream, they ignore some details in life or the maintenance of daily necessities. They like traveling, climbing, walking, jogging and other varied leisure activities, and they can challenge the limits of time and space. Therefore, once they fall into a state of repetition and rigidity, whether in the factory, company or at home, they will feel like a prisoner and feel painful.

It is not uncommon for them to be attracted by dangerous or adventurous things. It’s not because they like self-destruction, but sports like hang gliding, water sports or mountain climbing require skills and courage, which can urge them to challenge themselves and surpass their limits.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 13 are affected by the number 4 (1+3=4) and the capricious and explosive Uranus. People born on June 13 often engage in fantasy or real, and far-reaching activities. So they must control their Uranus traits to follow the logical characteristics of Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini). Uranus represents change, and there are often violent, even weird, and subversive behaviors, showing that people born on June 13 thirst for extreme nature. Although most people think 13 is an inauspicious number, it is actually a very powerful number, representing the ability to be responsible for oneself, whether it is to make good use of its power or misuse it to cause self-destruction.


From the above characteristics, we can know that people born on June 13 are prone to accidents. Most people have already noticed this and will be more vigilant. However, psychological alertness is not enough, because they are still very addicted to strong fantasies. In some extreme cases of distribution, they will lose their psychological balance and live in a depressed, frustrated dream world. No matter the degree is serious or not, it is best for them to receive psychological counseling and try to avoid venting to their children or parents, otherwise the harmony and stability of the family will be severely damaged. When you can’t travel abroad, it’s a good idea to learn to cook some exotic dishes. You can also enjoy the exotic atmosphere.


Of course people should follow their own will, but don’t forget to protect yourself in the process of searching. Don’t vent your emotions on others. Others have their own problems to solve. Maintain the order of your soul and family. Try to study things that may happen in the future, but are not yet formed.


W. B. Yeats (W. B. Yeats) Irish poet and playwright. He studied fine arts before turning to literature. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923.

British film actor Basil Rathbone (Basil Rathbone), famous for playing “Holmes”.

Tennis star Don Budge, the first Grand Slam winner, twice represented the United States in the Davis Cup tennis tournament.

American Nobel Laureate in Physics Alvarez (Luis Walte Alvarez).

America’s first first lady Martha Washington (Martha Washington), wife of George Washington.

Elisabeth Schumann, a German soprano, made her debut in New York as Sophie in “Rose Knight”. This is one of the most famous and outstanding roles she has ever sung.


The most misunderstood card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tadian is the 13th card, which is “Reaper”. We seldom interpret it literally, because its positive meaning is to put aside the past, transcend limitations, and continue to grow. Therefore, this card hopes that people will avoid depression, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

The grass on the other side is always greener.


Pay attention to the spiritual level, have rich imagination, and take risks.


The pursuit of danger, impracticality, and idolatry.

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