June 21: Hedonism

June 21 Hedonism

House: Gemini 29 degrees-Cancer 1 degree

Constellation: Gemini Cancer, changing wind signs

People born on June 21 love everything in real life. Whether they are introverted intellectuals, exuding hedonists, aristocratic aristocrats or ordinary people in the market, they are eager to experience the various aspects of life in the world. In developed countries, such people are the best portrayal of modern capitalist society. They are not only money-oriented, but they are also well-organized in the financial actions of the company or family. Because they attach great importance to their own success, they may appear to be too arbitrary in their dealings and cannot tolerate behavior that deviates from their own standards. June 21st is the summer solstice, and it is also the longest day of the year, so people born on this day have the characteristics of a colorful life during the day.

People born on this day, even intellectuals, will not ignore the needs of sense organs and sexual desire. No matter how cynical, cynic, or calm and rational they are usually, once love comes, they will still fall into it. Therefore, many people will live a life of singing and singing every night in order to achieve complete physical and mental enjoyment. In fact, such people are passionate, smart and considerate in bed. They are among the 12 constellations, one of the few who can passionately pursue material enjoyment while taking into account spiritual cultivation, and they can perfectly combine the two.

Needless to say, they must be emotional people. If the person born on this day is not a beauty embryo recognized by the world, and has full charm, otherwise, he appreciates the beauty of his senses.

In order to achieve their goals, they can always overcome any obstacles full of enthusiasm and drive. They seem to have magic and can command others, so they can often occupy a pivotal position in the family, society or career. If it weren’t for their opinions often contradict social standards, they might be successful politicians.

However, people born on June 21 must be careful not to engage in deviant behaviors while they are excited-including inappropriate criticism, untimely thoughts, or uncontrolled sex. They may think that they are living in an era of “as long as I like it, what can’t be done”, but they forget that they may be swallowed up by their own pride, destroyed by their own strays, and overwhelmed by their own desires.

People born on this day are usually workaholics because they are easy to indulge in the things they focus on. They rarely have normal interpersonal relationships. Even their spouse, friends and children find it difficult for them to get along with each other. Perhaps pursuing spiritual life from another angle is the only way to get them out of material myths.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 21 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and Jupiter, which has the characteristic of outward expansion. People affected by the number 3 are usually very ambitious and even tend to be authoritarian. Jupiter’s optimistic nature, coupled with the influence of Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) and the moon (the ruling planet of Cancer), make people born on June 21 impractical, superficial and expansive. Men born on this day pay special attention to taste. They don’t hesitate to spend money for a glamorous appearance. In fact, the number 21 does have a tendency to focus on physical beauty.


People born on June 21 are likely to be exhausted by their own desires and passions, so you must be careful of being exhausted! The main solution is to adjust your own pace. Moreover, if there is any kind of activity that completely fascinates them, it will occupy all of their lives and require more and more investment in order to be satisfied. This kind of activity is likely to lead to radical social behavior, or at least it will Alienate them from relatives and friends. As for eating habits, you can try to cultivate a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian habit. The taste is light, not spicy, and eating more cereals and root vegetables can help people born on June 21 maintain a good health foundation. For sports, it is recommended to only engage in mild activities. Those who are workaholics should pay special attention to stomach problems, duodenal ulcers, and other minor stress diseases, including lung diseases caused by smoking, and liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism.


Don’t let your self-centeredness be overly inflated. If you allow yourself to act completely according to your own will, what will others do? Let everyone get what they deserve, don’t always want to control everything. Keep your appetite and enjoy it again at the right time. Maintain balance, and occasionally let yourself relax and take a break!


Bhutto (Benazir Bhutto) President of Pakistan, the first female leader of a Muslim country.

French novelist Froncoise Sagan, author of “Do you like Brahms?” “Good Day, Melancholy”, famous for depicting the desperate love between middle-aged men and young women, is regarded as the idol of young people.

The American novelist and critic Mary McCarthy is famous for her sharp criticism and witty novels. She is the author of “The Memories of a Catholic Girl”, “The Mask of the Country” and so on.

The eldest son of Prince William of England, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Jean-Paul Sartre, French existentialist, philosopher, novelist and playwright, author of “Existence and Nothingness”, “Wall”, “Flies”, etc., has refused to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

American child psychologist Amold Gesell established the Yale Child Development Clinical Medicine Center, pioneering the scientific research method of children’s intellectual development, and authored “The Psychological Growth of Preschool Children’s Voice”.


The 21st card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The World”. There is a goddess running on the card holding a scepter. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card indicates that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When the card is upright, it means that the reward is good and the personality is upright; the card is upside down, it points out the huge obstacle, the mental disorder, and the self-pity character.

Inspirational quote

William Blake once said that “an excessively desperate path leads to a palace of wisdom.” This may be true, but can it be achieved?


Extremely happy, critical and value the senses.


Uncontrollable, authoritarian, and addictive.

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