June 15: Pleasant Charm

June 15 Pleasant Charm

House: 23°-25° Gemini

Constellation: Gemini II, changing wind signs

People born on June 15th always rely on their charm to travel everywhere and get what they want. The greatest talent of people born on this day is excellent public relations skills. At the same time, their charming work performance needs to be appreciated and applauded. In other words, they are the type that likes to be energetic and show personal charm to the full, rather than being restrained.

In addition, they have a special set of skills that can persuade others to turn to support their own views, and then achieve their goals. Among those born on this day, only those with the worst development will secretly care about and make other plans. This type of people usually value money very much.

Generally speaking, people born on this day care about whether they can become the focus of everyone’s attention. If they are not naturally beautiful, they will capture people’s hearts with intellectual beauty. If this trick does not work, they will work harder to use tact, conversation or understanding of human nature to arouse the interest of others. People born on this day always have a way to make the opposite sex depend on them with the various charms mentioned above, and feel that they are indispensable. However, all of this is public on the table, and it is by no means as if it sounds like a scheming or conspiracy, and in fact, the people in it are happy to play this game.

Not only can they gain insight into human nature, know people’s motives, dreams, expectations, and basic requirements, but, most importantly, they know how to use this ability properly. If they promote a certain belief, they will inevitably attract people to participate; if they work in a certain company, they can effectively draw attention to the characteristics of the product or service. To them, the ability of public relations and advertising seems to be related to each other. All come. In other words, any industry related to “bait fishing” is very suitable for them. In addition, they are good at guiding children and also understand young people’s ideas. Basically they will be good fathers and good mothers, but you must pay special attention not to spoil your children.

As for raising funds for business, they will be the best partners; as for grasping the popular market and attracting customers to consume, the world will also be the best candidate. As the years have grown, they have a better understanding of how to behave well and know how to deal with advances and retreats. Moreover, they will not indulge in unethical goals, because for them, the pursuit of interest is far more interesting than the goal itself.

Born on this day, most of them are charming and charming, which makes the people around them feel happy; but what is their true appearance, Gong is afraid that even they themselves can’t guess. Those who have developed better among them will not limit themselves to the charm of their appearance, but will keep their hearts open and get in touch with some higher-level ideologies or ideas.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 15 are affected by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. People affected by the number 6 are very attractive and sometimes even worshiped as idols. As mentioned earlier, people born on June 15 have such characteristics. And because the ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, people born on this day have both Venus’s characteristics and sensory experience, and Mercury’s characteristics and intelligence.


People born on June 15 definitely understand the importance of maintaining physical charm, but under the influence of Venus, they may pursue pleasure, laziness, and self-indulgence, leading to weight gain or even becoming obese. They should strive to maintain regular exercise, such as walking, jogging, aerobic dancing, etc., to maintain a good body. Most people born on this day must pay great attention to their diet, because they love to eat, and regardless of whether the food is healthy or not, they eat as long as they have something to eat. Fortunately, unlike most Geminis, they have no mental health or nervous system problems.


Cultivate your own worldview, and build a solid system on this basis. Don’t oversee the reactions of others. Learn to be alone and enjoy the fun of being alone. increase self-confidence.


Errol Garner, a jazz pianist and composer.

Taiwanese novelist Li Qiao, his representative work “The Cold Night Trilogy”.

Xaviera Hollander, a Dutch woman, is a reporter and author of Playboy magazine and author of The Happy Hooker.

Jonny Hallyday (Jonny Hallyday), the only true rock star in France, was given the title of “French Elvis”. In 1958, the rise of golden sideburns, Elvis-like dancing gestures and hoarse singing, set off the first rock storm in France.

Edvard Grieg, a Norwegian composer, works “Pilkin Suite”, a combination of Norwegian folk music.

American composer and arranger Bennett (Robert Russell Bennett), his works include “Truth, Goodness and Beauty”, “The King and Me”, “A Fair Lady”, etc. The most famous one is based on Geshwen’s work “Porgy and Beth” Adapted symphony suite.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Demon”. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for safety and money, through the contradiction of human nature, to make people his slaves. The upright face of the card represents the expression of the charm and passion of the senses; the upside down of the card reminds us; even if the body is restrained, the spirit can still fly freely.

Inspirational quote

Most creatures need to be continuously satisfied.


Charismatic, sensory, smart.


Manipulative, too outgoing.

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