June 23: Deep charm

June 23, deep charm

House position: Cancer 1 degree-3 degrees

Constellation: Gemini Cancer, standard water sign

People born on June 23 always deal with love relationships, including other people’s and their own. They really value their intimacy above everything else, and they will use all methods to attract their partners or increase personal charm. This feeling of love strongly dazzles this type of person. In fact, June 23 is the eve of midsummer, so it also brings mystery to this day. People born on this day will want to know the motives that people pursue, the appearance they like, and the details of any intimate behavior. Although this in-depth study is not a voyeur, it does not rule out the possibility of becoming a voyeur.

Interpersonal relationships are of course part of most people’s lives, but one-to-one romantic relationships are even more difficult for people born on this day. Because not only their emotions influence them, but the entire social environment also has an impact on their emotional world. People born on June 23 tend to be socialized regardless of their interests or lifestyle, so they rarely become independent from their partners. They will not hide their emotional world from others, and at the same time are happy to enjoy the various benefits that society provides to lovers. And unless their own religious beliefs have strict requirements, it makes no difference whether they marry or not, and whether the country’s laws approve their marriage is completely meaningless to them.

People born on June 23 like art, music and literature. Those great characters, wonderful content and music, charming colors and lines always attract them. Because art occupies an important part of life, they naturally become high-level listeners, spectators or readers. Moreover, they are very easy to get confused for the protagonist in the novel or the actor in the movie, and even temporarily transfer their feelings for their partners!

Of course, people born on this day must also live in real life. They usually live a peaceful life because they know how to actually manage the affairs of the home and important matters in daily life. However, of course it will not be as energetic as dealing with the wonderful things that you like.

People born on June 23 have already planned the blueprint and related information for their interpersonal relationships in their hearts. They like to share their thoughts with others. There are other crazy, weird, theories about love and sex. Therefore, he must be careful of his frivolous and desire to talk and talk, and he should try his best to avoid prying into the privacy of others. However, this is a bit more difficult for them. Because this is where their interest lies. People born on this day must be careful to burn with jealousy. Those lovers who are deeply in love must get rid of hatred and jealousy, otherwise it will lead to a devastating ending.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 23 are affected by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. Since Mercury represents rapid thinking and change (cancers born earlier will be affected by the moon), people born on this day will find that they seem to be mentally overreacting all the time, and will change them regularly. Thoughts and feelings about the surrounding environment. For these people, due to the influence of the connection between the moon (the ruling planet of Cancer) and Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini), they have the qualities of eloquence and wit, but at some point, they must temper their desire to talk about other privacy. This type of person will always face it calmly regardless of any blows in life. Although the number 23 means that events happen continuously, but this type of event also means that they will add another sum to their rich life experience.


Generally speaking, if people born on this day go to dance parties, banquets and some social activities, it will be beneficial to their health, because such occasions can speak freely about their desires and interests. However, drinking and smoking can become health killers in such occasions, especially their stomachs and lungs are super sensitive. People born on this day should be careful of the negative effects of drugs on their minds and emotions. Sex life is very important to most people born on this day, so frequent, diverse and creative sex life is good for them. When it comes to food, people born on this day like new and imaginative food. But for the sake of health, moderate temperance is still necessary.


Handle practical and secular affairs on time. Maintain the order and cleanliness of life and surrounding space. Be careful to talk too much and you will lose. Prudence and taste are the foundation of self-development.


Alfred Kinsey (Alfred Kinsey) American psychologist, sexologist and writer, author of “Male Sexuality” and “Female Sexuality”, is the most researched book on American sexuality.

Taiwanese movie star Ren Xianqi became popular in the mainland with the song “The Heart Is Too Soft”, and later became a super popular idol by starring in the series “The Legend of Condor Heroes”.

Filbert Bayi, a Tanzanian runner, is the world record holder for a 1,500-meter long distance race.

American actor, dancer, choreographer and film director Bob Fosse (Bob Fosse), the most famous work is “Hotel”, his life story was made into the movie “Jazz Spring and Autumn”.

The Duke of Windsor (Duke of Windsor) Edward VIII of England gave up the throne in order to marry Mrs. Simpson.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa (Ranasinghe Premadasa), the country’s first prime minister of civilian origin.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The Pope’s knowledge is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is standing upright, it means full of confidence, no doubt and correct understanding of things; when the card is standing upright, it means preaching, singing high-profile and arbitrarily.

Inspirational quote

In the world of love, the power of choice is self-evident.


Romantic, good at expressing emotions, and imaginative.


Not solemn enough, like to spy, and love to intervene.

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